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Mothballed since the Seventies! 1967 Plymouth GTX

Picture, for a moment, this Plymouth in a partially-restored state:  cosmetically no different from what you see here with missing trim, reverse rake, and black steel wheels with 75 series radials, but mechanically as perfect as the day it left the factory. The unknowing teen in a straight-piped Civic might see a “Grandma Car,” and joke about Geritol or Depends, and that would be a big mistake. This car is *not* partially restored, but it could be, and whether the new owner is a teenager, a pipe-fitter, or a little old lady from Pasadena, he or she will want the wheels pointed straight ahead before uncorking this 440-powered pre-smog Plymouth after it’s back in shape. Located in Gilbert, Arizona and offered here on eBay, bidding on this beast has eclipsed $8000.

Unlike the Road Runner, Plymouth’s low-budget street-fighter, the Belvedere-based GTX was a luxury muscle car, with stripes, hood scoops, and the nifty race-style gas cap… just like muscle Mopars of today. Plymouth strengthened the suspension as well, so that “every curve gets a big, firm bear hug.” The Arizona climate usually preserves structural steel and sheet metal, making “desert cars” a treat for anyone accustomed to working on rust-belt basket cases.

According to the sales brochure, “The GTX interior oozes luxury.” Whoa; is that a good thing? Check out more authentic ’60s marketing clichés and other details at This steering wheel looks like a later addition, but the GTX did offer an optional wood steering wheel.

The 1967 Plymouth GTX came with this 440 “Super Commando” V8 standard, including the chrome valve covers. The blue engine compartment discloses the car’s original color. Buyers could have upgraded to the 426 cid Street Hemi, but this 440 is no joke. With 375 HP and 480 lb-ft of torque, the GTX’s stock “Red Streak” tires had no hope of hooking up under full throttle. Hopefully the power-boosted dual-circuit brakes had enough grip when things got out of hand. Buyers would be wise to validate the car’s GTX pedigree, general condition, and take inventory of original equipment present and missing. Based on the listing, how do you value this upscale luxury muscle car?


  1. grant

    In all honesty, the straight pipe Honda’s got decades more of engineering behind it and would probably at least keep up, if not downright waste this thing. It wouldn’t be nearly as cool though.

    • Carmandan

      How can anyone mention GTX and Honda in the same paragraph? Must drive a zoom zoom car!

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    • David Barlowe

      Grant, evidently you have never been in a real car before. Your idea of a performance car is probably a Korean built piece of crap with a turbo. The starter on this 440 has more torque than your 4 banger turbo6 SPD crap. This car is a perfect example of American Muscle cars, whether it be a Ford, MOPAR, G. M. Thank God for Walter Chrysler purchasing Plymouth and Dodge to form the perfect performance car company. MOPAR OR NO CAR.😎

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      • volks dude

        DB Ive owned “real cars” in my younger days , corvette chevells even a charger. My current “real car”is a German made Volkswagen Passat Varient with a V6 AWD 6spd auto paddle shift and it will run with any socalled muscle car, but the best thing about having a interest in these type of cars is the young people who are the main force in the European and Japanese cars. I couldnt take any more car shows with oldy dj’s cars with drive in movie trays on there windows and stuffed animals in the backseat of there 60 ‘s Pontiacs.Its refreshing going to a Tuner car show with all the young people doing amazing things to there cars, 4cyl cars going over 125 mph and so on, Im in my 60’s and I’ll never go back to American Muscle

      • grant

        Jesus man. Settle down. Facts are facts. I like big lumpy V8 muscle cars as much as you do; I also like and appreciate technology and the goodness it brings. A V6 Mustang makes more power than a V8 GT did 20 years ago, thanks to technology. And that kid in the VTEC Honda will run 10’s all day long while your Nascar boys run circles around themselves.

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      • mike

        Ok may I set a few things straight here if I can. The prob with most Jap cars is they can out run most hot rods, But the jap cars can’t hook like the ol hot rods of yesteryear, I know this from street racing, 4 to say 6 sec on the line spinning your honda tires well lets just say game over. an that’s a fact jack lol enjoy your day gentelmen

      • grant

        They can’t hook up, yet they’ll outrun most muscle cars. Ok. Point made.

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      • Russ

        My brother had a 66 Coronet 500 383 when I was in high school. Basically very similar to this car only in better shape (and the smaller engine). I know what it would turn at the 1/4 mile because I saw him race it, 15.7’s. My 3.3 Lexus can’t compare in looks or charisma but I expect it would have beaten the old Coronet in the 1/4 and definitely on top end.

        I’d still love to have an old Coronet. I also ride a Sportster even though lots of Jap bikes much smaller would leave it behind. It’s not all just about power.

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      • Graham

        Yup, and when you put the happy pedal up through the firewall, that 440 will kick you in the butt and stuff you into the seat. Can’t get that slapping the Hondas’ happy pedal.

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    • moosie Craig M. Bryda

      Put the pipe down

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  2. Gearheadengineering

    Family friend had a GTX back in the late ’70s. I’m pretty sure it was a ’67. I remember it had a hood scoop that would tilt open when he floored it. I don’t remember what engine it had but I was very impressed with that car.

    – John

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    • Billy

      Sounds like an air grabber, not sure that was available in a 67, the next generation or two, then yes.

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      • Angrymike

        The 1970 GTX and Road Runner Had the ‘air grabber’ hood !

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  3. Had Two

    Picture, for a moment, the look on your neighbors face when he sees
    this thing parked in your driveway.

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  4. Metoo

    Wow! Just look that “patina”! Clearcoat?

