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Mustang Alternative: 1968 AMC AMX SST


This AMX is claimed to have been in the original owner’s care until just recently. It’s going to need a lot of love to be driveable again, it should be quite a looker in its silver over black color scheme though. The photos make it hard to tell what is going on, but this one is claimed to have the 390 V8 which was the largest engine available in ’68. The engine runs, but all the consumables need to be replaced before it can be safely driven on the road. These cars make a nice alternative to the more common Mustang or Camaro. Take a look at the eBay auction here and let us know if you would prefer it over the typical pony car. It should be interesting to see how this one fairs against the sun-burnt AMX we featured the other day.

AMC Pony Car

We mentioned that this car does have the biggest engine you could get in an AMX at the time, but that doesn’t mean it necessarily the fastest. The 390 was only available with a 3-speed or an automatic. A 343 with a 4-speed was actually a little quicker, but as far as automatics go, this was probably the AMX to get. The SST package added some nice features like wood trim, special wheel covers, and reclining buckets. Mustangs and Camaros have always enjoyed a larger following than the AMX, but personally I think I’d rather have one of these because of the uniqueness factor. They were decent performers in their time too with many victories in drag and road racing. So, what do you think – would you take this over the competition?


  1. Avatar photo jim s

    this seller has the volvo 122S for sale also.

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  2. Avatar photo jimbosidecar

    Interesting the sun burnt one is $1000 higher so far than this one. I think I prefer this one, but being a 2 seater it’s just not as practical as the typical Pony car. I was given a ride in one when I was about 14. First time I had ever gone 140 (indicated) mph.

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  3. Avatar photo Dirty Dingus McGee

    “The 390 was only available with a 3-speed or an automatic.”

    Actually it was a 3 speed automatic, or a T-10 four speed.


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  4. Avatar photo Retired Stig

    Much more difficult to restore/restomod or whatever compared to a Mustang or Camaro. As much as I like both those cars, I’d rather have an AMX or Javelin. Go to any car show or cruise, and how many (mostly fake) Z-28s or Shelby Mustangs to you see? Challenging it’s true, but the AMC are much interesting than the usual pony cars.

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  5. Avatar photo Crazydave

    “Less than 35,000 documented miles…”
    Makes me wonder how many undocumented miles? (Couldn’t resist)

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  6. Avatar photo JW

    I like this one much better than that Desert Dog featured the other day.

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  7. Avatar photo AMCFAN

    No question about it. An AMX would be a better alternative to a Camaro or Mustang any day.

    A few discrepancies

    The SST trim option was only available on the Javelin never on an AMX. The AMX with a 390 either had a 4 (FOUR) Speed (AKA T10) or the M11 or M12 Borg Warner Automatic. This car as well as the Toasted AMX from AZ have 390’s but also have the automatic trans

    AMC went away from BW automatics in 1972. Passenger cars then had the Torque Command which was really the Chrysler Torqueflyte 304-360 had 904’s 401 got the 727. Interesting is although the internals were the same as Chrysler. The AMC had a different case specific for them. The Jeep used the GM Turbo 400 and is another option. Swapping them into earlier applications can be done.

    If 35K miles are actual and with the documentation provided The motor should not need an overhaul. A teardown and reseal only. Forget about an overbore. AMC used a graded steel block. You really have to hurt them to require needing an overbore. Saw one ran out of oil once and the block just needed honed. Amazing? Not really. AMC guys know that already haha. The 390-401’s had both forged rods and cranks. AMC V8’s are very under rated. With minimal mods will make crazy power.

    This is a lot nicer then the Toasted X previously posted. I feel it is worth $4-$5K more from the amount of parts and work needed to be anywhere near the condition of this one. Careful not to get caught up in a biding war. The body although needs paint is very straight and dry. It has great documentation. The car still has it’s Black plates and a nice touch is the original Rambler dealer frame. That alone is priceless. Besides these two cars for sale is another garage find California AMX in Gold and will prove interesting as well. No doubt we will see these back on ebay in six months or less painted and looking nice only then commanding a $30K+ asking price!

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  8. Avatar photo BRAKTRCR

    I always felt the Javelin was more comparable to Camaros and Mustangs. The AMX sorta kinda had the Vette in mind. Yes that is a stretch, but both were 2 seaters, and very similar wheelbase. The AMX is 96″ wheelbase and the Vette is very close to that.
    Always felt the AMX was far superior to Mustang and Camaro until later years. We had a new 68 Javelin SST with the 343 and an automatic. Beautiful car. My brother got a 69 AMX when he came home from Vietnam. His was a 4 speed but was labeled a 290 cu in. Most folks thought it was mislabeled, because he dusted cars that should have dusted his. Remember, same block , 290, 343, 390, and later 401. Fun memories

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  9. Avatar photo AMC STEVE

    AMCFAN sums it up nicely. The 343 was never ever quicker than the 390, don’t know where you got that info from.
    The only drawback about this one is that it’s an automatic. 10k on this example

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