Nearly Finished: 1966 Dodge Charger

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To see a project car being sold so close to completion is a bit sad, but it is a real bonus for the next owner. With the body whipped into shape, a nice, fresh drive-train, and an immaculate interior, there is just some reassembly and detailing required before this Charger is ready to terrorize the tarmac again. With an asking price of $15,000, this seems to be a car that offers a lot of bang for your buck. Located in Hyde Park, Vermont, you will find the Charger listed for sale here on Craigslist.

I really like owners who are candid about the cars that they’re selling, and this one is one of those people. He bought the car in its current state with the intention of finishing it but realizes that he’s just not going to get to it. He says that the car commenced life finished in cream, but it was disassembled and painted in its current green about 5-years-ago. He also says that the paint is “a bit disappointing,” but with some wet sanding and buffing, that it could be acceptable. He describes the rockers as “too good to be true,” and actually believes that these may be original. The underside of the car has also been cleaned and painted at some point, and is rock solid. He also says that the floors have previously been replaced and that it appears that whoever did it did a nice job. So far then, this looks pretty promising.

Things are no less promising under the hood. What you get is a rebuilt 440ci V8, a 727 transmission, and a Sure-Grip rear end. The engine was professionally rebuilt before the owner purchased the car, and is reported to have been on a dyno, producing a rather tasty 425hp. The owner has tried in vain to obtain a copy of the dyno sheets, but the engine builder has retired and moved on, so he’s had no luck. The good news is that the engine does run, and apart from possibly needing plugs and timing, it is said to sound really strong. So, with those sorts of ponies lurking under the hood, the news just keeps getting better and better.

I’m trying to find something hugely disappointing about the Charger, and I really am struggling on that point. The main photo of the interior is pretty blurry, but this one gives an overall impression of the interior condition, and it also looks encouraging. The seats feature new covers, while the carpet and headliner are also new. The headliner looks to be a little wrinkled, but I’m pretty sure that it will stretch into place properly. The windshield and rear window are both out of the car, but the Charger comes with new windshield and rear glass gaskets, clips, and trims. The C-Pillar trims are currently out awaiting the installation of the rear glass, while the gauge cluster is also waiting to be installed. Looking at the overall state of the interior, it’s just one more area of the car that shows a heap of promise.

If this 1966 Charger is as good as it appears to be in the photos, then it really does represent a great project car. With the majority of the hard work completed, it’s really down to undertaking some reassembly and detail work. If the body is solid but the paint isn’t up to your own personal standard, it wouldn’t be hard to address this while the car is in its current state. Bearing in mind the fact that a nice ’66 Charger with a 440 under the hood will easily sell for around the $27,000 mark, and an immaculate one can top $40,000, then this one looks like a pretty worthwhile project.

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  1. Capriest

    As someone who loves creme colored cars, and owned a gold on gold 64 barracuda I actually support the color change on this. Creme does nothing for the lines of these cars. They always look better in darker colors to me. The gold interior really limits your options as well. It’s nice to see a 60’s charger with a reasonable price for once. If this was a 68 I shudder to think of the ask! It’s going to drive pretty much the same

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    • moosie moosie

      The ad says light green interior although in the crappy pics it looks gold to me ? l might be color blind tho?

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  2. Mark

    Man does this bring back memories.
    One of my first cars. 318 in the same color but mine had the white interior.
    The 66-67 were the best Chargers in my opinion.

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    • FBM

      My first car was a white over red ’67, 426 / 4speed. Wish I still had it…..

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  3. Don Diego

    I don’t mean to be unkind, those ignition wires are un-nice.
    Like they wandered around in there searching for the correct plug.

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  4. local_sheriff

    That is one great Mopar project ! Whole car seems undercoated, hopefully there are no surprises there.And that color combo definately struck me! Can’t really say there’s anything bad about this project ,even humanly priced for a Mopar(or any muscle car for that matter).

    IMO best Charger generation, cred to seller for the comprehensive description and lots of pix.Good luck to prospective buyer, I’m sure this will be on the road after Easter

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  5. Woody

    Now we’re talking,decent price and a big block! The little things can be worked out, and the interior is nice which makes a big part of a nice project!

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