Muscle Truck: 1967 Chevrolet El Camino

Most any 454-powered Chevrolet passenger car costs big money today. That’s great if you already own one, but bad news if you would like to have one. That fact makes this El Camino look very tempting. It’s been reworked, but has a big block out front and a truck bed in the back! It’s located in Gibson City, Illinois and is listed here on craigslist for $19k.

The inside looks purposeful with a B&M shifter, tach, and bench seat. Once you are behind the wheel things shouldn’t feel much different than it would inside any other Chevy muscle car. Luckily, the stereo hasn’t been messed with so the dash isn’t cut up and the original AM receiver is still in place. Who needs tunes anyway when you have this to listen to…

There it is! The heart of the beast. It’s bored 30 over and has a mild cam. There’s a high rise manifold and Holley carb on top with a set of headers on the sides. All that power is fed to the back tires through a 350 Turbo automatic and 10 bolt rearend. This isn’t an original car, but it could be perfect if you want something you can drive to car shows, take to the drag strip, and do hardware runs all on the same day!

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  1. Sam

    Very nice car, pu, mpv…clean, sharp and fast.

    If this were at “Barrett Jackson” they would likely hype it as a 454 Chevelle-Camino clone/tribute resto-mod flower car sans patina.

  2. DrinkinGasoline

    The problem with this, as well as the Ranchero is…there is very little use for such a “Ute” in the U.S….Yes, it is specialized but not very utilitarian vs. pick-up trucks, which are plentiful with more load capacity. It’s more of an enthusiast’s vehicle.

    • Jay M

      That’s not a problem!

    • Pa Tina

      I don’t think anybody looking at this is wondering how many blenders they can carry in it.

  3. JC

    That TH350 and 10 bolt will be shred to bits the first time someone sticks their foot in it. I used to have a super clean black pro-street ’68 El Camino, the next gen and a bit sleeker look in my opinion. It had a built 454, mild stall TH400 and a narrowed 12 bolt with coil overs and it surprised plenty of people how hard it pulled. It was comfy and fast, it was one of my favorites and I’m mostly a Ford guy. I live in Newport Beach, CA where there’s a 911 or a Ferrari at just about every stop light and I embarrassed every single one I came across. The hilarious part is that it had an unassuming column shift, no tach and I had the trans setup perfect, just hit the gas and hold on. Fun times.

    • 68 custom

      a well built 350 turbo can hang with the 454 all day long, if properly built. but ditch the 10 bolt. nice looking elco.

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      • JC

        The operative words would be “if properly built” but the question to be asked would be “why”. The TH400 and especially a glide which would be much more appropriate for a performance big block, are both priced similarly and there is no weight advantage. It makes this engine choice look like an after thought instead of a well planned build and therefore, makes one wonder what other corners were cut. Thanks for the compliments on the Elko.


      good point JC thats why mine had a t400 & 12 bolt :)

      • JC

        Always loved the ’70 front end. Great looking Elko. I always thought it would have been great of GM to combine the ’70 front end grill/lights with the ’71 rear end lights on the Chevelle.

    • mark

      Nice – column shift. Makes it look like a sleeper!!!

  4. JC

    Here’s a pic of the interior, not what you’d expect from something turning mid 11’s (with exception of the hidden cage).

    • Ed

      I agree, GM never put a turbo 350 behind a big block from the factory for a reason.

  5. Howard A Member

    Hyde ( Danny Masterson) had a black ’67 El Camino given to him by his then boss at the photohut, Leo ( Tommy Chong) in my favorite show, “That 70’s Show”.

  6. 86 Vette Convertible

    My first new car was a 67 Malibu so always had a special feeling for 67’s. Have to admit that IMO it would be a better driver with a 350 in it (less nose heavy). Other thing was mine had drum brakes and if that’s still got them, that’s a definite immediate need to upgrade. Funny seeing the a/c vents in the dash – mine had go-conditioning (open the window and go like heck).
    Looks in good shape and for the right person would be a great vehicle.

