Museum Barn Find: 1959 Edsel Ranger

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Thanks to our own Josh for tracking this one down! This is a 1959 Edsel Ranger and it’s located in a little town called Las Vegas, Nevada. Check it out here on eBay where it has a Buy It Now price of $15,900 or you can make an offer.

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The Ranger was made for three short years, but the entire Edsel lineup was only made for three short years. The seller’s opening line on the ad doesn’t inspire a ton of confidence, “needs to be restored, but runs good! cracked windows, dirty interior, broken horn ring, etc.” It’s always good to be honest, and body-wise this car looks great. Jamie recently showed us a ’58 Edsel Pacer that was about half this price.

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One thing about the body, this car “was recently re-painted original Blue & Cream to make it look better.” 9 times out of 10 I’d rather have a car that hasn’t been painted, just to see what’s going on under that hiding coat of shiny paint. I can see the temptation to pretty things up a bit when you’re a used car dealer, though, but dang. Edsels sure had a distinctive beak! I mean, grille.

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Yep, it’s usable in there but for $15k I’d want this car to look like new, or at least to look better than this. I guess the seats would be relatively easy and inexpensive to have reupholstered. The velvety fabric isn’t my favorite, that can not be original, can it be? You Edsel experts out there will know, but it sure looks like this interior was redone a couple of decades ago in non-stock fabrics. The headliner looks perfect and they “can’t get the trunk open”, which for a Las Vegas car.. well, I’ll let you make up your own story there.

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The engine is Ford’s 5.9L 361 V8 with about 300 hp. That’s a lot of power, and it had to be because the 345 hp 6.7L V8 wasn’t available in the Ranger line. I can live with 300 hp. The seller said that they “got it running and it starts right up, stops, steers and shifts ok.” It looks pretty clean, but supposedly this was a museum car and it sat in the “un-restored “barn find” storage area of a museum for a few years.” Since it sounds like it was at least mostly original I sure wish that they hadn’t painted it. What do you think about this Edsel? Is it worth double the price of Jamie’s find because it has two fewer doors?

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  1. whippeteer

    It looks like the car museum went under. What other cars are available, and judging by the paint on the one parked next to this one, did they all have cosmetic exterior painting only?

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    • jimbosidecar

      If you go to their web site you can see what other cars they have for sale. Not many and all way overpriced.

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  2. Don

    That is a big trunk for 15 k i think i would rather no whats in it before biding

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    • TomMember

      Right?! Jimmy Hoffa or a big bag of cash maybe????

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  3. John M

    You’re correct, it is not the original seat fabric but they’re sewn up in the correct pattern for a 59 Ranger. However, the engine is a 292 Y-block, not a 361.

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  4. HoA Howard AMember

    IDK if it’s worth it. If I was looking for a car like this, I suppose I’d go for it. Where are you going to find another? I mean, a 2 door Edsel, got to be pretty rare. It’s nice enough, you could restore “as you go”. ( that single master cyl. and vacuum wipers would be the 1st things to go) I always thought the Edsel was a cool looking car. Neat find.

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  5. Mike Williams

    I agree with John M , that’s a 292 like in mine and over priced.

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  6. Mike Williams

    The 345 HP was only available in the large 58 series, and this one only had 200 HP when new,not 300

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  7. Loco Mikado

    Modify it with 4 cyl turbo Ford engine, 5 spd transmission and dual master brake cylinder like this guy did. and have an unusual economical daily driver.
    Of course he paid nowhere near the asking price of this example and probably has less than 1\3 of the asking price in his car after modifying it including original purchase price. He has a very practical daily driver clothed in a car you couldn’t give away a few years after it was built. Up until almost the turn of the century these cars were still worth almost next to nothing except for a small number of diehard Edsel enthusiasts. Only in the last 15 years have they become even semi collectable.

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    • HoA Howard AMember

      Hi Loco, I’ve said that for years. That is pretty cool ( even though I’m not too crazy about the motor used, but on the right track). If you could have an old car, that got good mileage with a newer motor like that, it would be a win-win.

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  8. Doc

    Oldsmobile sucking on a lemon. 2 much money. 59 not as desirable d/2 column shift
    However, pretty nice example.

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