Nearly Perfect: 1973 Ford Maverick

Ford is a company that seems to have the ability to release cars that are in the right place at the right time. Of course, they did make some catastrophic mistakes, but cars like the Model T, the Mustang, and the Maverick are perfect examples. This 1973 Maverick has just come onto the market, and the price has been set t $12,000 OBO. Located in East Orlando, Florida, you will find the car listed for sale here on Craigslist. Barn Finder Pat L spotted this Maverick for us, so thank you for that Pat.

I have no doubt that there are people out there who are wondering how I can refer to the Maverick as being in the right place at the right time, but the figures speak for themselves. In its first year of production, Ford managed to sell more than 570,000 Mavericks, and even in 1973, they still managed to shift over 300,000. Those are figures that are not to be sniffed at. While the color of this Maverick might not be the most exciting on the planet, the photos do tend to back the owner’s claim that the vehicle is rust-free. The paint and glass look good, as does the exterior trim. So far then, things are looking pretty good.

Things are just as impressive under the hood of the Maverick. If I didn’t know better, I would swear that I was looking at an engine and engine bay out of a relatively new car. The 200ci engine, which was the standard unit by 1973, is backed by an automatic transmission. This Maverick is also fitted with power steering and ice cold air conditioning. The owner is pretty confident about the mechanical state of the car and said that he would be confident to drive it anywhere.

Now we get to the interior, and while it looks like it is original and generally good condition, there are a couple of items that jar on me. Let’s be honest. The asking price for this Maverick is high, so I’d be looking for something close to perfection. The fact that the rear vision mirror is sitting on the dash is not great, while the driver’s door trim has also pulled away at the edges. Both items can be fixed, but the door trim also has a tear at the top that will need repairing. Apart from that, the interior presents as well as the rest of the car.

As I said, the price for this Maverick is right at the top end of the market for a car of these specifications. At that price, I would honestly expect perfection, and this car goes close but misses out because of a couple of minor faults. Having said that, neither of these would be hard to fix and once done, you’d be left with a very nice car. Is it worth the asking price?


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  1. TimS Member

    This is a bit high, but if you can get it for a few grand less, you can turn it into something really fun for a cruise night or dry-day driver. No, it’s not a red Mustang V8 with a 4-speed, but that’s exactly what draws me to it.

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  2. mike b

    Nearly original, yes. Nearly perfect, uh no.

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  3. Keith

    Worth about 4k max. Its just a cleaned up 6 cylinder ford maverick. Nothing special here.

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  4. Bob_S

    Nice car, looks to be in good condition, driver’s door card needs some help, AM radio, vinyl interior, can’t stand the color and the price seems quite high for Grandma’s 6 cylinder Maverick.

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  5. Little_Cars Saul Member

    Another elderly “snowbird special” from sunny Florida! Mirror fell off in the hot Florida sun. Not the first time this has happened to these glued-on safety mirrors. But seller could’ve at least taken it out of the photo or fixed it with a kit from the auto parts store. Curious the tag present on the metal dash is in Spanish, giving precautions on operating the car.

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  6. Paul D.

    Nothing special when new, nothing special now.

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  7. Fred W

    Never drove a Maverick but drove plenty of Falcon sixes, slow as molasses and will leave you doing a facepalm and “I coulda’ had a V-8!”. While grossly overpriced, I have to admit the engine compartment doesn’t have the “spraybombed while in the car” look. It at least LOOKS factory fresh.

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  8. Kenneth Carney

    Fred, I did own a Maverick with a V-8.
    Mine was a 4-door sedan that ran a hot
    302 and a C-6 automatic. It was also
    a high end model loaded to the gills with
    everything but power windows and locks.
    It also had a two piece Lincoln style vinyl
    roof, a leather interior with bucket seats
    up front, factory AM/FM stereo radio,
    color-keyed exterior trim including
    hubcaps. Despite all those trappings, it
    was a very quick car capable of exceeding 100 MPH with ease thanks to
    the 235 (?) HP 302 V-8 under the hood.
    Seemed like everyone in my family wanted to drive my car instead of their
    own! If any car said sleeper, that was it!
    Made the mistake of trading it off for a
    near new Ford Escort wagon. Worst
    deal I ever made! That was 1988, and I’ve
    never seen another like it. I’d be interested in this car if it had two more
    doors but that sky high price is a real
    turn-off. Sounds like a case of Barrett-
    Jackson Syndrome to me.

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    • Chuck Turner

      I, too, had a Mav just like you describe. Red four door with white vinyl top and the 302. Of the over 100 vehicles I have owned, I have a very fond memory of this car. That was 1970. Twelve grand is too much for this car, imo. With a V-8 and around 8500 it might be priced right.

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    • Dave Paglieroni

      Just an FYI, I know how our memories can fail us some times and my memory had done it too me, but I worked in a Ford dealer all through the 70’s. Maverick or Comets never had a c6 trans, it was too big for the floor tunnel. C4 is what came with the 302 v8 on them. The 302 BTW, in 1970&1971 were rated at 210hp. The 72-77 model 302 were rated at only 140 HP. I still own a 72 Comet GT to this day.

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    • dweezilaz

      Kenneth, that would have been a Maverick with the LDO package [Luxury Decor Option]. Just as you described. Deep shag carpeting as well.

      The Comet package was called “Custom”.

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    • Larry McGaw

      C-6 transmission was never available in the Maverick, and neither were leather seats. It’s amazing how many times we see vinyl seats advertised as leather on this site. Almost as many times as we see cars with five digit odometers that have fewer than 100,000 miles on them.

