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Mystery Year MGB For $1,000


I’ve been trying to figure out exactly what year this MGB is since I first saw the auction (thanks to Jim S for sending in this find!) The seller calls it a 1962. It’s not that early a car, unless a lot of changes have been made. The serial number given places the car as a 1965, and the eared knockoffs were only fitted to 1967 and earlier cars (although they can be retrofitted). The bumper overriders are from a 1970-73 car, and the grille is from a 1970-72. I think the hardtop is a factory one from an early car; I couldn’t find a reference as to when hardtop availability ended, if it did. In any case, the car is listed for auction here on eBay in Kansas City, Missouri for a buy-it-now of $1,000 and bidding below $400. I should note that happens to be right next to one of the “big three” British parts suppliers, so parts availability shouldn’t be a problem!

mgb interior

So what we have here is a tatty, rusty car with some neat parts. The seller states that some spares, including body panels, come with the car, although it doesn’t run or stop at the moment. From personal experience, I can tell you that replacing an entire MGB sill and castle panel is one heck of a job. It can be done by a home enthusiast, but is rarely worth it as more solid cars are available. But what if you want a sub-$1,000 beater? Something to drive in the winter while your “nice” MG lives in the garage? Now, you might be interested, right? I drove a $500 Spitfire beater for a while when I was between nice Triumphs and needed to buy something I knew I could keep on the road, as I had a lot of spares already. Eventually the car became a parts car for my “nice” Spitfire. Have any of you used a future parts car as a beater?


  1. George

    I can’t see from the pictures but the waist roll on the door of early B’s had a ledge (that broke easily) and the door handles were pull not pushbutton.

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  2. cory

    Seems like a fair price. I would like to see better pictures before hitting the magic button. 65 sounds about right, but the vin tag comes off with two Phillips screws. Either way, $1000 for a solid steel dash mgb is a deal.

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  3. cory

    I’m with you on the daily beater. I just purchased this 69 datsun to get me through the summer while my 70 is getting prepped for transplant

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  4. Ben

    Was there a British version to the Johnny Cash song One Piece at a Time?

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  5. Chuck

    The bumper overrides are OK. Had the on my 1st “B” a 1964 and there were the same on a “66 I rebuilt. The dash is ok up to at lest 1966 (Dad had a “66 GT). The grill is off a “69 0r newer car (Not sure about the 67. ) If the rocker panels are good behind the fenders you should have a good car to rebuild. The front fender held dirt and salt behind the wheel well that is held on by 9/16 bolts, easy to check, just pull the panel. The rocker is made of 2 parts, a inner and the outter, the part that makes the rocker panel under the door. If these are bad, you can get the parts, but is a major job. This the unit body frame. Good Luck.

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  6. kenzo

    My wife has a 1967 Series V Sunbeam Alpine that she bought new in Victoria BC Canada in October 1966 and the over riders (bumperettes) on the front bumper appear identical to the ones on her car. So this one may be a series of bits and pieces. But not sure why anybody would do that as there are a lot of parts available and a good following for sources.
    As a side note if any of the B/F followers are looking for an original one owner that has to be put back together let me know as it is for sale for a good price. If you’re curious or interested I can give you the whole story on the vehicle.

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  7. Rick

    The serial number is a 1965, which it appears to be, but with a grille and bumpers from a 1970-72.

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  8. Paul

    Looks pretty early to me. Metal dash and the banjo steering wheel.

    Lot’s of mish-mash parts. The picture of the engine is horrible, but I think those are HIFs, so a later engine maybe.

    Could it be a 65-67 with a 72 parts car for the engine, grill, bumper, and other?

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  9. rawcar2long

    The factory hard top got to be worth the $400.

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  10. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    Someone thought so and bought it now! Was it a Barn Finds reader?

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  11. Cameron Bater UK

    Hmm, I’m not 100% on all variations and options vs the years on MGBs but my father may know, he’s owned a B GT for decades and if you buy certain parts from the MG OC you’ll probably end up fitting something that he designed. Especially if you need a new exhaust (The silencers used to break their backs within two years and he created a triangle plate to weld onto the one he fitted to his Bronze Yellow Beauty and now that plate is fitted as standard to all exhaust units.)

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  12. Chuck Foster Chuck F 55chevy

    I’ve been tempted by a $700 MGB on CList, but too many projects. Kenzo, I’m curious, post it here or stick on CL and let us know more info and where. Or email chevy55_geo at yahoo dot com

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  13. Dave

    I have a banjo steering wheel and steering column for a 68-69 if anyone is interested. I just sold my 71 MGB.

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