Mild Mods: 1988 Ford Mustang LX

This 1988 Ford Mustang LX is a largely stock driver with the preferred 5.0L V8 under the hood. The LX cars were far more subdued than their GT brethren, and could be confused for a six-cylinder model if you didn’t notice the dual exhaust. This example is an original paint example with 143,000 miles and some minor modifications that the seller doesn’t mention but are visible in the listing photos, including an aftermarket exhaust and what looks like a lowered suspension. Find it here on eBay with bidding to over $7K and the reserve unmet.

I’m not sure why the seller doesn’t detail what clearly looks like a lowered suspension, but surely that’s not stock ride height. I love it, personally, as it’s one of the few modifications I consider a must-do for any project car. Generally speaking, handling is improved and the looks are enhanced dramatically. I like that it retains the stock wheels with the thick sidewall, and I’d even be willing to bet someone added wheel spaces considering how well the tires line up with the body lines. The exhaust definitely aftermarket, in my opinion, as the factory exhaust is much more subdued.

The interior is in great condition for the mileage, which is listed as being 143,000. The driver’s seat does show some wear and tear to the bolsters, but the color combo is sharp. The passenger seat exhibits fewer cosmetic flaws, and the dash looks largely sound aside from what looks like old mounting hardware at the top of the center stack, to the right of the instrument binnacle. Overall, no major complaints inside, and the seller notes that the automatic transmission was professionally rebuilt by the previous owner and works well. The Mustang has cold A/C, but the power locks, heater, and radio do not work at present.

Under hood is nicely detailed for a driver, with a clean valve cover and black plastic surfaces not looking too dingy. The Mustang is said to run well and have no obvious leaks or odd noises coming from the drivetrain. The seller says that the paint is shiny but not perfect, and it is gleaming nicely at the top of the fenders. Some body work is evident on the trunk lid, per the seller, but the CarFax is clean. Overall, this looks like a decent turnkey driver that could be improved with some very basic fixes – if nothing else, while heat may not be needed in South Florida, buyers elsewhere in the country will appreciate it.

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  1. SSPBill

    Lowered fox bodies will have a ton of bump steer and generally handle weird unless a tie rod end/bump steer kit was added with the lowering springs. Also, these often have a lot of random electrical issues caused by a bad ignition switch. It’s a $15 fix and an hour of swearing.

  2. Rtruck

    Ford dropped the six cylinder for 88. The only other engine you could get was the anemic, normally aspirated 2.3 four cylinder. Their was nothing in production that year that could lose against it. I believe I once got beat by a 3 cylinder Yugo. And it still sucked gas. My present 5.3L Yukon gets better gas mileage.

    • steve

      I raced my 1986 2.3 coupe against a 1988 2.3 once. Of course no one knew we were racing, except us.

      I had a 1981 2.3, 5speed cobra that got beat by kids on a 10 speeds.

      2.3’s are boat anchors.

  3. Pete C

    I dont think it has wheel spacers. Look at both sides, I’ve seen this many times. The rear end to quarter panel alignment is off. Keeping one wheels alignment to the wheel lip more proud than the other.
    I think its just a build variance of sheetmetal vs floorpan.

  4. J_Paul Member

    It may be the New Jersey in me, but I’ll always have a soft spot for LX 5.0s — I still remember the black notchback I wanted to buy in 1991 (brand new for $11,500!) but couldn’t handle the insurance payments for.

    This one looks like a sweet start for a project — good exterior and colors, but enough miles where you won’t feel guilty for destroying originality. At the very least, It wouldn’t last a month with me without a manual swap.

    • jerry z

      I was going to order one back in 1987. White w/red int, almost no option except a/c. Even ordered with radio delete. Salesman gave me the stink eye on that one! Car was $10,700 but bailed after 4 months because EVERYONE was buying a Mustang at the time.

  5. Mark Wedell

    The front seats look to be out of an Sn95. I sing believe that pattern was used in the 87-93 Foxbody cars.

  6. A-body Fan

    Had an 86 and an 89, both were a pleasure to drive and crazy fast.

    Miss them both but maybe I’ll get another 5.0 soon as a weekend ride.

  7. Digital Man

    Coyote and a 6 speed… Thank you very much.

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