Movie Car: 1967 Plymouth Valiant Signet

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Celebrity has its benefits, even when it comes to vehicle ownership or whether a vehicle has been used in TV and movies. That’s the case with this beautiful 1967 Plymouth Valiant Signet two-door sedan, which has been used in both TV and movies. The seller has it posted here on craigslist in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and they’re asking $26,500. Here is the original listing, and thanks to Tony P. for sending in this tip!

This wasn’t an Elvis-owned car. Paul Newman and/or Steve McQueen haven’t owned this car either, and any one of those previous owners could have been a real factor in the value. But, it has been used by Academy, Grammy, and Golden Globe-winning actor Ben Kingsley on a show called Perpetual Grace and was also in a Netflix show called Stranger Things. I haven’t seen either of those but maybe some of you have so you may have seen this car on the big or little screen?

Even without the New-Mexico-as-the-new-Hollywood (according to the seller) connection, this car looks like it’s in outstanding condition. Value-wise, they have it priced at around Hagerty’s #1 Concours value, which may be a stretch, but their #4 excellent-condition value is $18,600 and that’s where this thespian and amateur car value expert (not) would put this one. Check out the photos, it looks really nice, and they say that it was a rust-free southwestern car before being totally restored.

1967 was the first model year for the third-generation Plymouth Valiant and the Signet was the top-trim level. I really like the early cars from this generation so if I would have moved to Hollywood and become a child actor in the 1960s, well, I’d probably be loading boxes in a warehouse… but if it would have worked out, I’d grab this car with one of my monthly residual checks. The seats have clearly been reupholstered, and I may have gone with a more factory look, but they look good (other than a seam separation in the driver’s seat back), as does the whole interior, including the AC.

This is the engine that most of you were hoping to see, Chrysler’s 273 OHV V8, which was factory-rated at 180 horsepower and 260 lb-ft of torque. Everything works right down to what appears to be factory-AC. If you can afford it and have always wanted one, this ’67 Valiant Signet two-door is the one for you. Speaking of that, have any of you owned one? Any thoughts on the movie and/or tv connection?

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  1. HoA Howard A ( since 2014)Member

    I never heard of either of those names, there’s probably 50(0) shows in the last 10 years that never made it to TV, hundreds that failed in their 1st year. Everyone a loss, but if they hit it big, KA-CHING. Most of us have the Valiant connection with the movie “Duel”, a 4 door, the meek that in true Hollywood fashion, ultimately wins, but the car, gets destroyed in the process. I think we all held our breath when the temp needle was pegged on “H”. Not Spielbergs best, but have to start somewhere. The car itself is in amazing condition, not unusual for the SW, the movie history does nothing, and they could drop a number off either side of the price( preferably the 0). One reason I stopped going to our little annual car show, is one NEVER sees a car like this on display. Absolutely, positively, no interest. I know they sit in garages, and every once in a while, one makes an appearance, usually on Sunday, or Walmart on Monday, but that’s it. Valiants, not Darts for some reason, were EVERYBODY’S beater. My 3rd ( ’63 )and 4th cars( ’64 with a V8), were Valiants $100 bucks each. I always wondered who bought one new. It seemed they were all $100 beaters. I think it’s a great find, if these folks would come back to OUR earth. Anyone that wants this car, doesn’t have that kind of money, if ’55 New Yorkers can’t even muster $5grand, what’s the chance here? This is nothing more than the panic before the storm, and it’s going to be a rough one. Any “arm chair” psychiatrists care to weigh in on this foolishness?

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    • Dr Fine

      Duel was Spielberg’s first movie. In fact, it was a student film and they padded it with the school bus scenes to make it long enough for movie theaters. That Valiant was a different year model.

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    • GnomeSaneMann

      I had a 67 Valiant when I was in highschool. I loved that little car, and would probably still have it if my girlfriend hadn’t plowed it into the back of a Navy truck one day when I let her borrow it. It was purchased for $500, and looked exactly like the one pictured here, at least on the outside. The interior was factory original, and so was the engine, a “Slant 6”, which ran like charm, and had plenty of horsepower. If I ever bought another one, I wouldn’t accept one with any other engine.

