Muscle Wagon: 1968 Ford Fairlane Station Wagon

Originally beginning its life as a base model Fairlane station wagon, this Ford has seen some upgrades that have made it one cool wagon. With a beefed up drivetrain, and stunning good looks, this wagon is itching to haul your family to the local ice cream hang out. Bidding has reached $9,700 with the reserve unmet. Find it here on ebay out of Gilroy, California. I would like to thank our reader Eric Hare for the muscular submission. Thanks Eric!

After the slant 6 hit the bricks, it was replaced with a 460 cubic inch V8 that does a lot more “business” than the original engine. The 460 is fitted with 429CJ heads, Weiand intake manifold with Edelbrock carb, and an electronic ignition. A C6 automatic transmission and a Ford 9” rear have been added as well. The engine and bay appear clean and tidy from what can been seen in the photos.

The interior is described in such a way that it makes it sound as if it is in phenomenal condition. Sadly, this is the only photo of the interior, so we are left drawing conclusions on this one simple shot. It seems very nice, but there is an aftermarket speaker fitted to the passenger door panel. That is one thing that really bothers me about original interior cars. I would prefer any upgraded audio to remain hidden. The steering wheel is either wrapped for comfort, or wrapped to hide damage to the steering wheel. On the other hand, the dash looks absolutely mint, just like the bench seat and the carpet. Despite the modern audio, this interior does look to be in top notch condition.

From the outside, this wagon is subtle yet interesting. The glossy white paint with the gold “C” stripes make for a clean appearance. The wheels spice it up a bit, making this once base model wagon look like the “cat’s meow”.  Appearing mostly rust free, there are a few small rust bubbles the size of a pencil eraser.  Otherwise this Fairlane appears to be solid. The seller made a comment about wagons being the “next thing” in the collector car market. I am a station wagon fan, as I like having classic looks with available storage space. I think some of us who are limited in the car hobby, and have a family, can more easily justify a classic wagon. What do you think about classic station wagons?


  1. RayT Member

    “Slant six,” Brian? Wow! I would curse whoever restomodded this if so, ’cause it would mean either a Ford Mystery Motor or the Blue Oval buying powerplants from Chrysler!

    It’s be worth MILLIONS! ;)

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    • Howard A Member

      I saw that too. That’s ok, we know what he meant. This is a cool looking wagon, no doubt, but the “more must be better” attitude with the motor, just isn’t feasible now. I know I’m in the minority here, but I’d rather have a car that looks like this and have a 6.

    • KeithK

      After the owner removed the 6 it fell over in the garage.

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      • russell spreeman

        My late dad who was never a Mopar guy, but oddly WAS a mechanic, told my brother that the slant six was not good because with the engine tipped at an angle, the cylinders would wear more on the lower side of the bores. (Never mind that every V8 engine would have the same problem….)

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    • Brad

      Yes. The slant six was a MOPAR engine unto itself.

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  2. Mitch

    Slant 6? whaatt? Okay moving right along, The car is clean & nice, but I do think the 460 is overkill. They weren’t known as performance monsters, just gas guzzlers. A 289 would be a perfect motor for this, but even a straight 6 would work.

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    • Adam T45 Staff

      I have to agree with you Mitch. A mildly modded 289 (mild cam, carb, etc) would be sweet in something like this. I also agree to an extent about after-market audio. In this case if it needed to happen, speakers with black grilles would’ve been a far better alternative as they’d blend in. I also love the two-way tailgate on this one. In Australia we only ever saw one Ford model fitted with this option. Was it a common fit in the USA? Not being a local, I also can’t work out whether there might be a couple of after-market gauges fitted near the centre of the dash. Can anyone enlighten me on that?

    • Clint

      The 1968-70 460 was rated at 365 hp. Not too shabby for an engine designed just to move Lincolns.

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  3. Scot Douglas

    I’m just here to say: “Slant Six!?”. :D

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    • Mark B. Morrow

      Broken motor mount?

    • Jim Kirkland

      Barn Finds loses credibility with
      constant glaring technical mistakes
      in almost every article.

