All Natural: 1959 Ford F100

Brian BirknerBy Brian Birkner

Florida may be sunny, and warm, but this old F100 isn’t living the Florida dream. Left in the woods with another truck and some other random items, this Ford actually doesn’t look half bad. With some rust, but not too much rot, this truck still has some potential to be useful. Packing a factory V8 with a 3 speed manual, this interesting old truck is offered for $2,000. Find it here on craigslist out of Grande Ridge, Florida. Thanks to Clarke B for the submission!

The 292 cubic inch Y block V8 is still in place and completely untouched. There is some rust in the engine bay, but most of which appears to be surface rust that has graduated to leaving some pitting, and thinning the metal. There is also a bit of rot on the firewall. The engine is crispy, but it may still be useful to a Y block enthusiast, or to continue to power this old truck. The condition of the engine is unknown, but it is mated to a 3 speed column shifted manual transmission.

Looking at the interior makes it seem as if this truck was in nice condition before it was parked all those years ago. I would assume a rodent has made a home in the driver side of the bench, as well as made himself at home within the cab itself. Although the dash and steering wheel look as if they would clean up nicely. There are some extras and perhaps a bit of trash stored on the passenger side, but this interior looks like it would clean up well enough for an old truck. There are no details about the cab floor, or the condition of the cab itself, but there is going to be plenty of mechanical work this truck needs, as well as some body work.

With a great deal of paint remaining, there is also a fair amount of surface rust. This F100 is a desirable short bed truck, and the rust doesn’t look horrible, but it also isn’t a walk in the park either. There are not many details offered about this truck, its condition, or its history. The frame, and lower portions of the bed, cab, and front fenders are in unknown condition. Hopefully being in the south will have saved this truck enough to still be a viable project for someone. The only indicator of heavy rust is the driver side “step” into the cab. The step itself is clean broken away from the body, almost appearing to have been a recent accident by the seller. Although in questionable condition, this truck is still a great looking truck that could be put to use one way or another. Could you put this F100 to good use?

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  1. Gordon Beech

    Interested in 59 Ford f 100. How much do you think it will cost me to get it to Canada.

    • Randall

      call 386 409 1381

  2. geomechs

    The only fix to this truck would be a full strip-down and restoration. Use lots of bleach and wear a face mask when you’re cleaning the cab lest you contract the ‘Hantavirus.’ The effects of that are downright nasty. Get it in the shop, get it cleaned up and then start the process. A short-bed ’59 Ford with a Y-block and a three speed, I’d be a happy camper. I’d probably install a dual exhaust system and get rid of that forearm burner but otherwise I’d restore it bone stock. This would be a great project overall. It’s hard to imagine that fifty years ago the country was crawling with Fords, Chevies, Dodges and Binders of this vintage. Now you got ultra modern pansy haulers with climate controlled A-C, satellite radio, cruise control, a moon roof, and might even find an ATR. Hey, I’m not complaining; I’ve got two trucks with that kind of stuff, but I sure like the trip back through time….

  3. Mr. Bond

    Seems like a funny way to run the exhaust. Tough to work on when it’s hot!

    • geomechs

      Oh yes! I still have the scars on my forearms….

  4. bcavileer

    Hot air rises so the thinking was it would help scavange the combustion chambers by rising first, cooling and the dropping out the exhaust… several tried this approach with no real advantage so it was dropped quickly. Good for burnt forearms.LOL. Nash Healy had that setup, was a pain to restore.

  5. John B

    As I look at this critter and that tree making its way up the starboard side…it appears that the door of the truck won the battle for position, like Chamberlain going against Russell back in the day. I say save this one as a message to nature…just because it’s parked doesn’t mean it’s dead!

  6. glen

    It’s finds like this that got me hooked on this site in the first place.

  7. Howard A Member

    Pretty fried. It would look a lot different pulled out of that hole and shoveled out. IDK, 2 g’s is still a lot of money for something that looks like it’s becoming part of this earth. That rusted drivers side step( and probably front cab mount), were bad spots for these. I remember, older Ford trucks with that exhaust, and they always seemed to blow a hole right where this one has one. Guess where the fumes went? Lot of work here, I’m sure there’s better examples around. I can just imagine what the underside looks like laying in the dirt ( sand?) all these years.

  8. Woodie Man

    Looks like there’s three Ford trucks and maybe a 55 Ford Fairlane? Guy is walking through the woods, comes upon these long abandoned vehicles, whips out his cell phone and makes a CL listing………………..

    • Howard A Member

      Yeah, Woodie Man, I don’t think I’d want to be waltzing around the back woods ( and swamps) of Florida too much. Oh sure, the coasts and attractions are great, but I’ve taken a few shortcuts through Florida,( going around scales, mostly) and well, let’s say I was hoping the truck wouldn’t break down.

      • Randall

        that’s right theres. some bad apples down them swampy roads in Florida. you have to be careful not to stumble on to a meth operation you could get airated with bullets and fed to the gaters,,,,ive been in some not so good situations just asking about an old car,,you have to read the lay out and the people before you go knocking on doors. and a cheese burge for there dog don’t hurt

  9. Kevin Wernick

    57-60 Ford pickups were the most modern trucks of the period, with many features that were eventually copied by the industry. It’s taken some years, but they are gaining in popularity. Great looking trucks when nicely restored.

  10. Rolf Poncho 455

    I agree Glen love these finds will get this truck running (390ci)
    and suspension brakes and interior nicely done then
    drive it like a bat out of hell

  11. Mark P

    What could be left of the chassis? I’d say it wouldn’t be taken from that spot in one piece.


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