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  2. angliagt angliagtMember

    At least it’s “Numbers matching”.I really like these Valiants,
    but,once again,pure greed on the asking price.I’m guessing
    the seller probably paid less than $5000 for it.

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  3. Rustytech RustytechMember

    I agree with ya’ll. Greed has destroyed the old car hobby. This is a nice oiled car, and for $8 to $10k would be a nice ride. At $20k+ it can remain the seller’s trailer queen.

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  4. jnard90 jnard90Member

    Agreed. Great car, moon shot price.

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  5. Moparman MoparmanMember

    At one time, cars like these were snapped up by the drag racing crew, for their lightness and sturdiness; and being in demand, they weren’t cheap! :-)

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    • James whetzel

      Yes sir I had one that was painted plum crazy I know that’s not a original color but it shore looked good on it drag raced that little beast all the way to runner up at Chrysler Nationals and it purred along to WVA TENNESSEE and to the grocery store re stored 71 cuda clone and for enjoyment I still chose the little valiant

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  6. 370zpp 370zppMember

    “Stranger Things” was/is a very popular show – for some. I lasted through the first episode, before falling asleep.

    “Duel” was a great movie from long ago. I am surprised Howard has not mentioned the scary truck in that movie. I attempted to replicate it for an N scale layout a while back.

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    • Bob C.

      This one should have no problem outrunning that 1955 Peterbilt tanker truck with the 273 v8.

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      • DON

        The “Duel” Valiant was a 318 car ; it should have beaten the truck too – unless Dennis Weaver was a timid man !

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      • Bob C.

        There were three used. IIRC one with a 318 and two with sixes.

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  7. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TNMember

    I like to see basic, everyman cars of their day. This one looks to be in great shape. The price seems to be a stretch.

    “Duel” is one of my favorite movies. But for me, having a TV/movie connection adds nothing to a car’s value.

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  8. Sam61

    The seller would have better luck claiming the car was in Ishtar. At least that’s a movie no one saw but everyone’s heard of!

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    • PRA4SNW

      Sam61: I’m not sure what your point is, but Stranger Things 4 was the most popular series on Netflix and most streamed show in 2022.

      So, yeah, definitely worth mentioning that it was in that show.

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  9. Big Bear 🇺🇸

    Great looking Valiant and I seen this type on Stranger things. I am watching the 4th season. 70’s and 80’s cars. Cool show… This Valiant with the 273 is nice. I seen one like this with a 440 stock looking on the outside. Real sleeper… They made Hyper Pack 273 with 4bbl and cam nice flowing exhaust but single with chrome tip. The price is high. The teens would be better. It getting harder to find nice ones like this. Good luck to the next owner. 🐻🇺🇸

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    • Gary

      My buddy had a four door Valiant with a little steelies on it, widened in back with a 340/four speed. Smoked a lot of Camaros and Mustangs

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      • David

        Sounds like you are describing my car, though mine is a reverse manual auto trans.

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  10. rosseaux

    The real star of Stranger Things is a green Pinto, but I found this Plymouth on IMCDB:

    I think Plymouth struck out by dropping the Valiant hardtop in ’67. These post coupes were a little dowdy, even with the Signet trim, in my opinion. And this one, famous as it is, is way pricy. Nice looking car though.

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    • Danny Estrada

      The Mexican Valiants actually retained HT coupes in ’67, only in “Acapulco” trim making them a rarity. They all boasted the 225 and four on the floor sticks. Kind of a bare-bones car though with no heater, A/C or power steering but had nice looking interiors with bucket seats and a central console. I daily drive one of those. Pretty sturdy little workhorse by the way.

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  11. luckless pedestrians

    While I agree that the ask here is a bit off the charts, one thing I’ve learned over the years is that there is someone out there that will pay it… that fact that I’ve seen 5 figure AMC Gremlins says it all. And that it can be associated with the wildly popular “Stranger Things” Netflix series (yes guys, it was very popular) will draw in buyers that are not necessarily car geeks but TV nostalgia geeks with more money than common sense… That said, GLWS.