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  4. Howard A Member

    Whew, tough crowd, hey Brian?

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    • Jeffro

      Howard, I see you still have your “thumbs down” friend following you. I’m starting to think they have started stalking me.

  5. Rustytech Member

    This is a gorgeous wagon, like others I don’t know where the “slant 6” thing came from. 460ci sounds good on paper, but in today’s climate it’s a bit of overkill. May have been ok when gas was under 1.50 a gallon, but at 2.70 this ain’t no daily driver.

    • Adam T45 Staff

      $2.70 a gallon for gas? That noise you hear is me whimpering quietly in the back-ground. Here in Australia we pay $6.62 a gallon at present! Does someone want to post me some petrol….please?

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      • Ed

        Close to 5$ a gallon in Canada!!

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      • Howard A Member

        Hi Adam, yeah, but we have crappy gas.

      • Adam T45 Staff

        Hey Howard, as long as it’s not full of twigs and leaves it has to be better value than ours. The price here is so high because our government takes nearly 70% in tax and excise!

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      • alan

        here in new Zealand we are paying 2.25 a litre . about $10.00 a gallon

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      • Adam T45 Staff

        Ouch alan, that’s enough to make your eyes water! Does you government take a big slice of your fuel dollar in tax as well?

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      • Mark-A

        UK Petrol Prices as of 01.02.2017




        120.05 113.70 136.90

        122.31 114.70 139.90

        Super Unleaded
        130.77 120.90 150.00

        Premium Diesel
        135.32 124.90 151.90

        58.75 56.90 63.90
        UK petrol & associated fuel prices listed as Best-Average-Most Expensive! Remember that this is per litre so you have to multiply by 4.5 for a UK (Imperial) Gallon!

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      • alan

        2,30 a litre about 9,20 a gallon here in new zealand

      • alan

        the government takes a lot of tax money on petrol. and now they are wanting to take more.icant drive my car as much as I want. mk4 zephyr with worked 351c

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  6. edh

    It has a double slant 4 now.

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  7. flmikey

    …buy this one, and buy the 64 wagon that was just featured…then switch engines…the ’68 has too much engine, and the ’64 has too little….

    • Hank

      Too much motor? Am I on the right site?

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  8. DaveT

    I approve of the last three listings!
    Of course I just bought my first station wagon after 20 years of driving full size trucks.
    That is all.

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  9. John

    A coyote motor would have been perfect.

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  10. erikj

    I agree overkill on the engine, but who knows when that was done. And as to the gas prices, glad I,m not abroad. That’s crazy to think of over $6 a gallon. But Us in the US might see that someday. Nice wagon though!!!

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  11. Fred W.

    351 Cleveland would have been sweet. Lightweight and power to spare.

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    • grant

      I was thinking the same thing although this is a big heavy car and that 460 is a torque monster. A stroked 351 would give better mileage though.

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  12. JW

    I love the looks of this car and agree a 351C/W would have been just fine with me.

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  13. Mike Williams

    I love the 460! what a sweet ride

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  14. Brad

    Sweet wagon ! I’m sure that the 460 will set you back into the seat. I agree with you concerning the surface mounted speakers in the doors. Not only do they kill the looks, but they can be real “knuckle busters” when rolling the window. There are dual coil speakers that will fit in the factory dash opening. I wouldn’t feel bad about installing some nice 6 X 9’s in the back, though. Thanks for sharing !

    • grant

      Being a wagon, you could make a nice custom box and have crazy sound, without cutting anything.

  15. sir mike

    Great daily driver…on nice days.. and flea market car for me….love it…

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  16. Vic

    I had a 72 Torino wagon with a 351 Cleveland motor out of a Torino GT, and that thing hauled butt. I sure surprised my neighbor with his built Camaro one night after we left the pub. I had told him that I thought my wagon was faster after riding with him one time and he just laughed. I had the last laugh, partially because I had better traction with the wagon. I got him out of the hole but he figured he’d catch up to me by the next off-ramp, never happened. Also, if I kept it under 75, it’d get 22 MPG. That 460 might have more torque but only a third of the mileage.

