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Minty Fresh: 1967 Dodge D100 Step Side

Vintage trucks always seem to be appreciated no matter their make and model. Some are certainly more popular than others, but in general, old trucks are just plain cool. That definitely goes for this 1967 Dodge D100. Described as a fairly original truck from California, the seller purchased this Dodge three years ago from the original family. Since being purchased, this truck has seen a few updates and is a very nice turnkey classic, although needing a few minor things. With a little over a day remaining, this Dodge is currently bid up to $6,400. Check it out here on ebay, out of Lincoln, California. A big thanks to PS Photog for the cool submission!

Although clean and “minty fresh” under the hood, the seller has put some work into this Dodge to appear this way. The engine bay has been repainted, and the 225 cubic inch inline 6 is a rebuilt unit, although the seller has the original engine as well.  This D100 has a 3 on the tree, with fresh bushings, a new clutch and some other new items thrown into the mix. Also there is modern aluminum radiator that has been fitted, but again the seller has the original. With all of this work, and the few minor upgrades, this Dodge looks like it is ready to take on any adventure you can throw at it.

Inside of the lovely mint colored cab is a reupholstered seat, fresh paint on the interior of the doors, a painted black dash, and a layer of black POR-15 painted on the cab floor. The mint green paint within the cab looks nice with some obvious wear, and some very minor surface rust. I would assume there was more surface rust on the floor warranting the rust inhibiting paint. The bench seat looks great, with a classic color choice, and with a vintage, and almost aged appearance.  Although not true to form, the dash has been painted black, likely in the pursuit of appearance. The speedometer is not currently functional, neither are the dash lights. Upon fixing those issues, there seems to be little else this Dodge needs.

Appearing very nice, the mint exterior has a very nice shine, with some patina thrown into the mix. Believed to be original paint, this Dodge has an excellent appeal, although taking a closer look will reveal some paint wear and minor surface rust. On the roof, the paint is worn, and there is minor surface rust present. Beyond the roof, the paint looks good, but there are some other various areas where the paint is worn, although much more minor than the wear on the roof. With only minor surface rust appearing in the rocker areas, and around the rear window, this D100 looks to have escaped developing any rot, showing as an extremely solid truck. The wooden bed has been rebuilt, and has a lovely appearance. Although described as “vintage” the American racing wheels, would get ditched in favor of the original steel wheels, which the seller has and is including with the sale. Obviously having been well taken care of, and respected, the seller is moving on in hopes of buying a ’66 Nova. Who’s up to the task of helping the seller get his Nova, and in return, get this sweet truck?


  1. Rustytech Member

    Love that Mopar. Slant 6 will run forever! I’d leave this just as it is, and put it to work. I don’t know who’d be happier, me or the truck!

  2. Kevin Wernick

    Nothing like the thrill of a slant 6, 0-60, from now on, lol. Although I would take it over a skanky shevy nova. Lol

  3. Dave Wright

    Nice old truck, my bet is it was an original US Forest Service vehicle. They had thousands of them and are still selling a few.

  4. Joe Haska

    NO DOUBT! This could be a very cool truck, for not allot of money. Lowered, tick tire and wheels, keep patina, maybe even add some, drive it. When you finally need more HP swap out Mopar small block.

  5. macvaugh

    Lots f folks blacked out the dash. On a lighter colored truck (like this Forest Service green), it will reflect in the windshield every time the sun is out.

  6. Dave

    I’m diggin this.

  7. George

    Nice truck. I had a 67 Red Dodge Camper Special w/ V8. and a 69 Blue Dodge 1/2 V-8 which actually got 19 mpg on the hwy at 70mph liked them both. The slant 6 is indestructible but I would guess they are thirsty pulling all that weight. My sister had one in a Bright Red w/ white top 63 Valiant Convertible and it was hard pressed to get over 20 on the highway. Reliable, fun, fairly roomy and comfortable and peppy around town and fast enough for the freeway, yes, but climbing hills and passing slow cars on the way to the ocean,no. In that kind of driving it was never a leader but always a follower.

  8. geebee

    Style wise, Ford & Chevy had left Dodge in the dust in ’67. These were hold overs from the fifties, in comparison.
    Dodge didn’t really catch up until ’72, when they invented the “Club Cab.” I don’t know how they sold as many of these old style trucks as they did.

  9. Howard A Member

    Dodge was a bit behind the game with this truck, but I liked it BECAUSE it still had some late 50’s style. I don’t think this was a forestry dept. truck, as most of those I’ve seen have white roofs, and most full size box.(I suppose it could be)
    So hard to find today, there was just nothing left to save in the midwest. I remember junk yards had many of these, rusted in half with the motors gone. I never thought a basic pickup like this would ever bring this kind of money. Great find.

  10. RJ

    Nice solid looking old Dodge. The American Racing wheels have to go pronto!

  11. Jim

    I like it, they were noisy, tinny, rode like a truck. But the first full time job I ever had had a 4×4 8ft bed version of this truck with a plow and I learned to drive a stick in it, I guess it’s an emotional thing, I picked up parts, went on road calls, plowed the yards and it just kept going like the energizer bunny. That truck was abused daily and held up well. I’ve thought of getting one, who knows, someday. Someone is going to get a good solid truck.

  12. John B

    I always like seeing these old Mopar trucks, but I can’t decide who might have designed them in those days…Tonka or Fisher-Price?

  13. Paul B

    These Dodges were good and tough if very behind Ford and Chevy on a technical basis by this time. These were basically facelifted ’50s models, complete with beam axle front suspension. I kinda like them though.

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