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Montana Flea Market Finds

Flea Market Revisit

Last September, Jesse posted a a Citroen DS that he spotted parked at a flea market in Montana. Well I was recently by there and stopped to take a look. Chance would have it that the owner was there working on his cars, so he let me in to have a look at the Citroen and some of the other cars he currently has on the lot. He was busy working, so I decided to not bother him too much, but I was able to get some prices and his phone number. I’m sad to report that the Citroen’s condition isn’t the best though. Most of his cars are in rough shape, but there are a few gems here and even a couple that run and drive!

Flea Market - Volvo 544

While this flea market might not have the massive number of cars as some the past collections we have featured, it was still fun to just walk around and look. While I was standing by this Volvo studying the body, I had someone from behind me ask if I needed help. I was still taking it all in, so I just responded with a simple, “no, I’m just enjoying this Volvo 544”. While I don’t remember his exact response word for word, the gentleman who was now standing next to me, remarked that he hadn’t ever seen someone my age that knew what a Volvo PV544 even was, less have an appreciation for one. We struck up quite the conversation and before long he was telling me about his cars and some cars that I might be interested in taking a look at around Billings. He told me he did welding work for the owner and had repaired things on some of the cars. Looking at these cars was my main goal for the trip, but while speaking to this older gentleman it hit me that people are at the heart of this hobby and what I learned from him in that short conversation was worth the trip alone!

Flea Market  - Citroen

As I moved about the lot I took mental note of the ones that stood out to me. The gentleman I met earlier would occasionally stop by to offer his thoughts on the car I was looking at or to tell me about another one he knew about. Since he was just there working for the owner of the flea market, he didn’t know about all the cars, but was anxious to help.

Flea Market - Spitfire

Finally after looking at each of the cars, I made my way over to the owner of the lot and started a conversation. He was more than willing to give me prices and even told me he would give me discounts if I bought more than one car! I have to admit, in my excitement and haste I didn’t write down all the amounts he was throwing at me. As soon as I was back in my car, I wrote down the numbers I could remember and hopefully I remembered them correctly!

Flea Market - 1934 Plymouth

So before I give you guys the prices, I need to ask for forgiveness, as I forgot to get the years and details for each car. Like I stated earlier, I was a bit excited about finally getting into this place and spaced out asking for more specific. Here is what I did get though: $1,500 for the Citroen, $1,500 for the Volvo PV544, $3,500 for the Triumph Spitfire, and $18,000 for the ’34 Plymouth Coupe. There are also two Ford trucks in need of complete restorations and he is asking $3,500 for each one. While we were discussing the Citroen and Volvo he told me if I bought both, he would let me have the pair for $2k. Whether that’s a good deal or not, I’ll leave up to you, but it did tell me that he is willing to deal!

Flea Market - Heny J

I was surprised to learn how many of these cars actually run, but then again most of the time I was there the owner could be found under the hood of one of the cars working on something. At one point he disappeared under the Plymouth Coupe and the next time I saw him adjusting something on the Henry J. He claimed that the Triumph and Volvo both run, but I would assume that is with a little work first. His welder told me to steer clear of the Citroen though, as they haven’t been able to get it to turn over.

Flea Market  - Citroen 2

While I was a little disappointed with the condition of the Citroen, I left this flea market with a smile on my face. I hope all of these cars find new homes and if I can do anything to help, I will. But most of all, I’m just glad I was able to meet a few fellow car guys and hear their stories. Even if nothing comes from this visit, I got some new leads and I met some interesting people! If you are interested in contacting the owner about any of the cars or parts, just email us and we will forward you his phone number. He seemed like a nice enough guy and would be more than willing to give you prices and more details!


  1. 67rebelsst

    Wow great find, thanks for sharing. Is that the corner of an IH Scout that looks like it is up on a stand?(1st picture and what is right beside it behind the blue car? 5 window late 30’s? Thanks

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  2. dj

    Yep that’s a Scout. There’s also the front corner of a Lincoln too along with a Jeep.

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  3. A.J.

    18k for the 34 Plymouth is certifiably insane. I very nice original one sold on eBay this spring for 22k. The one in the picture would require 100k worth of work to put it in the same shape.

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  4. jim s

    a lot of nice cars/tructs/other items in the background of the photos also. it would be worth a visit, take cash plus a trailer and make offer, then leave with what you bought before seller can change their mind. i like the trucks. great find

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  5. Barry Thomas

    I like these old “graveyards”. Don’t know about some of those other prices, but $3500 for the Spit also sounds way too high. A buddy (a Triumph fanatic) was selling his recently and it was in very good condition, price was around $6k. What would one need to spend on this flea market one to get it in the same great condition? Way more than $2500.
    Barry Thomas’ “Wheel to Wheel” blog

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Yep, that is why Josh didn’t leave with the Spitfire. Cool little sports car project, but it would need to be a lot cheaper to make sense.

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  6. Brian

    A local flea market has a display of old cars and farm implements on display next to their parking lot. Although they are under cover, the condition of everything is much worse that the above collection. As far as I know, nothing is for sale, it’s just there as a added attraction to the flea market. They also host a very nice car show early every spring.

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  7. Dave Wright

    The reason these kind of guys have all this stuff for sale is usually because they are over priced. Sometimes, the guys like to interaction with people interested in the stuff, but really don’t want to sell anything. A legitimate business has to move cash and can not over price there wares. I have met hundreds of this kind of operator………sometimes it is a hoarding dis function. I knew a guy with a large yard in Ogden, directly across the street from the enterence to the regional IRS compound. He sold some scrap metal but had a great collection of interesting vehicles. He would not even talk price with anyone he didn’t know very well. He was terrified the IRS was going to come in, appraise his stuff and tax the hell out of him………..

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    • Brian

      Could be Dave, or maybe the guys is just wealthy and doesn’t care if he sells anything or not. It sounds like he was friendly, at least, and doesn’t throw the curious off his property, which is getting to be a rare thing these days! I’ve met alot of guys like him. Even though I wasn’t able to buy anything because of high prices or refused to sell, at least I left having met a nice guy and having had an interesting conversation, which sure beat being sworn at and run off any day!

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