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  12. Don Duncan

    The ’65 Dart GT above this one packs more punch for less $ – better investment too. Of course, it’s in Cali – as usual.

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  13. Will Fox

    Sorry but a clean Plymouth Valiant appearing in two no-nothing subscription channel shows doesn’t exactly constitute any “special” notoriety. Yes, the car is clean–maybe TOO clean. Who puts that kind of money into Aunt Hazel’s grocery-getter?! I thought maybe there was a built 440 under the hood or something.

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    • Tony Primo

      Stranger Things has been on the air for four seasons now. It is now filming for season five. Very highly rated and viewed series, but that doesn’t really add any value to this vehicle.

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  14. JustPassinThru

    I saw the car, and the title…and expected to hear a connection to “Duel.”

    Although that was a four-door.

    Nice car. The movie tie-in means little…those who would be interested, would be scarcely interested in a Valiant. Even with a V-8.

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  15. Steve

    5,000, 7500 max, near car but I think even Mecum would blush with such strain puffery. Who? Ben Kingsley? Zero additional value.

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  16. Gary

    When I see a nice car with a pie in the sky price, I am dissuaded from putting in an offer. Why bother giving the seller a dose of reality? They won’t take the hint.

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  17. Steven S.

    I didnt see anything in the ad about proof that this car is a movie/tv car

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  18. DON

    It may just be the lighting in the photos, but the paint looks a little to yellow to be Plymouths tan. Under the hood it looks more like the correct color . The hubcaps are 1968 issue .
    Its pretty rare to find a Valiant 2 door post car with a V8 , being the cheapo car of the line, most were slant sixes. There used to a 69 Valiant 2 door driving around my town with a 318 ; I tried forever to get a hold of the owner, but it was like Curt trying to find the girl in the white Tbird. The last time I saw it it was beat to death and vandalized in a tow yard.

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    • Chuck Dickinson

      Worked part-time in a gas station in the 60s. One of my customers, a LOL, had a beautiful 57 Belvedere 2 dr ht. She traded it off in 68 and bought a near-twin to this Valiant–Signet 2 dr sedan, with V8 and AC. It was a pretty gold color, much nicer than this car’s mustard hue. 2 dr Valiants like this were few and far between when they were new.

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  19. Pastor Ron

    I had a 1972 Valiant sedan. It was a FANTASTIC car, white vinyl top over Sherwood green with green interior. It had the bomb-proof slant six, and got better economy that the 3.3 I’m driving now. I traded it for a 63 Dodge 880 wagon in 2004. Sadly, the car was outside at the new owners home and was effectively destroyed in a violent and unexpected hailstorm in 2005. I’d have kept it if it were air conditioned.

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  20. Russ Ashley

    I think many of you are out of touch if you think you can buy a ’60’s Valiant two door post in nice condition like this one for under $10K. Usually when someone has a nice one like this they know what it will bring and that’s how much they want for it.

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    • Steve

      Out of touch? There might be a fool out there who would pay that much but there are many cars with much more to offer for that kind of money. This is a nice modest car that is outstanding in zero categories. It’s worth about 7500 to me. I’ll take my 26-28k or whatever the sellers dreamed up and buy a much more significant car, pickup or motorcycle.

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  21. V12MECH

    That’s called inflation, you can buy this , or a 3 year old Accord, take your pick, greed has saved a lot of old cars from the crusher, ask Paul Russell. Get over it.

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  22. James D. Reed

    My next door neighbor had a 1971 Plymouth valiant. Although it was a four-door, and looks similar to the mentioned car in this article, it was amazingly roomy inside. Far more so than my mom’s Mercury Montego which was a two-door.

