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Near Million Dollar 1961 Aston Martin DB4 On Craigslist!

It’s strange to see owners of cars valued at close to $1 million listing them for sale on craigslist, but I guess the $5 listing fee doesn’t matter much to them. This 1961 Aston Martin DB4 has been thoroughly restored but is presented with only a handful of photos. Regardless, the level of detail offered seems to demonstrate beyond a reasonable doubt that this is a thoroughbred example that presents well in Dorchester Blue paint with contrasting Magnolia hides and Navy piping. These are collector’s items around the globe and sought after to the point that a potential buyer wouldn’t be deterred from shipping it overseas, so get out your checkbook if you’re stateside and have been wanting a near-perfect DB4. Find the Aston Martin here on craigslist in Chandler, Arizona for $850,000.

The DB4 is one of those models that even non-car enthusiasts are aware of, owing to its prominence in multiple generations of James Bond films. Beyond this association, the DB4 is also perhaps the purest display of a classic British sports car, more so than anything Lotus or Jaguar ever offered – yes, I realize Jaguar sold the E-Type and Lotus the Esprit and the Elan, but the DB4 – in my opinion – comes closer to capturing the essence of British culture in a four-wheeled conveyance. From the wire wheels to the gentle fins to the interior appointments, the DB4 is equal parts sporting and luxurious and does a better job of touching all of your senses than the other cars. This one has obviously been treated to all the best things in life, from new paint and brightwork to a completely refurbished interior to a rebuilt engine built up to 4.2 liter GT specifications.

The gearbox was rebuilt by noted marque expert Kevin Kay Restorations and is paired to a 3.54 limited-slip differential, and the brakes were refreshed by the same shop. The listing notes numerous improvements that reveal someone has truly gone down the rabbit hole of attempting to perfect a vintage car, including having  “….the instruments and fuel tank sender rebuilt and converted to negative ground by West Coast Instruments,” as well as converting to a “… gear reduction starter and a “spin on” oil filter.” The DB4 has been with the same Arizona owner for 21 years, and it’s surprising to learn of all this phenomenal work done and now see the car up for sale. Sometimes, once it’s perfected, interest can wane – or perhaps it’s simply time for this beautiful example to find a new caretaker. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Pat L. for the find.


  1. angliagt angliagt Member

    One of the coolest cars ever!

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  2. alphasud Member

    The drool factor is very high on this one. Unfortunately I have never seen one in the flesh. When I was a SM at the dealer we had a customer who owned one and it was fun to talk shop with him. I tried every tactic short of what would be considered crossing the line to have him stop by when he was out driving it. Never happened but even 20 years ago these were pretty special. Someday:)

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  3. Howard A Member

    Bond,,James Bond, I know, 007’s was a DB5, I had to look that up, and a couple differences( engine size, 5 speed,etc) but to most of us here, these all look pretty much the same. It’s our only connection to an Aston Martin, and probably always will be. Most of us will never see one, and if we do, we’d expect machine guns coming out of the turn signals, razor knockoffs, smoke screen( I had that on my Rambler American) and of course, can’t forget the coolest option, the passenger ejection seat. It was the coolest car most of us kids had ever seen, and an integral part of the movie. I think most of us were heartbroken when he crashed it. Cool( est) cars, especially for a British secret agent. Too bad I’m only $847,000 short,,,

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    • Whiskytango

      And every kid had the Gorgi or Dinky Toy version of Bonds car with all those features Howard mentions. Also remember bullet proof shield that popped up from trunk.

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      • Robin Tomlin

        It was a Corgi Toy. I have mine in it’s original box.

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    • Mountainwoodie

      I was just thinking about my Corgi DB5 with the machine guns, the ejection seat and the bullet shield in the rear trunk. I took it to school with me all the time. squirreled away in my pocket.

      About as close as I will ever get to owning a DB 4 or 5 :)

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  4. Fahrvergnugen Fahrvergnugen Member

    Well, if the seller gets his price on CL, then he won’t need the fall-back of a real auction service with their pound of flesh. Otherwise what a silly venue for this gem.

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    • Michael

      Fahrv- Apparently you aren’t familiar with the market/clientèle that frequents the Phoenix (East Valley) craigslist…;-)

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      • Christopher Gentry

        I’ve dreamed of an Aston Martin since I was 5 years old and saw Goldfinger (knew that was coming ) I’m 51 now , still dreaming. At this point I think I’d rather have a DB 6 or even DB S. I hear thier more “driveable ” and “affordable” Don’t really matter on a social worker salary

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    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      I think it makes perfect sense to throw this car on CL. It is located only 20 minutes from Scottsdale, which means there are a lot of potentially interested buyers in the area right about now,

      Speaking of which, have you noticed how many CL ads from AZ have been featured here on BF lately?

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    IDK why you all knock Craigslist? I’ve bought and sold many cars, jobs and other items since its inception. FB marketplace however is the worst of the worst.

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    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      Me too, Oil Slick. From guitars to cars, I’ve had great luck dealing both buying and selling and not had a negative experience yet.

      When selling, I am very descriptive and include the maximum number of pictures. It tends to weed out the time wasters. I think it is because they sense the seriousness of the ad and know that they will be wasting THEIR time.