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  17. TBall

    Sweet ride no doubt. I too would have to swap out a SB Windsor motor for drivability however.

  18. Chris in WNC

    should have a set of bucket seats from a Torino CobraJet in place of the bench;
    much like the ’67 Impala 427SS wagon I saw on line recently.
    otherwise a very cool and fun car…….

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  19. G.P. Member

    Nice reader test Brian, I think it worked well.

  20. Paul R

    Add an overdrive auto or better yet a 5 or 6 speed stick and A/C.
    Drive the wheels off of it! Nice!

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  21. Tony

    I say leave the 460 and add fuel injection with a 5 or 6 speed. There’s no reason that you can’t get fuel mileage out of a 460.. just my opinion. Been there and done it.😋

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    • Howard A Member

      Hi Tony, that’s true. I’ve long been an opponent to under-powered semi’s ( of which I drove quite a few) Big motors can get get reasonable mileage, as they don’t work as hard as a small motor with your foot to the floor all day. Trouble is, with something like this, be pretty hard to keep your foot out of it. :0

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    Having owned a small block wagon and now owning a big block 396 wagon, I would go with the torque and power of the big motor without a doubt! It surprises a lot of people!

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  23. racer99

    My parents looked at one of these in 1972 with a 351 as our family hauler. Dad burned rubber out of the dealership and (being a conservative family man) decided it had too much power and was too small and went with a Kingswood Estate wagon instead. Always liked these but the 460 turns it from a potential daily driver to weekend/carshow use. Can’t get too excited about it with the oversized motor but I’m sure others will love it.

  24. TD

    The eBay listing as well as Carsonline don’t say anything about a Slant 6, therefore the repost here is incorrect.

    Looks like a cool ride!

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  25. chad

    “…I love the 460! what a sweet ride…”
    good tow rig!

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  26. Blyndgesser

    So, it has a 460 in place of the straight six, and the builder upgraded the transmission and rear end accordingly, so it’ll go very nicely. Wonder if he bothered to do anything to ensure that it will stop…

    • Alan (Michigan)

      My thoughts exactly. No mention is made as to whether the original drums setup designed to stop from 6-cylinder speeds was upgraded to at least a front disc system. In the corner of the engine photo, I can see a dual master cylinder, and what looks like a brake booster behind that.

  27. rich voss

    I didn’t see mention of a suspension or brake upgrade either. Obviously not a drag strip bracket racer with that rear end. If it were mine (and I had interest in wagons) I’d leave the motor alone. No one “makes” you use the secondaries ALL the time….

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  28. bog

    Russell – Exactly….the leaninng gave many mechanics (and non-mechanics) fits with the layout. My memory tells me that the engine was derived from one of their basic V8 blocks with two additional cylinders engineered onto the end. They, and other manufacturers did this to save “tons” of money on development and have all those common internal parts already on hand. Two other engines of that era spring to mind (both GMs), the “Iron Duke” 4 banger, and whatever the heck they called that OHC 6 that was for sure used in Pontiacs. Both were derived from V8s….

    • Rick Rothermel

      Bog, are you referring to the ‘half-a-389’ that was used in the first-gen ‘rope drive’ Tempests? That was indeed a 4banger, heavy on the ‘bang’. My dad bought a ‘nice’ ’63 as a work car in ’68, damn thing sounded like Final Exam day in Typing class. (I hated it so I helped it die…)

      The OHC6 was based on a Chevy 230 inline, and was truly sweet.

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      • bog

        Rick – yes, my “memory” tells me that there was that “1/2 a 389”, but that the so-called “Iron Duke” was a later and improved 4Banger, a true 2.0 liter. If the later OHC6 was based on the 230, then my memory is off a bit on the parts-sharing aspect of that and certain GM V8s. I no longer have the vast car magazine catalog I had from those years….gotta shed “weight” some time ! LOL about you killing that car.

  29. dale schwartzkopf

    yes indeed

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