Miles of Memories: 1954 Chevy House Car

How neat is this? I bet most of you have never seen a 1954 Chevrolet House Car. Said to be built by a “factory conversion shop”, this car screams 50’s fun. Found here on Craigslist with a selling price of $9,800, the car is located in Connersville, Indiana. This RV oozes retro styling and is ready to provide the next owner with a ton of memories.

There aren’t any measurements in the ad, but the camper appears to be about ten feet long.  It features an over-cab bunk, kitchenette, dining area and what may be a small lavatory. Certainly comfortable for a couple or a family with small children.

The interior of the “cab” features bucket seats and continues the exterior color theme. The pass-through to the camper is a nice touch and allows kids to ride in the back (gasp!) while the parents are up front. You can tell this RV has been well cared for and probably loved by owners through the years.

It’s a little bit surprising that no one swapped out the original straight six. The small block V8 was introduced for the 1955 model year and it would be a welcome improvement in the performance area. Certainly the camper adds quite a bit of weight to the stock vehicle making it more of a flat-land camper than a mountain cruiser. You can also probably forget about pulling a boat, but maybe this little six is up to the task?

Here you can see the corner of the over-cab bunk along with the kitchenette. Dig the wood paneling and retro curtains! This RV screams 1950’s and would be a blast to refurbish and use. How about you? Does this remind you of your childhood or does it inspire you to make future memories? Let us know your thoughts.

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  1. bowtiecarguy

    Gone! Can you post a link to the original ad?

  2. Dick Johnson

    Burt Munro woulda’ killed for this rig.

  3. John m leyshon

    Pretty simple and easy to maintain. Love it. Would add some ground fault outlets and wiring upgrades. The kitchen stereo cord could be a nuisance at dinner time. Just tune the carb, no need to scan for codes…

  4. Jack M.

    You found a real unique one there Montana!

  5. Miguel

    That is an interesting modified front bumper.

    I wonder what the purpose was.

    • jw454

      Weight Counterbalance?

    • Al

      I once saw a ’49 Cadillac conversion like this. It was at one time a hearse.
      The bumper arrangement formed a step to put a canoe on top of the rig.
      Possibly that is what this one is for.

    • jcs

      Possibly this was not converted until the mid 70’s and the feds demanded a 5 MPH front bumper.

    • Oldsrip

      The front bumper is upgraded because the brakes haven’t been.

      I imagine one of the memories driving this thing would be the (hopefully) close calls because of fading drum brakes going down the mountain.

    • Bill McCoskey

      I suspect the front bumper is from a Checker.

      I’ve had 2 of these conversion campers, both done on Cadillac commercial chassis; a 1956 converted ambulance, and a 1959, converted from a fleetwood 75 7-passenger limo. Both were a bit slow, so I can imagine how this Chevy would do in the mountains – probably have VW campers passing it!

  6. Fred W

    Nice to see it being kept under roof.

  7. Lawyer George

    $9800would be a little high if one’s plans were to get a 327 or 350 motor plus automatic and air conditioning and make it clean as a pin. It would be a blast to have and wouldcertainly get the other campers wander over to check it out.

  8. Wayne

    Just don’t stand at the rear if you park uphill with all that rear overhang.

    • Dave Mc

      Most murkans now days would make that thing do a wheel stand

  9. angryjonny

    Growing up, there was a logger who “lived” deep in the woods to the south of our farm. He had one of these with the cab in black. He’d come to town maybe once every couple of weeks. It was a little rusty and sounded like it ran straightpipes, so you’d hear him about a mile away in either direction

  10. Wiley Robinson

    First one of those I’ve seen that isn’t falling apart. Most of them I see have been sitting in a field for 50+ years.

  11. Del

    Pile of junk

    • Neil Nagle

      And… you say that, why?

    • Suttree

      Looks great to me. I guess one man’s pile of junk is another man’s treasure.

  12. scottymac

    That old 216 had to be screaming in agony!

    • Gary D Oliver

      1954 was the first year for the 235 6 cylinder in all Chevrolet cars.

  13. Joe Howell

    I think it’s pretty cool, maybe because my Dad had a 54 Chevy. This loaded with gear and couple of people would strain both the engine and the brakes. The slow I could live with better than the lack of good brakes. The trip coming down a long mountain road with those old drum brakes fading away would be a lot faster than the trip going up, not to mention coping with the wallowing suspension just before you sail thru a guardrail to your fiery death below. On a positive note, if it was raining on the way down your vacuum wipers would furiously flail away allowing you to see your impending doom. Best keep this one on flat roads, always pray for a tailwind and for heaven’s sake stay off the Interstates.

  14. Gary D Oliver

    Craigslist listing has been cancelled.

  15. Ron

    Wonder if it started out as a sedan or a wagon. The high roof at fron would seem like it may have been a station wagon. Like anything else if used in a moderate sensible way it could be fun. That 235 inserted engine was strong and dependable.Had a lot of torque. Had a friend in High school that regularly gave my 53 Flathead Ford a good thrashing off the line in a drag. The Ford was different if you ever got it into 2nd and overdrive. Good cars

  16. Alexander

    Didn’t BF show a old toothy 49-52 Buick configured this way a few weeks back? Like others have said, I’ve never seen a “lowly” Chevy converted this way but lots of Caddies, Olds, Buick and even Ponchos. And lets not forget the Chinook Toyotas of the mid-80s.

  17. Bellingham Fred

    Did anyone notice the 8 volt battery?

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