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  5. Chris Londish Member

    Mechanical rebuild and clean up the interior a few coats of clear and vavoooom!

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  6. Mark

    Had a friend in high school with a 426 and it was a handful fell in love with this car then and would love to have one now albeit a 440 plant.

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    • Russ

      Read about a guy who owned a 426 Mopar of some sort back in high school. At the time he was scared to ‘get on it’ because it made a lot of power and got squirrely. After a while he sold the car and moved on. Many years later he located the came exact car he had owned, and bought it back. And in the console was a partial roll of mints of the kind he ate when he was in high school. Imagine making that connection with your own past. He’d probably started on that roll of mints when he was a high school kid and there they were waiting for him.

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  7. jw454

    I think I prefer the original bright blue color.

    According to this Craigslist ad it will cost you around 12K to take it home.

  8. moosie Craig M. Bryda

    Grant , Please put the pipe down

    • grant

      The straight pipe on my Honda? Nah.

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  9. stillrunners LAWRENCE Member

    Who’s writing this crap – is any research being done or knowledge passed ?

    The car has been repainted – point. Is there really barns in these parts – I’ll ask a friend – he lives there.

    Not a bad car – looks intact under the hood….the bids reflect that.

    Oh…and my latest 1967 GTX – parked in 1972…with 94,000 miles on the four on the floor…it needed a new clutch…still with factory paint.

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  10. Rob S.

    David, ever drive, or ride in a turbo “Korean crap box”??
    Probably make a believer out of your 70’s “mopar or no car” mentality. They can be very quick, both in the corners and straight line. How many kids in the 90’s and 2000’s did you see running out and snatching up old mopars in high school? How many bought and modified hondas, acuras and audis? Probably 9 to 1 of those kids were import fans. American muscle will slways have its place but it’s time to wake up and smell the octane buddy! In 20 years imports will share the ranks with our beloved muscle in rarity and desireability. We are already reading about import finds here!

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  11. Troy s

    The way I see it very few buyers back then would have considered the hemi an upgrade for a daily driven brand new car. Just too serious of an engine for most folks and a pricey option at that. That debate will never end over which is better, the 440 or the 426 hemi? To me, they are both great engines in their proper environment- hemi at the track and the 440 on the street. Cool car by the way.

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  12. Brad

    Had a ’67 Belvedere II when I was in high school. 67K miles, purchased from the original owner who could no longer drive a manual transmission car. 318, 3 on the tree, no ps or pb. Ran like a scalded rabbit, and got 25 mpg on the interstate. I really like the body style of these Plymouths. My buddy had the same car with a 383 and a 4 speed. Scary fast.

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  13. Mike R.

    I had a 67 Satellite 440/ 4 speed in 73 .I freshened the tired engine with a Crane 300/300 cam shaft kit & over haul. Possi rear was great off the line! 3.23 made for a great hyway car . Was scary fast!!

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  14. jim

    It was built on Halloween in the summer of hate….
    Very cool car!

    • jim

      Well the fall of 66 , just woke up no coffee in me yet….

  15. Mopar creson

    No stock honda will out run a 67 gtx

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  16. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Ended: Dec 03, 2017 , 8:24PM
    Current bid:US $9,200.00
    Reserve not met
    [ 38 bids ]

  17. jmc

    My Dad took delivery of the first Plymouth GTX sold in Rochester,NY.An article in Motor Trend initially drew him to those cars-he’s been before and since then,a GM guy.I was about 10 years old when he first got it..I recall that 150 mph speedo and remember seeing 120mph+ on more than one occasion.Gold color,440 torqueflite.Memories…..

  18. TOMMY T.

    i owned one in 1977 i bought from a guy in va. he took my friend and i out for a test drive .he said it had a blown engine from he was racing it a mannasas raceway in va. the weekend before i bought anyway for 1500 bucks he towed it to my house in springfield , va. . i worked at a repair shop named managulators the owner named Coockey . it took a year to rebuild her we gutted the old motor put the part into the new block we got from a newyorker and we did it alot of work to rebuild it put the guts back into it from the old motor which was 10.5 pistons bored 40 over had 3 springs in the heads the trans sent to be rebuilt the rear needed some cleaning up it was a 456 rear that was just fine although i could only cruise around town at 40 mph punch it up the hills and coast down hill . i race it at fullerton pkwy industerial park my best time on a track was timed at 9.8 sec i never lost a race as long as i owened it won 5 cars people came from far away as sc. to pa. to race me i
    beat everybody i had a hurst slap stick 3 speed atuo . i did hvae to start it in second then to first to get traction on not sit on the line and spin the tires so i can tell you one thing there is no way any inport piece of crap could ever i mean ever never even come close the finnish line before i did if you think you can come on down to va. and look me up at the track i race there still every now and then i have never been beat yet bring your money TNT OH BY THE WAY THE FRONT TIRES DO COME OFF THE GROUND if you are wearing a hat it will end up pin to the rear window its painted midnight blue gold and silver metal flakes in it

  19. Jim

    In 1967, I bought a 1967 PLYMOUTH GTX HEMI. It had been in Seattle auto show. It was Daffodil Yellow with a black vinyl top. We drove it as family car as well as time by time at Seattle International Raceway. Grant, respectfully, Ive owned 53 cars in my life and nothing from the Land of Rising Sun compares. With Casler Street Slicks as soon as it passed 120/125 mph rear started bouncing. I shut it down before 140 ( Reno to Winnemucca) but nothing Ive driven compares. (Side note GRANT Ive been at Mach 1+ in an F4)

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