Napping Since the ’70s: 1971 Buick GS 455 Stage I

Buick is one of those makes that we sometimes tend to forget they made a muscle car back in the sixties and seventies. That’s because there were so many Chevrolet SSs, Pontiac GTOs, Plymouth Road Runners and others around, it was a little more rare to see a Buick GS. Here is a 1971 Buick GS 455 Stage I for sale here on eBay in Dracut, Massachusetts.

The seller says to let the pictures speak for themselves. That would be easier if we had better pictures to look at. Since this car is not running and in a garage, I guess it’s harder to get a picture of the entire car, but wouldn’t that be great. This may be one of the least desirable colors for a muscle car, Burnish Cinnamon, or brown. This car has been off the road since the mid-seventies. Sometimes you feel you’re not getting the whole story. For instance, it says it has a 1972 rear bumper and it had all new sheet metal put on its nose back then. That makes me think it has been in an accident. The car has been sitting a long time due to “owner circumstances”.

Even if a car is in a garage, there should be no reason for poor pictures of the interior, but that’s what we have here. Actually, the white vinyl bucket seats appear to be in good condition. There is a roll bar mounted to the floor, but not to the frame. This car is not equipped with air conditioning.

The engine is a 455 cubic inch V-8 Stage I and had a lot of work done to it before parked, but keep in mind that’s been over 40 years. There is a factory 4-speed manual transmission that is out of the car but comes with it. The car had only 43,336 miles put on it before it left the road in the seventies. While a starting bid of $18,500 seems hefty, Hagerty values these cars at $19,900 in fair condition, their lowest pricing. If restored properly, this car could go for $45,900 in excellent condition or $64,700 in Concours condition. Is this Buick muscle car desirable to you?

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  1. Gaspumpchas

    18 Large sounds like a lot but being a 4 speed car might be worth it. Look it over good!! Good luck to the new owner!!


  2. mlm

    Is this Buick desirable to me? Yes it is but I don’t have the bucks to buy it let alone fix it up.I wouldn’t be surprised if this one become a GSX clone( can’t say I blame them!) IMO.

  3. Paulbz3

    I believe “455” represents the peak torque output not the cid, but I could be wrong…

    • Chris

      Torque was 510.

    • Lynn Dockey

      455 cubic inch. Had to beat the Chevy 454.

    • glen

      I could look it up, but I think the torque was at or above, 500 ft lbs on these.

    • Eric G


    • David Newton

      You are. 455 is the cubic inch. Stage 1 rated 360 hp and 510 tq

    • STM

      You might be thinking about the wildcat nailheads that had torque printed on air cleaner?

  4. Bongo

    Anyone that goes by Hagerty is asking to be burned. You couldn’t break even on this car if you did all the work yourself. Me I would restore and drive. But not if I got to put 10000 more then its worth to own. Can buy restored at 35-45 thousand ready to go. Just Google it.

  5. Chris

    Stage 1 4 speeds are rare. They can easily get 80-100k in condition 2+. I do agree though its hard to make money with this one. I have a 4 speed non stage 1 ’70 GSX, and that Buick torque is really fun.

  6. stillrunners


  7. Neil

    Did anyone notice the Blue spark plug wires? I don’t think they were a off the shelf item in 1972, but yeah the car hasn’t been driven since then. Even though the pictures are poor quality they still make the sellers story a bit hard to believe.

  8. glen

    It would be nice to know what was done to the engine, especially considering it has less than 44,000 miles on it. ( I almost wrote kilometres).

  9. Rhett

    I see some Kenne Bell parts in there, but there’s no way to verify a 71 is truly a Stage car. The VIN won’t even tell you if it’s a big block, and that’s a lot of money for a car with a questionable pedigree. That said, if it could be had for 10k less you might pick up your favorite car ever. A good running Stage 1 fears nothing- Hemi, 440-6, LS6….it’s all anyone’s race in Buick.

    • Chris

      I can’t disagree, the Buick 455 in good tune will hold it’s ground with alot of the top mills produced. If I’m not mistaken, I believe the Buick crowd had a special grind “Hemi killer” cam. This car piques interest but is priced pretty aggressive but if it’s a legit Stage 1 455 4 speed it may be worth serious consideration.

  10. Retired Stig

    After reading the eBay listing, I would be very cautious with this, unless you are a genuine Buick expert, as opposed to the self appointed type. Something always sets off my admitted aging spidy senses when the lister is not the owner, and don’t nobody know thuin’ about the car.
    It could be a really sweet car, but the el cheapo gauges, just for looks roll bar, early demise of the engine and/or tranny, and body damage are not good signs.

  11. nrg8

    I guess if money is burning a hole in your pocket, snap it up man. I’m a little to down to earth and reality dictates. With that being said the pic of the rear underside showing all that crusty goodness and tie in the root beer color of the car I bet there’s not much to save. 3k for the power train. Rest is futile battle of bleeding knuckle crunching.

  12. John U

    Pretty sad shape for supposedly been in storage since the late 70’s..which meant it was 9 years old when stored. Rusty rear frame section.

    • Rhett

      Agreed -no matter when, this car was stored wet. when I saw the ebay photos up close, made me rethink my value prop in earlier comments..

  13. ACZ

    Rare car…….Yes
    Hemi Killer…….Yes
    Would love to own……Yes
    For around 20 grand……..not No but Hell No

  14. Beaver Prince Member

    Take it from a Buick MAN ( I own 5) NNOOPPEE this would be a $$$$ PIT!!!

  15. Nolan

    it’s time to wake up those tires aren’t gonna bake themselves

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