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  23. George Louis

    The car used in the movie Duel was a 1971 Plymouth Valiant Signet 4 Door Sedan with a V-8 Engine 318 probably. This car featured here is a 1967 2 door Signet post car which is rare as it has a 273 V-8 with factory AC. The painted “RED” oil breather cap is not Factory as it should be painted Black”. Someone mentioned why not a 2 Door Hardtop Valiant, it was called the 1967 Plymouth Barracuda Coupe.

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  24. J. Sanchez

    Yes he paid LESS than 5,000, the interior IS reapolstered to match the original ones a factory duplicate by an amazing talented man . I owned this little gem very unhappy when the “X” sold it to spite me !cant wait to send this article .

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  25. Frog Man

    26k????? redick. Never heard of the tv shows or actors. Valiant id own one w a tower of power. But id never pay more then 5k dont care how much inflation has gone up. Honestly i feel blessed to be 62 and owned all the cars I have and paid max 2500 for any of them but typically $200- 800. Its just unfortunate that younger folks will never realize the potential that myself and probably most of your commenters enjoyed in the 70s 80s and 90s for getting fun beaters for penny’s on the dollar.

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  26. RalleyeRimRayMember

    My 1968 Valiant Signet 2 door post. Built 505 cubic inch big block Mopar, Torqueflite manual valve body, narrowed 8-3/4 with 4.56 gears. I’m a ’67 year old retiree that refuses to act my age. I have a HUGE grin on my face whenever I go to terrorize the other brands of cars on the street. Howard, you should build a car like me that you can have fun with instead of always hating on all the cars featured…I don’t you have said ANYTHING nice about anybody’s car….I think a 2nd job is in order.

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  27. Chris Cornetto

    Used in films….who cares. Lots of my cars have made cameo appearances in shows. I do like Stranger Things, it’s not bad if your into that stuff. I have a triple black 72 Valiant that I paid 200.00 for ions ago. Poverty caps, leaning tower of power, rubber rugs….I LOVE IT! Me and my wife would have grudge races her in the Valiant and me in the 81 Fairmont or vice versa..The Valiant always dusted the Snailmont. This is a nice car but there are much neater and nicer things for the money out there. Unless this is your dream ride for the long haul I don’t see the value here. My Valiant robbed a liquor store once. My Caprice has had its windows blown out in a hit scene.
    Mark Walburg stole cover alls out of my what, adds nothing to the vehicles value. No Bullit Mustang here..move along nothing to see here cars are nothing more than props. They are however a wonderful window to the past as hair styles, clothing trends and so many other things come and go and repeat but cars were a one time thing. A moment that never repeats. Look at photos of say Times Square, you can almost hit the year by the cars, like many other places.
    Vehicles are a BIG deal for period film but also a huge headache for them.

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    We have had a Major auction over our Australia day weekend and one such ,Valiant 69 VIP Regal sedan ,sold for $30 k.A lovely example 318 ,Metallic blue and black roof .Our Aussie valiant are changing hands for big money, Chargers ,Pacers ( sport model with hemi 6 engine .Which came out in the 70 VG .

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  29. Scotty GilbertsonAuthor

    Listing update: the seller has lowered the asking price to $24,500.

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  30. Maggy

    Too much $ plus I’d be worried about an old peterbilt following me. 10 to 15 k tops imo because it has the 273.Really Nice car though.

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    Lyndon from Aus again ,we had a 68 VE valiant Regal 273 auto ,sedan based on the (Dual ) platform which was a nice car all round .We then got the 4.0 straight six 245 cub,in the VG ,to replace the mighty 225..then we were offered the R/T Charger with 4.3 Triple Webber’s ,in 71 /72 ,the latter E49 with 302 horses at flywheel

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  32. Hbjerry

    I owned a66 valiant w/225 3 sp torq flte alternator ) torsion bar susp Plymouth was ahead of the pack w updates. Except single circuit brake reservo if master failed no pedal !! Great car ! Thanks Plymouth hbjerry

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  33. chrlsful

    “…you were hoping to see, Chrysler’s 273 OHV V8, which was…”
    IC the 170 or 225 here~
    that IS my desired.
    Needs to be the wagon to B top desired tho…

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