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Motion Style: 1969 Corvette 427


When I first spotted this Corvette, I got really excited! It looks just like a Phase III Baldwin Motion Corvette, but sadly it isn’t one of the small handful of Motion built Corvettes. It is equipped with what the seller believes to be Motion built body panels and they look correct. Sadly, it’s missing that all important L36 427 and it’s 4 speed transmission. Whether it’s a Motion car or not, it looks wicked and would be incredibly fun with a 427 back under the hood! You can find this project here on eBay in Knightdale, North Carolina with a current bid of $1k.


My favorite part of this ad is the part where the seller talks about the letter they received from Joel Rosen at Motion Performance Inc. where he states, “that they are firmly convinced (from photos) that some of the body parts were most likely manufactured by them”. I’m firmly convinced that they aren’t exactly sure if they built these body parts or not. It has the right look, but it’s hard to tell from a few photos.


The L36 427 wasn’t the most powerful big blocks you could get in the Corvette, but with 390 horsepower it’s no slouch. With a few upgrades, you could have one easily putting out over 400 horsepower. Sadly, you won’t be able to do much with this one since the engine is gone. I bet when it was still complete and on the road, it was a fun and could do some impressive burnouts!


Finding a period correct L36 could be tricky, but there are tons of 427 crate motor options out there. Another great option would be sticking a modern LS V8 in it, which could provide just as much power in a lighter more fuel efficient package, plus it would be more reliable! So which route would you go? Would you put it back to how it might have been when it was still on the road or would you go a new route and update it with modern power and performance?


  1. Lumpy

    It’s already a non-number matching car…..a decent rebuilt LS1 with the matching 6 speed would be very entertaining.

  2. Mark S

    My dog is barking again rough…….. rough ………rough rough!!! Isn’t there a slew close by this car that it could be rolled into before the slew is filled in?

  3. DanaPointJohn

    It is pretty common on Barn Finds for someone to see cars being sold without an engine, transmission, seats, trim pieces, etc. But a car without a steering column or steering wheel? Yikes!

    • Jumping g

      It’s ahead of its time with autopilot. Where do you think Google got it from…..

  4. ronebee

    anybody have the template for that rear window? Need it for a Motion Restoration that I am getting to……someday… happens to also be Monaco Orange

  5. jaygryph

    Have you ever wanted your Corvette to look like a Z car? Then buddy, this is your ride.

    I dig the rear window treatment, sorta Chargery.

    Honestly I kinda dig the whole thing, in a weird 70’s custom sorta way.

    On the other hand I also liked that obnoxious chop top orange nightmare of a mustang that was on here a while back, though for different, more Mad Maxy reasons.

  6. Jeffro

    This is a Motions Corvette that obviously hasn’t been in motion for a long time. Especially with no steering wheel…no motor…no trans

  7. Paul

    I learn so much by visiting this site daily, thanks for bringing what you bring here. Now, If I could only remember what I have learned… Hmmmm this is Barn Finds, right??? Thanks again.

  8. ronebee

    bidding up to $5300.00, see that letter from Joel Rosen? That cost this guy $2000.00 , guaranteed (know this from experience)….best $2k you can spend….if it’s a real car

  9. Car Guy

    When did they make “Belted T/A’s”? Radial T/A’s came out in the early 70’s as I recall.

  10. Joey Enlowe

    As ugly as prison sex……..


    back window is legit ,,, all had those 8″ and 10″ us mags …

  12. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Sold for $7,301.00. 30 bids.

  13. RonEBee

    headed here to Upstate NY, friend of mine bought it. Motion Vettes are cool

  14. joe

    Hi Josh,
    Her is that car today.

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

      It’s gorgeous, Joe!!!

      • joe

        thank you !!!

  15. joe

    another shot

  16. joe


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