Modified Survivor: 1973 International Harvester Scout

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I’ve often debated whether a vehicle that is largely original should be altered from stock, especially if the changes lead to it becoming an arguably better vehicle. This 1973 International Harvester Scout has been improved upon by the seller, who started out with a pretty solid platform to begin with. Most of the improvements have been made to improve drivability and overall reliability, but it also sports lift kit and aftermarket wheel and tire combination. The body is said to be fair, with areas of rust scattered throughout and not immediately obvious when you’re looking at it from this vantage point. The Scout will eventually need rust repair, but the good news is the mechanical components have largely been refreshed. Find it here on eBay with bids up to $20,100 and no reserve.

That bid number actually surprised me a bit, because while preserved Scouts will always fetch a fair price, this one does have some issues to resolve as it relates to body rot. Still, perhaps buyers are looking at the fact that it’s mostly good news with a solid frame underneath that mostly solid body, and a ton of upgrades and fixes performed that they won’t have to deal with. The Scout is a survivor in some ways, with its nicely patina’d original paint still visible and cool period decals still intact. You can tell the truck has been lifted, courtesy of a Rough Country four-inch lift kit, while the vintage Eagle wheels definitely feature a lower offset than stock and sit perfectly on replacement rubber. Out back, you’ll find a new exhaust system with dual mufflers.

The interior is like the exterior – not perfect, but holding together nicely for its age. Amazingly, the dash pad isn’t cracked and the headliner is still in good shape! The seller is including an OEM air conditioning system in the sale, and while it’s not currently installed, it will be a great value-add for the next owner. The seller notes he got the turn signals working while the truck was in his care, and also rebuilt the windshield washer system. The Scout will come with a new windshield seal installed, along with a bigger steering wheel to help turn that upgraded rubber. Other improvements include replacement LED bulbs for the dashboard backlighting.

The engine bay is the freshest part of the whole truck, befitting from a recent top end rebuild. The work done to the 345 included having the heads completely cleaned and resurfaced. New seals were installed throughout, and power coating was utilized when appropriate to dress things up. The seller claims that everything that needed replacing, got replaced, which includes the carburetor, plugs, wires, exhaust manifold gaskets, master cylinder, oil pan gasket, rear main seal, and much more, along with an upgraded PerTronix electronic ignition. The Scout also comes with a new radiator and hoses, and the list of improvements seems to go on forever – which may be exactly why we’re seeing such strong bidding. What would you pay for a mildly customized Scout like this?

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  1. HoA Howard AMember

    $50,000,no, $80,000 no,,, $4 MILLION DOLLARS,consarnit, you won’t outbid me on this one, dagnabit, you see how foolish this is? Scouts are great trucks, and this one has been properly updated, but if these people think they are 5 figure vehicles,,,well, perhaps they’d like to buy some land in Florida as well ( bring your hip waders) I see these all over in back yards here, rarely, if ever, driving. There’s a nice one on my bicycle route that hasn’t moved in the almost 4 years I’ve been riding past it.You’d think, with all the glitz these and the other “tin can” 4 wheelers( Bronco, Landcruiser) allegedly offer, crooks would be stealing these left and right. THEREFORE, I’m convinced this Ebay price thing is all fabricated to bolster a higher price, and screw the next innocent buyer with deep pockets, thinking, how different could it possibly be than my new Rubicon? Surprise,,, I can smell the gas from here,,

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    • leiniedude leiniedudeMember

      Hey Howard, not sure if you saw Mecum last night but tons of trucks. All great shape but crazy money. Maybe it is the TV cameras. Take care.

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      • Ralph

        Good points Howard and Lennie. There seems to be no common sense left anymore. And whatever common sense folks do possess seems to vanish when it’s bid time, or time to pull out the wallet.
        As far as bidding on eBay, it seems to be a variation of the old “shell game” on the streets of NY. Feels like a huge number of so called desirable rides on eBay are overshadowed by fake and false schilling bidders. Bidder/buyer beware. eBay makes it very easy for the scams to continue, and they do…
        To those who are sad and remembering today, we are there with you. Very sad day of remembrance. Remember and pray for those (and their loved ones) who were lost 20 years ago.

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  2. David G

    Instead of wasting colossal amounts of money on an un-needed 4″ penile extension/wheels/tires, seller should have put the money into reversing the massive weight loss that the quarter panels have gone through. As for the LED headlights, has everyone except myself and Howard A gone legally blind in the past ten years or so? They just ruin the look of any classic vehicle.

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  3. t-bone BOB

    Ended: Sep 12, 2021 , 8:00AM
    Winning bid:US $20,600.00
    [ 46 bids ]

    Located in:Grand Junction, Colorado

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