Mustatruck: 1964 1/2 Mustang Pickup Conversion

Mustang Pickup Conversion

After featuring the Nash pickup – El Rumblero, Barn Finds reader George A sent in a link to this Mustang pickup conversion. The seller has christened it the “Mustatruck”! The concept is fun and the price is right, but besides one photo the seller doesn’t provide any information. If you are near the Grafton, Wisconsin area though it might be worth going to take a look in person. If you do, please send in some photos! Either way, it’s good for a laugh. Take a look and let us know which conversion you would rather have. Find it here on eBay where it’s listed for $2,700 or best offer. Thanks for sharing George!


  1. fred

    I don’t think the Mustang coupe’s proportions work for a truck conversion like the Rambler’s do.

  2. xroads


    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      El Mustero to you!

  3. grenade

    I’d love to see that completed. Super Fun. A bunch of my UK buddies take small hatchbacks and make pickup trucks out of them. Search Nissan Micra pickup…

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  4. bob


  5. Ryan

    “Oh man, I guess I don’t need this unique truck that basically only one exists, I suppose it’s time to sell it.”
    “Let me just take a single pictirenof the left side of the car, and let somebody else figure it out. That will surely get the sales!”

  6. JW

    This looks to be a junkyard tool hauler / car pusher vehicle that now has no use so he pulls drivetrain to use elsewhere or sell separately and sell the rest to someone else to try and make a street legal vehicle. NO THANKS !!!

  7. JayGryph

    I love the questions “Can I see more photos. Can I hear it run, does it have a drivetrain?” and then he links to a video of it running and driving around what looks like a storage lot… and then says that no drivetrain is included.

  8. Paul

    Video isn’t much better. Lots of cam it seems. Looks like there is some bling on the engine.

  9. Bill

    Ford built a few concept versions as well as a few by custom builders

  10. roger

    Ruined that mustang

  11. grant

    Holy crap. Grab the torches and pitchforks, let’s go… this is not ok.

    • St. Ramone de V8

      I’m in. Let’s do this…

  12. bill

    That is just wrong wouldn’t touch it with a sterilized ten foot pole

  13. Jason Houston

    The tunnel roof is too premature and doesn’t work. Otherwise, it’s a good start. For tips of cohesive styling treatments, look up the early Mustangs built by Intermeccanica.

  14. Michel Lemieux
    • Vince Habel

      that is a cool wagon.

    • Bobsmyuncle

      I was really tempted by that wagon but REALLY disliked the interior styling. It was very well executed but I feel the billet rod interiors to be tacky and they won’t age well.

  15. OhU8one2

    What a cool concept. I immediately saw this stand painted Emberglo,66 only color. Anyway I would go GT option’s,with Pony interior,say tan and rust color. Bucket seats,center console,rally pac,lights in front grille,exhaust trumpet’s,stripes,etc……. The whole nine yard’s. Oh and the styled steel GT wheel’s. Now tell me this Mustero wouldn’t be the bomb. If I had money,I’d be dangerous. The Wife keeps me in check. Happy Motoring.

  16. JW454

    That video was just stupid. It shows the car from twenty feet away moving under it’s own power which, by the way, the power isn’t included with the car. No inside shots, no views of how the rear was fabricated, and no details on any part of the conversion. The only thing worse was the Ebay advertisement.

    • Hotrodr56

      Yea, guy seems to be a jerk. Q and A on Ebay someone asked to see it in person first and his answer was “I’m not here to show and tell, I’m here to sell”

  17. Paul R

    Why not? Plenty of the notch backs left around for proper restores.

  18. van

    Can you convert a 1965 Falcon Ranchero into a mustang?

  19. racer99

    The fender body lines don’t line up with the body at all — driver’s side goes down and passenger’s side goes up towards the front. Wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole unless it was assumed that the tub and front structure are borderline junk and it was priced accordingly.

  20. AMX Brian

    At least it wasn’t a fastback

  21. Joe Gotts

    I believe it belongs right where it’s at now, in the junkyard.

  22. Gene

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