Motorcycle Alternative: 1972 Honda Z600

1972 Honda Z600 Front

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With soaring gas prices we figured it was a good time to feature a fuel efficient classic. This 1972 Honda Z600 has more character than modern offerings and will probably get more miles per gallon. It is located in Chicago Illinois and it listed for sale here on eBay with bidding at $3,900 no reserve.

1972 Honda Z600 Rear

It is a rare sight to see one of these little Hondas on the streets here in the United States even though there were about 35,000 imported. This car has some dings on the doors, but the seller was able to buff up the paint very well. The exterior is not perfect but should be fine to use as a driver.

1972 Honda Z600 Engine

This 599cc motorcycle engine is not going to to get you anywhere fast, but with its high revving capability and lightweight body, this little car might actually be fun. The seller claims that the engine runs great after it warms up a little. They have taken it on a few long distance without issues and just suggest that you keep your speed at around 60 to stay comfortable.

1972 Honda Z600 Interior

Surprisingly that little two cylinder engine is attached to a four speed transmission with disc brakes up front. Even though this was an economy car, it actually had many standard features when new. There was room for two adults upfront and a rear seat big enough for small children or cargo. The car also had an aircraft style roof console and a tachometer. The seats have been reupholstered in non-original fabric and there are a few cracks and tears here and there, but overall the interior looks good.

Pick this one up, fix a few things, and use it as much as possible. It should work great around town, but we would be a little nervous on the highway. It is also a great all weather alternative to a motorcycle or a new micro car. We personally think it is a heck of a look cooler than anything Honda offers today too.

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  1. Pat.

    My Grandmother had a Yellow one.

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  2. Dan

    Two adults should be in quotation marks. I tried to sit in one of those when they were new and I couldn’t get both legs inside the car.

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  3. His Royal Flatulence

    I’m no expert on these, but I don’t think it is an actual motorcycle engine under the hood; I think it’s unique to the Honda automobiles, though certainly with motorcycle-inspired engineering.When we were in high school, my sister had a friend with a bright yellow one; its name was Buzz. Her friend’s family was big on unusual cars; her parents both drove Peugeot 404’s.But we also had a schoolmate who was killed in one. He ran a stop sign in our neighborhood and was broadsided by another kid, who was driving the family Caprice wagon. They are really, really tiny and it’s best to think of it as a motorcycle with a roof.

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  4. Mike

    I’d rather drive this, then the Smart Car! Maintnance has to be cheap. Maybe.

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  5. Larry

    Please note that new it was only about 1800……..I had a sedan version that I greatly enjoyed, and I am a six footer. Was a fun solo car until the Civic came along.

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  6. Mark Jacobson

    I took a new one for a test drive from the show room. Don’t remeber much except the gear shift was a bit unweildy. Still my everyday car at the time was a 1963 Austin Healy Sprite, pretty easy to drive.

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  7. Bill Shaw

    I drove it’s predecessor in spring of 72. The 600, a 2 door, 2 box design. 50mpg and about 1/3 the size of most other cars on the road.

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  8. C Doyle in SF

    Absolute bonkers!!!! I live in SF (obviously) I’d love to get an original Fiat 500 to scoot around in. This would be a close second though!

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  9. CadeO

    I want it, I would love to curise arround town in that just for kicks, I remember when these came out, ck out those wheels soo tiny , bet tire’s are cheap , wow! soo cool

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  10. kurt

    My third-grade teacher had one, I think it was a ’72, orange if I recall.

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  11. ChasMember

    Actually, these Honda Z600 Coupes are great little cars. They were Honda’s first foray into the US automobile market. Although the S600 Roadsters and Coupes were produced almost a decade earlier, they were never formally imported to the states.
    These tiny air cooled twins were quite relaible and reasonably fast for their intended purposes. They are really quite durable and reliable, with the exception of the cam chain rollers, slippers and guide sprockets, all of which are made of a soft rubber compound, which tends to harden after fifty years, and which will come apart if rotated at engine speeds after they have hardened without replacement. This will allow the cam chain to jump teeth, and as this is an interference engine, it will allow the valves to collide with the piston.
    Fortunately the cam chain roller and slipper parts are available and should be replaced before catastophic failure. However, the engine is so simple that even if this occurs, it usually only requires one or two bent valve replacements during the rebuild, as the pistons tends to survive the collision.
    I have had many of these little Hondas over the years, and I currently have four Z600 Coupes, and will be selling one or two of them if anyone is interested.
    I love these tiny Z600 Coupes, as well as the AN600 Sedans.

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    • Allen N Schmaeman II

      I to have own one or the z600 green in color. Great little car a bit nosie. I remember one Christmas my 2 roommates cut down a Christmas tree.
      On the way home car’s that would drive by us flashed there headlights an
      blow there horns. They could be

      They could barely see the car for the tree. Green car green tree creeping along a
      Dark cold highway. We were very lucky no po po’ no tickets. Great looking tree!
      When we got home and put the decorations on Jim my best friend comment.
      He new it must have been a nice one. When the guy came up out the front door
      of the house shouting.

      I didn’t know until late the why he was in such a big hurry when he got back in an
      Shouted (GO GO GO)!!! WE Had snatched someone’s yard ornament. What a night. Let me know about your cars. With pic’s if possible.Thank Allen!

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