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    • Howie Mueler

      CL and FB is the only place i sell items and i do great!! No cars, but tools and r/c items, etc.

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    • A.J.

      You might be surprised. I sold my ’91 Fatboy on FB marketplace. Sold through an exporter to a guy in France. Full asking price, no questions asked. Win, win!

    • losgatos_dale

      Call me and meet at the address I gave you
      it is the parking lot of Big O Tires

  6. Jack M.

    Like Steve R. (haven’t seen on this site in a long time) always used to say…… People advertise on Craigslist because it gets you exposure. You never know where that sale is going to come from.

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    • John

      Agree. The car is also advertised on Hemmings with many more photos.

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  7. chrlsful

    2 me one attraction is the 21 yrs ownership – just adds so much to the car (and possible purchase). MHO

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  8. Frank Sumatra

    Sorry I can’t post an image but my son is an Air Cargo pilot and his crew flew one of the “original” Goldfinger movie cars (I know there are probabaly 100’s of them) with the BMT 216A license plates from Bahrain to Seoul last April. It may have been used in promotional events for latest movie.

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  9. junkman Member

    Win, win if you got the money. No “buyers Premium” and only $5 bucks listing fee. Sweet DB.

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  10. Joe Haska

    Living in Phoenix Az. I always watch C/L during B/J Auction week, the ads are the best entertainment ever. Everyone is searching for a B/J bidder, for their over priced “Collector Car”.

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  11. tony_k Member

    I had a DB4C when I was in college in the ’70’s. It was one of 12 left-hand-drive dropheads built with the Special Series engine, later renamed Vantage. Talk about getting attention everywhere you drive! Alas, it was a casualty of my divorce. Still miss her (the Aston, not my ex)!

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  12. Charliedents

    Big auctions in town this week. Plenty of well heeled people in the area. I put cars on Cl during Carlisle and Hershey time and I’m in Pittsburgh about 3 hours away and I have been successful.

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  13. Carnut

    One of my neighbors has one.. older Gentleman.. always has a tweed suit on (vest included) when driving it.. gloves the whole ensemble.. the car is silver with black interior I have never seen windows down always sparkling clean.. he takes it out periodically. I saw one at Pebble Beach younger man owned it with flip flops and a t shirt I just could not stand watching it.. just ruined the whole imagine of the car.. anyone can buy one.. only few can own one.. big difference..

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    • Gerard Frederick

      True story. Money cannot buy class. It´s the same with people who sit in a fine restarant drinking beer out of a bottle.

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  14. peter k

    A friend of mine , now RIP had one of these in the mid 60’s. He only paid $6k for it and drove it into the ground.

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  15. Johndrake1

    I actually saw the James Bond DB5 at the NY World’s Fair in 1964. It was on display at some exhibit and I remember them saying that they had to take the machine guns out of the car to get it past Customs into the US….

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  16. Philip

    007’s Aston is not an actual DB5, it was a DB4 Vantage prototype for the DB5.

    The other 2 display cars used for promotions were actual DB5s

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  17. Robert

    My dad had a salesman many years ago who was restoring a Lagonda and was introduced to owner of Aston Service Dorset, Ivan Forshaw. He loved the cars so much he said he’d buy one and once I had a chance to drive in a gun metal blue DB5. This was back in 1978. I can’t recall much but it was a fast car. Forshaw also had a couple of factory DB3 racers.

  18. tony_k Member

    Back in my Aston-owning days — I also had a DB6 Vantage LHD — I was editor of the Aston Martin Owners Club Quarterly, and attended club events all around the country.

    Countless incredible memories, but one of the top ten was at Road Atlanta Racetrack, when the then-owner of DBR1/5 tossed me the keys and asked if I’d like to warm it up for him in the paddock. Once I had collected my jaw off the floor, I agreed to help him out, and spend the next ten minutes behind the wheel of what today is a $22 million Aston, one of five made. The sound and sensations were indescribable! I shall die a happy old man!

    Imagine driving this….

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  19. laurence

    Jeff Lavery: I will politely disagree with you about the DB4 being a better personification of a British sports car than a Jaguar…although I will agree with you about the Lotus.

    Jaguar sports cars–particularly the outright roadsters–embodied the concept of a pure sports car. The DB4 had no pure roadster version. It only came in drophead and fixedheat coupe versions, with two little seats in the back. The DB4 embodied the concept of a luxury grand tourer.

    In 1964 George Harrison wrecked his ’63 E Type on a London road on his way to do a Beatles concert in the south of England. Having been impressed by the DB4 Vantage prototype (referred to by Q as a “DB5” in Goldfinger), he promptly replaced the Jag with a dark blue DB-5 from the Brydor car dealership in London. George was to say years later that in looking back, his E Type had been “…better looking and just felt more like a sports car”.

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  20. rjc

    It is auction week here in Phoenix if you look on the local craigslist you will see a lot of great cars
    They’re trying to attract the big money guys without paying the auction fees.

  21. Chinga-Trailer

    It was/is on Craigslist because of all the moneyed car collectors in town for the auctions this past week. Happens every year.

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