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Missing Engine And Transmission: 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 Convertible

This 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 convertible was purchased for the (non original) 427 engine and transmission that had been installed and is now being sold off sans engine and transmission. The car was originally equipped with a 390 and a four speed, which would be a pretty darn desirable combination. It’s available here on eBay and is located in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. The buy it now is set at $6,000, but they are interested in offers.

Even with the nose high attitude, the clean design of the 1964 Ford is still clearly visible. Obviously, there’s no top and those rear quarter panels look quite suspect. According to the seller, the car has been in storage since about 1980 and was removed for the engine and transmission to be taken out. Note: they are not for sale. The seller also tells us that the top frame operates, even though we have no top to look at.

This is the good quarter panel. Patch panels are available here for around $230 each.

Here’s the bad one. What worries me about looking at this one is that someone has tried to “fix” it with fiberglass. That has me wondering where else there’s fiberglass or filler in this car. The seller does tell us that the rear floor, under the seats and the trunk all have rot.

I’m not sure why the seats appear black, although the buyer will probably refurbish the interior anyway.  Of course, I do like seeing that third pedal under the dash as well.

Here’s where the engine should be. Although it’s too much to expect to find a numbers matching engine, I think pretty much any Ford big block and a four speed (or even five?) would work nicely. I’d also go with dual circuit brakes and add air conditioning. Horror of horrors for some of you, yes, as this car is missing the original engine and transmission anyway, I would turn this into a restomod. What would you do with it?


  1. DanaPointJohn

    How about $600 instead of $6,000!

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  2. Jay M

    Too much money for a car missing it’s original driveline, never mind the rusted out body.
    Yes, it’s a shame it was not taken care of but now it’s a parts car.

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  3. ClassicCarFan

    Yup, I agree. 1964 is certainly one of the most desirable years for a Galaxie and a convertible is always going to be the most sought after body style but the price here is still way too much for a scruffy car with no drivetrain, and needing a lot of restoration work. Shame,….this has potential to be a really nice car when completed if someone takes it on and rescues it properly.

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  4. redwagon

    came here to ask how the seller could possibly ask 6 large sans engine and trans and w a body that badly rusted. was not disappointed to see others have the same question.

    any idea how much this should go for? i’m thinking $2,000

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  5. RicK

    the rusty Astro wheels are me fave!

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    • CapNemo

      Mine also!! Wish somebody would reproduce them. I’ve got a set of four in the shop I’d sell.

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  6. Bill

    Recently bought a 66 Parklane 428 4 speed Convertable with a solid parts car with a running 410 auto trans for 7500. Thought that was high but wanted the oddball car.

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  7. S Ryan

    Does the owner think this is a big Porsche?

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  8. Ed P


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  9. Rustytech Rustytech Member

    That someone with deep pockets would cough up $6k for this rust bucket with no power train is indicative of what’s wrong with our hobby. How’s a working stiff ever going to compete, this was a $3000 car at best. WoW!

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  10. Wagon master

    I’m sorry but the Z code in it’s vin indicates it was born with a run of the mill 390 v8 4bbl!

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  11. CapNemo

    I have a perfect running, complete 390 still mated to its original C6. I removed it from my 67 Galaxie wagon that I’m currently building. It’s all stock except for the Pertronix ignition in the stock issue distributor. 903-424-4239 anytime!

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    • CapNemo

      I guess I should say that the engine/trans combo is for sale. It’s pretty clean in appearance, runs great. Not sure how much yet, feel free to call and we can talk!

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  12. 8banger Dave Member

    This is an XL car. Top dog in its line-up. As an owner of one of these, I have a soft spot indeed, but not soft enough for this one.

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  13. Morley Member

    Even if it had “correct” tags and vin for a 427-4 speed, this car is DONE!!!!!!

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  14. newfieldscarnut

    I love the hate !

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  15. stillrunners

    He wanted what he paid for it….the gravy will be what he get’s for that 427…..

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  16. Tyler

    Being a 64 convertible, it is worth restoring. But at the asking price, you would be upside down the moment money changed hands.

    Now if it could be bought reasonable enough, & since you have to source the complete drivetrain, it would make a great platform for a late model fuel injected 5.0 & 6 speed. Cruise all weekend with the top down & not worry about finding a gas pump.

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  17. The One

    Wow, it isn’t that bad. rear quarters are gone but the trunk and rear floor is where convertibles suffer the most and they are intact. Ok its grungy, but the buckets are in decent shape. I mean come on, east coast? 50+ years old? I think whomever got this car stole it. I mean hey, compared to a lot of the stuff posted, not too bad…

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  18. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    This one didn’t sell, even after being relisted.

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  19. thomas purcell

    they are not astro they are fenton wheels. this car has way too wrong parts .or did everyone miss the xl parts that were never installed.

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