Mini P.I. 1988 Agostini Ferrari 308 GTS Junior

Brian BirknerBy Brian Birkner

At a quick glance it is easy to think this is a full size Ferrari 308 GTS, but after you take a second look, you likely realized something was up with this car. This small Ferrari is more than a homebuilt toy, featuring a gas engine, and a scaled down body and wheels to maintain the looks of the cool Magnum P.I. car. Built in Italy, but with American power, this Agostini built mini 308 GTS is offered for a whopping $19,500! Check it out here on ebay out of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Mid-engine just like the real thing, this Ferrari has a small displacement Briggs and Stratton engine. Although having been built in Italy, it would have been more fitting to use a small Italian engine of some sort. The seller recently invested $1,500 for a restoration of the drivetrain and engine making this tiny prancing pony ready to roll.

Inside of this tiny Ferrari is a simple interior, but I have to give credit for the mini Momo style steering wheel, and the nicely sculpted dash. I think a determined adult could get into this car and drive it, but it may be a bit hairy getting in and out of this small machine. The interior condition is nice, with no major damage, wear, or weather exposure. In fact the only notable damage is a small cut on the passenger seat. Otherwise this thing is ready to roll.

From the outside the paint and body work look great with no signs of chipped paint, broken fiberglass, or missing parts. The Agostini Ferrari specific wheel caps are present, and are undamaged as well. If you had the money, this would be an awesome present for a kid, you would just have to include a Hawaiian shirt with the car to keep it Magnum correct. Also your kid would definitely have the coolest youth ride at the swap meet, or at your local cars and coffee event. Could you justify the cost of this Agostini Ferrari even if you won the lottery?


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  1. cudaman

    I can’t even afford this Ferrari!!!!!!

  2. Go cart Mozart

    Strong money for a nice go cart.

  3. Coventrycat

    Spare parts and maintenance at your nearest Toro dealer, and you could probably put a mowing deck under it, too. Try that with the real thing.

  4. Jeffro

    WTH? $19,500 for a go kart? I’m trying to figure out how many cases of Makers Mark bourbon I could buy for the price of a go kart I can’t even fit in.

    • John B

      Makers is about $40 a bottle by me. So that gives you about 40 cases. Enough to last a couple of years at least.

  5. Curtis J Henshaw

    $19,000 for a Briggs and Stratton. They are sniffing too many paint fumes.

  6. Rock On

    Factor in the cost of a fake moustache for your kid.

    • Jeffro

      And a Detroit Tigers hat.

  7. Alex B

    Wow, it’s amazing that the Dino 246 GT once costed less than this.


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