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Motorcycles Included: 1933 Diamond T Pickup


This old truck listed on eBay is neither a barn find or a survivor, but it’s just too cool to pass up. The double cab is rare. The truck is not original, but has a more modern, recently rebuilt engine and transmission. The motorcycles are included but they are, of course, not very convincing replicas. The motorcycles aren’t much more than little two stroke engines mounted on bicycles with homemade gas tanks and dropped handle bars to give them a period look. It ends Friday and bidding is at $19,000 but the reserve is not yet met. The truck is far from original, but it looks the part and runs and drives. It’s located in Munnsville, New York.


That grill is certainly not original or well made and the turn signals were added. It looks solid otherwise.


Inside, there’s not much showing that’s original, is there? The peek we get of the cab frame looks solid though.


This picture doesn’t tell us much except it might have cooling problems.



Perhaps this could be a fun truck to haul stuff to auto swap meets. It must be rather long with the double cab and extra long bed. What would you do with the motorcycles? They don’t look and won’t sound much like the real thing. Readers’ comments on this pickup and motorcycle combo should be interesting.


  1. Jim Mc

    It looks pretty cool, but it’s a definitely a mutt. Here’s another listing for it:

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  2. Howard A Member

    I agree, pretty cool, but all over the place. The only thing that is Diamond T is the hood and fenders. Even the box looks like it’s from an IH and the engine, I think, is a Chevy 194 (?) and no cooling problems, just an electric fan. Looks well done, and I’d think just one of the bikes would be 20g’s. Neat find.

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  3. geomechs geomechs Member

    I would agree with Howard in regards to the hood and front fenders. It looks like they took a 2-door sedan body and grafted it to the D-T cowl. The bed looks more like it came off a ’53-’56 Ford 1-ton. Need a better photo of the motor to ID it properly. I agree on some of the bikes; they are nice…

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    • Jim Mc

      The ad says it’s 1933 Diamond T bus for the frame & front end, a 1927 Auburn two-door sedan for the cab, and an unspecified bed, though I agree that it looks like a ’50s Ford. I’d skip the fake bikes but I like the truck and its build, it looks super burly. Those seats are gonna determine how long you can drive it. No long road trips but I’ll bet it’s a lot of fun for bouncing around town.

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      • Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member

        This body is the back half of a sedan, from the center post rearward. Note the wheel well curve in the doors, the rear fender was just rear of the door area. With that double coachline on the body, it my have been a Buick sedan. Someone probably took the original cowl and windshield, and installed the back half of a sedan to it.

        This looks like something a movie company would have commissioned when they couldn’t find an existing truck matching what they wanted.

        Movie companies were also known to create vintage motorcycles that could be ridden and were reliable, and not so expensive.

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  4. Joey

    All the motorcycles are poorly constructed (from old bicycles) clones with Chinese engines!

    Buyer Beware!

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  5. Woodie Man

    Interesting idea. Grafting an Auburn sedan body onto a Diamond T bus frame…I like the looks of the inside especially the seats. Buy it for what it is. No one has one that’s for sure!

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  6. JW454

    I think the cab is the rear part of a 4 door sedan. This whole display is just someone trying to make something out of nothing.
    I’ve seen a lot worse results when this type of idea pops into someone’s head. At least he has seen it through to the end.

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  7. Ikey Heyman Member

    Reminds me of something you might create with one of those “flip books” – like my grandchildren have – where you combine different components to create something you’d never see in real life. Except here it is!

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  8. Glen

    Kind enough to have metric on the speedometer for us North of the border. It is interesting.

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  9. George

    looks like a 250 chevy six…

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  10. Van

    I like the look. I don’t think it’s going to be comfortable. Maybe if home depot is only two miles away. Or maybe you’re the designated driver. Drunk buddy’s won’t care.

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  11. MG'zer

    Ditch the home made bikes. Leave the truck alone, add an indian chift that would fill the bed. Drive to showes. Drive both around

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  12. Doug Towsley

    I dont know but i suspect that its just an all around good use of materials, I am guessing that this is the kind of guy who took misc parts and stuff that was unlikely to ever get on the road again and put it together into something cool. IF so… Then good for him!
    It looks cool, is interesting and some classy old iron out on the road turning heads and a lot of fun for the owner. 2 thumbs up

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  13. Dave Wright

    Great build and use of materials. The seats look like some I had in a Kinner antique aircraft a few decades ago.

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  14. DWBlietz

    Doug , i couldn’t have said it better use what you have and be happy with you end up with before the scrapper does

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  15. Mark S

    This looks like it was well put together it’s not that easy to build something like this so I tip my hat to the creator. There a few small changes I’d make like the signal lights and seat but otherwise nice truck.

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  16. starsailing

    Spotted this on Craigs when first listed…Cobbled together truck w/crew cabbish look…great look!….Sparten look for the times….Manly looking truck! Never bothered to look at the bikes….after first glance…pppfffft!

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  17. William A.

    The truck is in really good condition the motorbikes might need some maintenance

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