Military Made: 1941 International M2-4

Antique vehicles are something special in themselves, but military antique vehicles are a whole other niche. While there are many different surplus or decommissioned military made vehicles out there, it is not always easy to make them road worthy. That might be the case for this metal veteran, a 1941 International M2-4 which is for sale in Lincoln Nebraska for $6,500. Thank you Fred H for the tip on this truck. You can view the Craigslist posting here.

The engine components would be a 93 horsepower 6 cylinder, inline engine. It will have a 4 speed manual with a 2-speed transfer. In one of the photos, an original wheel with 5 lugs is visible. This indicates it was a later produced M2-4 because early models had 6 lugs. This could also mean it has a 12v charging system instead of a 6v. These trucks also could have come with or without a winch. The seller has different rims on the truck currently but has the originals.

International was not able to secure a significant contract with the Army during World War II, but they did provide vehicles for the Marines and Navy. They were 33rd on the list of government suppliers. The M2-4 replaced the M1-2 and was built in Springfield Ohio. M indicated military use, 2 indicated 2,000-pound payload and 4 indicated 4wd. Overall, there were 9,101 made, and considering their use and age, even in the condition it is in, this is quite a find.

There is no information on if it runs or not. There is also no information on the title or if it is able to be road worthy. Even so, there are still plenty of uses for a vehicle like this to the right person. It could be a push truck at a dirt track, or a farm or hunting truck, even a business vehicle for outdoor action sports like paintball, airsoft, or a shooting range. The truck might need some tinkering, but it could provide hours of entertainment to the right person.

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  1. Al

    If this is an International, why does it look so much like a 50’s Dodge Power wagon?
    Is it based on military specs or what?
    Even a ’42 Dodge power wagon is remarkably similar. Go figure? Huh??

    • Howard A

      I believe the military had certain specs for the front, and different companies supplied the cab and chassis.

      • geomechs geomechs Member

        They were all pretty close. The military laid out the specs and the builders built what was wanted. And they were all a close fit. If you are familiar with Stacy David’s ‘Sergeant Rock,’ you’ll see that it is mostly Dodge but someone grafted an International cab onto it. And it’s daggoned close….

      • Roger

        My dad was a T/Sgt in the Army during WWII and he told me all the different makes they used,from Chevy/GMC to Dodge,Reo, Studebaker,even a Diamond T that served as their wrecker(which saved their lives one night when he parked it between where they were sleeping and the jungle and a Japanese sniper hiding within)

  2. Jeepster

    I’m truly glad the seller included a picture of a random kid in the ad…
    Found another ad though of what seems to be this very specific vehicle (!):×4-marine-corp-semper-fi-dodge-power-wagon.html

    • TouringFordor

      Surely looks like the same one. This ad is in CA, not NE, and has a random cat rather than a random kid. Also looks like other old trucks are in the CA ad.

  3. Jimmy

    I’m sure it will sell to someone wanting to drop the body on to a newer Dodge 4×4 chassis with a diesel engine but not at his asking price.

  4. chad

    “purpose built” is a phrase many use these daze re: our own adaptation of an off the line truck (wrk, show, recreation or all of the above). Here is another use of that definition – for another time and place (the war, the specific theater fought). However its great to see the Big 3 involved, what they came up with, how the state of the art effected that output – right off the line.
    I just love ol trucks…
    Thanks Brentton (my same last name).


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