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Monte Carlo V-4: 1966 Saab 850

'66 Saab

In 1966 the Saab Sport’s name was changed to the “Monte Carlo”.  In 1967 the Monte Carlo two stroke engine was phased out and replaced with a German Ford V-4.  Listed here on eBay and parked in Sheridan, Illinois is this 1966 Saab 850 Monte Carlo Sport, as per the owner, at NR with the high bid of $1,650 at the time of writing.

'66 Saab with a V4

The seller purchased this car from the previous owner who claims this Saab, a barn find, ran when parked 21 years ago. This Saab clearly has the V-4 in it. The seller and the previous owner doesn’t know where the 2-stroke engine is. It maybe that this car never had a 2-stroke in it. This v-4 engine can be found in the Saab Sonetts and plenty of tractors. There is an “extra” hose clamp sitting on the air-cleaner housing. It would be nice if just a small amount of effort was spent on cleaning up the engine bay after you see what was spent on the seats and door cards.

'66 Saab int.

We don’t know what year or the amount of dollars that were spent on redoing the interior, but someone pulled out all the stops.

'66 Saab back seat

It doesn’t seem to make sense does it? Why redo the interior, but not even take the time to clean the rest of the car up, even just a little?

'66 Saab parts

There some parts, pictured above, that are included with the purchase.

'66 Saab rear

There are less then 62K reported as the mileage on the Saab. The car is being sold “as-is” to the highest bidder. The keys and an Illinois title are included with the purchase. Please review the ad for more details and images. This could be the Saab Monte Carlo buy of the year. Are you ready for some V-4 fun? Please let us know if you pick this one up and if you keep the upholstery or go back to a stock look.




  1. Blyndgesser

    Since it’s badged as a “Monte Carlo 850,” I assume it was originally a two stroke, since “850” refers to the displacement of the two stroke engine.

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  2. David Wilk Member

    I learned how to drive stick shift on a Saab Monte Carlo – lots of fun and a unique experience to drive a two stroke engined car.

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  3. Scotty G

    The low bid price is probably a reflection of the non-original engine being in the car. Or, at least a similar type of engine (3-cylinder, 2-stroke) would have been nice. I guess a person could always find one to bring it back to close to original. It sure looks like it’s in great shape. Although, they mention the “original” interior and I’m pretty sure the seats would have been vinyl, not a velour-like fabric, but I could be wrong on that.

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  4. Tom

    The early bull nose 92’s are the essential SAAB experience. The V4 is less of an adventure, but set up well these cars go down the highway with great poise and equal quiet due to the aerodynamic design. There have been quite a few decent looking cars on here and elsewhere on the web. This is on my “to get another one” before I forget why I wanted it. Unfortunately others keep getting added on top of it. The funkadelic 95 wagon is way up there on the holy grail list of odd cars – in a good way.

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  5. jim s

    the VIN per saabnet.com is for a car with a 2 stroke motor. interesting find.

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  6. Jim

    So this is the SS version.

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  7. Ken

    Based on VIN as noted this should be a stroker, not V-4. Dropping a two stroke in a V-4 is easier than this way as the floor pan of the two stroke version must be cut out for the V-4 oil pan. Bell housing on gearbox requires a change as well. Brake master cylinder is incorrect for this year two stroke. Should have 4 bolt wheels and fixed 2 piston brake calipers for front brakes. Lots of odds & end missing inside… knobs of vent controls, 3-point front seat belts, headrest for passenger seat, lumbar support that came on MC850 seats. Appears to be missing the fog/driving light switches which should be on either side of clock. Can’t tell if it has the correct clock. Wonder if tach is two stroke or V-4? Does have correct steering wheel with horn button. Firewall looks like there may be rust behind heater core/fan housing. Lack of photos of floor pan, trunk, underside would make me cautious. Appears to have common rust bubbling up at base of A pillars, foam in that location trapped moisture.

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  8. Paul B

    Reupholstery job is also thoroughly incorrect on the cool and very comfortable Recaro bucket seats. Missing are passenger side headrest and adjustable lumbar support on both seats. Rare MC door cards appear original and correct. Hubcaps are incorrect and from a later model but the wheels are right, 4-bolt with round holes which were on the MC850 and GT850 models with disc brakes. I hope it has a real V4 transmission as the stroker ratios are really too low, especially in 4th but the other gears as well. Also it would need V4 front springs and shocks or it will start sagging eventually under the weight and won’t handle or ride properly. Lots of problems with this one but at least the front spring towers aren’t rusted out so there is hope for a patient and knowledgeable guardian with the money and access to parts to bring the old Saab back.

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  9. Jason Houston

    Good grief, Charlie Brown, is there finally something less ugly than a Citroen?

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  10. Thomas Bengtsson

    The 2-stroke and the V4 were both produced until 1968 and some unsold 2-strokers were hastily converted at the factory to V4 spec. I can´t tell if his one is a subject of such a conversion but there was quite many 1966 V4 which were sold in 1967-68 to reduced prices here in Sweden

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  11. Ken

    I had one of those 68 96 two strokes as my first car. My parents bought one each 95 & 96 strokers in 1968. Both were 820 cc cars with drum front brakes, with the later style full headliner and door panels found on the V-4s. I now have another 68 96 stroker in the garage awaiting my attention to get it running again.

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