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Mystery 1969 Baldwin-Motion Corvette SS 427

1969 Motion Corvette Warehouse Find

UPDATE 2/6/12 – The listing was ended by the seller.

Back in December we featured a Motion Camaro that appeared to be the real deal. Well, we have now found a Corvette with is also claimed to be a Motion car too, but this one is a little less convincing. We are not experts on what makes a Motion Performance car authentic though, so you will have to be the judge. Or perhaps it would be best if Joel Rosen made the call. Either way, this 1969 Corvette SS 427 is claimed to have been found in a warehouse and it is now listed for sale here on eBay with an asking price of $39,950.

1969 Motion Corvette Warehouse Find Side

Here is a better shot of the car when found. The hood and gas cap looks right, but what about the white stripes? Stripes may not be a requirement, but we can’t find much proof here that this isn’t just a standard Stingray with a fancy hood. That said, it does look to be in decent condition for its age. The seller does not provide many details about the car’s condition though.

1969 Motion Corvette Engine

The engine bay looks complete, but where are the Motion valve covers? The high rise intake manifold? It just doesn’t look right. Perhaps someone has swapped out the original engine for this big block. Any Corvette experts here who can chime in?

1969 Motion Corvette Dash

This dash plaque shows 435 horsepower and 460 lbs of torque. This beast was a handful and with some work could be lots of fun again. Those power figures sound familiar though… We are not sure what the Motion cars put out, but those are the same numbers that a stock SS 427 generated.

Motion Super Car Club

The seller did include this vintage photo of Motion Super Car Club Inc. headquarters with a real Motion Corvette out front. We don’t think the Vette on eBay is authentic though. Making claims that a car is something as special as this and asking the requisite asking price needs to be backed up with some physical evidence. We could be wrong though and this could end up being an amazing find for someone. Just be sure to always do your research before buying a car, especially when buying one online.


  1. snaab

    “what about the white stripes?”… They were a great a band.

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  2. eldo72000

    I’m a corvette fan & this is not the real deal,but a very good vette for someone

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  3. Mark Engel

    An original 435 hp corvette would have a 3 deuce setup.And I doubt Baldwin would start with a 435 hp car

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      Joel did not like the tri power on the 435 hp vets and replaced them with the 3 barrel carb which gave a much better performance

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  4. Jeff V.

    @Mark apparently Baldwin cars could have started with a number of stock engine options from 350-bored out 454’s including the six-pac 427.http://www.officialbaldwinmotion.com/begin.htm

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  5. Robin H.

    Interesting that the listing leaves it up to the buyer to obtain the documentation. Classic case of buyer beware.

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  6. David

    call joel and ask him he lives in coral springs florida

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  7. Raticalls6

    The intake is definitely Edelbrock. Torquer or Tarantula.

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  8. Jeff V.

    The only thing original about this car might be the hood (2K? alone if orig). The engine seems pieced together with after-market parts. Many ????,s. The way it sits 12K-15K seems fair if running.

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  9. Bob

    Alarms going off…Why doesn’t he do the small work to prove what he’s saying and justfy his asking price? … unless its bogus.

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  10. Jeff V.

    FYI, similiar correct car (not Baldwin) restoredhttp://www.classicdriver.com/de/find/4100_results.asp?lCarID=1843154

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  11. Steve

    This car has what appears to be the correct hood,there’s not much engine details,intake is correct thou painted,no other signs of it being a motion car i.e valve covers,phase3 dischargecap. etc,motion did start with 435 HP car quite often but doesn’t seem likely in this case,at best this is a mail order car meaning the owners ordered a few parts and installed them themselves,if it is as claimed someone took all the motion goodies off the car long ago,best guess $8 to $10 thousand if running???

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  12. Chris H.

    If you like this, I have a Yenko Citation for sale that goes well with the ocean front condo I have for sale in Arizona…

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  13. jesse

    if this seller is questioning what he has, playing dumb is a great idea, it could get him several thousand more bucks out of a buyers pocket, then again 40K for a question mark is going to leave a lot more people passing…

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  14. Jeff V.

    The bottom-line on this car I think is you have a big block 69′ Vette in ok shape, non-orig everything/anything. If it runs it would be a fun driver and if not, something to tinker with. Definently not worth anywhere near 40K.

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  15. Mark

    sounds like he’s trying to snooker any would be buyers. you want to call a questionable car a Motion car, then get off ye fat ass and call Rosen and have it certified. I hate scammers.

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  16. Anonymous

    There is an old article for sale on ebay. It is regarding 1969 baldwin motion SS427 corvette. It may be a good starting point on developing some knowledge on this topic.

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  17. Foxxy

    Did Motion, use the tarantula manifolds?? the camaro before had the same intake. nice vette, but the money is steep.

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