    • moosie Craig

      More commonly known as “Two 60 Air” 2 windows down and 60 MPH.


      The weight penalty on BBC versus SBC is about 130 lbs. I moved my battery to the back wheel well and that took about 60 lbs away. Aluminum intake probably another 10 lbs lighter, so it’s kind of a wives tale that Big Blocks are so much heavier. If you’re looking to turn corners, yes the small block would probably be better.

  7. doug6423

    Must be getting divorced… The motorcycle for sale too. :)

    • Dennis Pardick

      No divorce,wife selling her bike won’t ride with me after riding her own…. selling mine so I don’t get a divorce …lol

  8. Terry J

    Got a 454 and a Turbo 400 in my motorhome. The T400, like the Ford C6 is a STRONG tranny, but it’s also big, heavy and sucks up around 55 horsepower just to run it. If it was me, I’d prefer a built Turbo 350 or ‘Glide also. With that much torque a 2 speed Powerglide would work just fine. That tranny is the least parasitic unit that would work in this application. Go to the Drags – ‘glides are common. Oh… and 10 bolts? Not hard to break one of those with a small block. :-) Terry J

  9. Will

    To me that’s too expensive. Here’s the saved ad with all the info and images though


    I had a 69 el Camino that I put a mild 454 in I bought a Neal Chance th 350 that lasted 20 years with me and 10 with my son until he sold it 2 years ago. I did have a 12 bolt with Zoom ring and pinion . Never had any trouble with the rear either. I bracket raced it many times. Ran 14.30’s in cool weather, but it hated hot days, and would slow considerably on 100 degree days. Loved the car, yes, they are cars. Think of them as 2 door wagons with no roof in the back. Mine carried lots of stuff, but not like a pick up could. I think they are bargains compared to Chevelle ‘s.

  11. Car Guy

    My father had a 69 El Camino SS 396/Turbo 400/12 bolt posi. That truck had severe rear tire wear issues.

    Now I have a 68 El Camino with the original 4 bbl 327. I installed a factory 350 horse 327 cam kit. Also I swapped the original glide for a built 200R4 from an 87 Monte SS. Still has the original 3.36 10 bolt posi. Not as quick as my fathers, but it pulls hard and cruises easily at 80 with the overdrive. Also it gets much better mileage than it did with the original glide.

    I like the 68 because the grill was metal, the key is still on the dash, and the reverse lights were in the rear bumper instead of the tailgate.

    • ACZ

      The 200-4R is a wise choice and a trans that doesn’t get the respect it deserves. The overdrive is the obvious plus, but another advantage is the ratio spread is a lot better for a street machine. It’s not so first gear heavy as a 700R4/4L60 and there’s no bog on the 1-2 upshift. A properly built unit like from Art Carr or others will last as good as any other trans and is not as heavy as other four speed overdrives.

      • Car Guy

        I agree. Not only is the gear spread better, but the overdrive is taller for more relaxed cruising.

        It is a much easier install too. Basically a bolt in. Same length as the glide, so shortening the driveshaft is unnecessary.
        In my case I did not even have to change the driveshaft yoke since it had the same splines as the trans. I even used the stock crossmember and factory mounting holes in the frame.

        With a proper build and a mild shift kit it always chirps the 1/2 and the rest of the upshifts are quick and clean.

  12. Dennis Losing

    I have 68 396 with the 400 and 331 12 bolt I restored 3 years ago and nothing but fun since.i’vd hauled a few engines and parts so it can do what u need for lite duty

  13. Vick

    Its funny i ran across this looking 67 dashes ,I actually bought this car motor was advertised as fresh rebuilt it took a crap after a month had to replace engine, there was a piece of wood holding up the shifter , found a trowel in the tailgate holding the skin in place and various other crap not to mention the bondo live and learn.

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