Mild Custom: 1964 Dodge D150

Though Ford and Chevrolet have dominated the U.S. truck market, Dodge has always been a solid competitor. From 1961 through 1993, they offered the D/W Series of pickup trucks (D=2WD and W=4WD). First-generation models were boxy in appearance and ran between 1961 and 1965. This ’64 D150 looks to be in good condition, with some mild customization done in terms of paint and brightwork. Located in Applegate, Michigan, this truck needs just a bit of mechanical attention and is available here on Barn Finds Classifieds for $4,400.

As the story goes, the seller’s late husband found this truck in Florida less than a decade ago. Any of the work you see today on the body was done before it was relocated to Michigan. When he brought it home, there were some fuel delivery issues that he could never seem to solve, so we suspect it sat for a time after that. Parts of the truck have come from another Chrysler product, perhaps a 1972 Plymouth, like the steering column, air conditioning hardware, and plumbing.

No mention is made of what powerplant sits under the hood, but we’re guessing either a 225 Slant Six or a 318 cubic inch V8. A floor shifter points to the truck having an automatic transmission and the bucket seats weren’t standard D/W fare. More recently, the seller’s son got involved and fixed the fuel problem by replacing the carburetor. But now the throttle linkage is out of whack, and it needs some brake work, too. It may not take a lot to get this old pickup back in service, making it “a dog-gone good truck” once again (as the windshield says).


  1. angliagt angliagt Member

    Looks like someone still has a JC Whitney catalog.

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    • Greg Gustafson

      Or had a Pep Boy’s gift certificate he was trying to use up.

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      • Rw

        Pep bros don’t have that vintage stuff.

    • Sam

      Lipstick On A Pig

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  2. Rw

    What we would call Daddied out.

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  3. Michael Mitchell

    These were never the prettiest trucks of the big 3. Throwing on some cheap make-up and a flozzy’s outfit ain’t helping it one bit.

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    • Boatman Member

      You can say that again.

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  4. Michael Mitchell

    These were never the prettiest trucks of the big 3. Throwing on some cheap make-up and a floozy’s outfit ain’t helping it one bit.

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  5. CraigR

    To each his own.

    Hard pass LOL

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  6. Sam61

    As said, each his own…óops. strip the running boards, headlight shades…add some different tires and Detroit steel rims. Ok with the Mack Dog stuff.

    It would be fun to rearrange/add letters on cars to see if anyone notices…Impala could be Pimpala. Ford to dorf is a classic. Malibu could Malibum. Plymouth could be mouthy. There are others that could get you pulled over or slapped.

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    • Rick

      If someone backed into a Denali the vehicle would then be nailed. And, if the guilty party wouldn’t own up they would be in denial.

  7. Rumpledoorskin

    Ram tough. Tough to look at and tough to sell. Just a tickle too much glued and/or screwed to this rig.

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    • Gary

      Just sold a roller D200 for $2500.00 and was sorry to see it go. If you want a truck buy a Dodge, if not buy a Ford or Chevy.

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  8. JimmyJ

    Looks like a shortbox very rare rig. All the junk can be removed and it could be a sweet ride!

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  9. DON

    The steering column isnt out of any Plymouth car, that is a truck column and wheel. The a/c looks like an aftermarket addition – the radio faceplate ….awful. The seats look like something out of an 80s minivan ;the floor shift is not stock either.. Theres about 500 pounds worth of aftermarket junk to remove , but after that you would at least have a truck that you wouldn’t be embarrassed to drive !

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    • Big C

      That’s a Ford shifter.

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  10. Russ Ashley

    It’s not a D150, it’s a D100. $4400 is a good price for it. Take off all of the non-stock added on bling and drive it. I’d want some different wheels on it but that could wait until the unwanted stuff was removed. It’s got some fairly rare options for a 64 Dodge, like chrome bumpers and grill. Betting it sells pretty quickly even needing some motor work.

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  11. BrianT BrianT Member

    I agree with Russ. Take off everything needs non-stock and drive the thing. These things are so simple that there can’t be anything too complicated to get it running and driving.

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  12. George Birth

    This is a cute truck actually, not over the top but presentable to be a daily driver.

  13. Rw

    Looks like ford floor shifter very common swap on all makes of hotrods simple dependable .

  14. John D

    I’m not a huge fan of this body style but it looks clean. First take those headlight visors off they look ridiculous then all the rest of the ad on stickers and bs, even if you just took the Lincoln wheel covers off and ran it with just the plain steelies. Get the brakes sorted and throttle then drive it. 225 or 318 are both dependable.

  15. Bunky

    D150 designation didn’t come until ‘78

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