      I spent some time in my sister’s 1974 Maverick back in the day. It was a slug, but it was better than taking the bus.

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  9. David Rhoces

    a perfect Maverick …. oxymoron ?

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  10. Davis

    WOW. What a nice little car.

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  11. MTrip78

    Isn’t that the 250?

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    • MorganW Morgan Winter Member

      Yes, it is.

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  12. Chris in Clove

    I would put the earlier small bumper on the front of this pup, then it would look nice.

    $12K ? dream on…..

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  13. Brad W

    I live in Durham North Carolina and see one exactly like this occasionally at the grocery store. Little old lady driving it. Next time I see it I’ll ask her whats under the hood ( the cars, not hers). It truly is the most boring color car I’ve ever seen. nice condition just not my taste. Looks like something you would see in the backround on an episode of Kojak

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  14. Scott Marquis

    “Maverick, it’s not your flying, it’s your attitude.”

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  15. DayDreamBeliever Member

    Mom had one of these as a DD.
    Three speed on the tree.
    No trouble, and the only time it could remotely be considered fun was driving in snow and ice with 4 studded winter tires. Had a (quite juvenile, I agree) jolly time stopping on hills next to someone stuck or struggling, and then just accelerating away. Hah! (must still be a kid, it makes me laugh 45 years later!)

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    • stillrunners Stillrunners

      Nice surviver

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      • PatrickM

        I agree. Just to much $$$ for me.

  16. dweezilaz

    ‘I have no doubt that there are people out there who are wondering how I can refer to the Maverick as being in the right place at the right time,’

    And Adam they would be incredibly misguided.

    Add the Falcon, Granada, Pinto, Fairmont, even the much maligned Mustang II. All offered at the right place at the right time and with the sales stats to back them up.

    $12,000 ? High for me, but not for someone that wants a mint 73 Maverick

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  17. JoeNYWF64

    How much weight can a prop rod possibly save over 2 springs? – silly, & possibly dangerous, if you ask me. Wonder if anyone ever pulled his or her back lifting a maverick,etc. hood. Or even if a prop rod failed or got bumped into hard enough with someone bent over under the hood.

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    • ctmphrs

      Sounds like you must have done that.

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      • JoeNYWF64

        Not likely with my ’68 chevy II 6 cyl. & prev ’67 falcon 6 cyl. Won’t go near modern cars, & 2 of the 3 pony cars today have prop rods. The other is like a tomb inside.

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    • fitz

      think i’d find something else to worry about than weight savings of a prop rod vs hood hinges & springs. Like why Chevrolet went to a wire distributor hold down instead of the stamped steel bracket that worked for decades…..

  18. Franksave30 Member

    And I thought my dads v6 maverick in Lime Green was bad. He got a discount at the dealer because of the color.

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    • Dan D

      Um, no V6 Mavericks. Haven’t we had this discussion before? ;-)

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  19. joe cancemi

    There was a dark green Maverick and was it the Maverick or the Gold 69 Torino that that I managed to have some glory days of youth fun in, musta been the Torino, the Maverick probably had a pretty small backseat, those were the days, LOL

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  20. JMG

    Someone will pay at least $8k, I bet… And again, it would get more attention than the corvette next to it at the Friday Night Cruise.

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  21. bruce greg

    If it was original…1/2 that price, would be fair, Ive had many rust free orig.s, , last one was 1969.5,orig. paint, (which 12k is not!) no rot, and all I could get was $3400. So if this guy gets a buyer @ $12k American…I want to know what MEDS the guy is taking, or send him my way.

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  22. Jackie Hollingsworth

    Nice….But nothing special and way overpriced!!!!

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  23. Superdessucke

    I’d guess in this economy, you’re right. And said individual will be explaining why they spent $8,000 out of savings for a khaki Maverick to the wife. That conversation will be more interesting than the car!

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  24. John

    My mother-in-law had one just like this one. I hated that car. She tried to give it to us as a sort of wedding present. She hated the car, too. She had a wonderful daughter. She had a horrible car. She finally traded it for a Plymouth Fury 4-dr. Same color.

    $12K? Unbelievable.

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  25. John Oliveri

    It was a basic car, like the Dodge Dart, Chevy Nova, just basic transportation, the Nova someone might pay 12 for,not me but someone, Maverick, unless someone had a special teenage moment in it at the drive inn, highly unlikely unless he’s still doing the same narcotics from back then

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  26. Troy s

    Not to continue the love for the Ford Maverick as everybody is sharing here, but my memories are no fonder. Freind had one in high school and I must admit I thought it was kinda sporty looking for a cheap ride, once inside the sporty thing disappeared rather quickly. Just cheap transportation nothing more, gutless too.
    Ford’s ability to sell sell sell was no accident, they had the best bean counters in the market, it was never about how much or how impressive but how many, all about numbers. It worked.

  27. Pete

    My Nana had a ’70 or ’71 Maverick. 200 CI, three on the tree. It was blue. No frills or glove compartment. I took it for a spin. Pretty boring, except I was was only 14 at the time, which made my secret drive quite a bit exciting! ;-) No matter the memories, 12K is insane. LOL!

  28. Bob

    Everyone’s saying $12,000 is outrageous but no one said anything about the 1956 beater Volkswagon yesterday for a way outrageous $14,000.

    • DayDreamBeliever Member

      Well, everyone knows that already. Some people don’t know about the Maverick’s reality as compared to the fantasy.

      Just MHO, I’ve plenty of “Off the ceiling” pricing for lots of cars.


  29. Dallas

    The nicest 6-cyl Mav in the world isn’t worth $12k, and this one isn’t either.

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