Need a Little Luxury? 1972 Ford Maverick

This is not just any Ford Maverick. It’s a former California car now in Oyster Bay, New York and available here on eBay for an under-reserve bid of $5400 with several days to go in the auction. Of slight concern is that listing says both that the current owner has had the car for five-plus years and that they have owned it for twenty years, and it’s unclear whether it is original or restored. However, the Cali claim and the assertion that the car has always been garaged suggest original provenance, as do the photos.

This is not exactly the dream collectible most people look for, but intriguing nonetheless. So if it’s going to be yours, do you know the answer to this: What was the Maverick in its day? It was a compact sport-about which appeared in both two- and four-door guise. The model ran from 1970-77, corporate cousin to the Mercury Comet. They mostly came with one version of a 6-cylinder engine or other. This one came with a 250-CID inline six which has  gone a hair under 100K miles. There was also the choice of a 302-CID Windsor V8 in some model years. The sporty version of the Maverick was a “Grabber,” which had a “dual dome” hood, a spoiler, and other appointments. This one appears to be a Luxury Décor Option model, with its vinyl top and wood-trimmed instrument panel. The Maverick experts out there can weigh in on whether the wheels are correct on this example.

So it’s not a muscle car, but a smaller version of a luxury cruiser, including having factory AC. So where would owning it place you in the collector-car universe? Good question. It’s no GTO, but then again, it’s a curiosity that people at shows will have fun looking at. For that alone, it’s worth collecting and preserving. But there’s also the fact that nearly everyone who sees it will have a “my mom/aunt/older brother use to have one of those, and this one time . . .”  story. And what’s the point of owning a classic if it doesn’t prompt conversation?

The astute amongst you will note that Ford has brought back the Maverick name for the 2022 model year, putting the nameplate on a truck. Why spend twenty or thirty grand on one of those when you can be the next caretaker of this obviously loved little car? Look at those seats—comfy vinyl. The underside looks clean enough to eat off of. The one question you might pose is whether the engine is that clean because of how it’s been kept, or whether someone’s had the valve covers off for a repaint. In any case, at your cruise night, you’ll have no shame in lifting the hood to show off that 4.1-liter power-maker. Then, assuming I’m right about the trim being the ‘luxe package, you can show off the interior, with its reclining bucket seats. Who needs a Mercedes when this kind of style was as close as the local Ford dealer?


  1. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    Nice Maverick. I’ll let the experts sort this one out, but I don’t think the Luxury Decor Option was available on a ’72? Also maybe it has had some upgrades on the interior such as the wood trim? And the wheels aren’t original. That said, this is an attractive car, and for me briank nailed the reason to have it: the fun stories it generates from onlookers. Just smile and chuckle as they tell their story, and realize you just brightened their day by bringing back a humorous memory.

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    • Tony

      I have a Maverick and all those stories you hear always seem to end with…and we rolled it, or ran it into something. These were inexpensive throw-away cars that seemed to be handed down to the children and siblings as their first car.

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  2. Driveinstile Member

    I kind of thought that the wheels looked like Lincoln rims myself.

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    • Don

      The rims are off of the ’88-91 Ford Crown vics.

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  3. JCA Member

    Pretty sure there was a Luxury Decor option in ’72 and this is it. It didn’t come with a center console though. I think this console was from a Grenada or Monarch. Also, the wheels look like they are from a mid-80’s Crown Vic.

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    • mark s depierro

      I believe 6cyl Mavericks like falcons and mustangs had only 4 lugs untill you got into a v-8 car

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      • mstang

        Maverick, Falcon and Mustangs with the 200cid 6 were 4 lug but the 250cid engine (and V8s) came with 5 lug. I learned that from buying (the wrong) brake drums for a 200cid Maverick!

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  4. Bj

    First time I’ve seen mullets on headrests

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  5. Boatman Member

    Luxury? Maverick?

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    • John W Kriegshauser

      I was thinking the same thing. Those two words are not associated being muttered in the same sentence!

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  6. Big C

    Had a ’73 Comet, with the luxury interior. 302 V8, halo roof, no rust, etc. Bought it for $500, back in 1993, as a winter beater for my wife. Wish we still had it.

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  7. Connecticut mark

    Look like Mercury marquis rims? 15 inch?

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  8. nlpnt

    I keep forgetting the LDO was offered as a 2-door. Why? Seems like it would appeal to the same buyer as the Mustang II Ghia.

    My year-younger cousin’s grandparents from the other side of her family had the Comet version, as a 4 door, well into the (and their) 80s.

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  9. Bob S

    I know the ldo was available in 73, I had a 74 four door, had the floor shift, but no center console, plus, if I’m not mistaken, all ldo’s had color coordinated wheel covers.

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  10. CCFisher

    There was a Luxury Decor Option in 1972, and this car has it. Wheels are from a 1980s Ford Crown Victoria.

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  11. Malcontented Misanthrope

    Dealers are marking Maverick trucks up an absurd amount. I saw one @52k w 800 miles, but it seems to be 5 to 10k average

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    • Psychofish2

      Did anyone pick up on the Maverick truck’s base price? $19.995.

      A subtle reference to the original’s $1995.00

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  12. Mike

    My first brand new car purchase was a a 1970 Maverick purchased it for $2195 because it had an automatic transmission. Got tired of shifting gears in my 1960 Falcon. Payment was $77 a month for three years affordable for an 18 year old. Those were the days.

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    • Psychofish2

      Loved them and still do.

      Granny bought the first Grabber in the Chambersberg PA area right off the show room floor.

      Yellow, automatic, trim rings, all vinyl interior: $2600. She traded in a ’60 Ford Falcon for it.

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  13. Dave Peterson

    I had a built-in prejudice against Ford products when I was young, even the Mustang. A pretty 16 year old with a Mercury hardtop started to turn me around. But the Maverick was never worth a second look. This one is certainly an outlier but I’m going to pass.

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  14. princeofprussia

    There are so many different shades of tan in that interior that it must have been the calico cat option! LOL! Nice little car, and it certainly would be the only one at cars ‘n’ coffee!

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  15. Troy

    I kinda always thought the maverick and Comet were just a big brother to the pinto they seam to have the same taillights and instrument cluster obviously they had 5 more horsepower with the bigger engine. In my 20s I had I bright yellow one with the 302 it was a fun car for a while

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    • Psychofish2

      Maverick came first. The simplicity campaign done for the Pinto started with the Maverick as well.

      Maverick, the simple machine. Earliest ones didn’t have a glovebox, just a package tray under the dash

      Yes, same taillights.

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      • DON

        and a prop rod for the hood instead of springs to hold it up , not something most cars had back then

  16. Jay McCarthy

    Since it has the desired bucket seats and console that sorry six would get booted for a nice 347 stroker and in name of all that’s sacred lose that vinyl top too

  17. BlackTa

    Why do I want this? I have never liked these cars…what is happening to me?

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  18. Joe

    I don’t care. :-)

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  19. Frank

    A 60 Falcon under the skin…just like the Mustang and Granada.

  20. Dale S

    These cars have the nicest stylized body side moldings I’ve ever seen. Kudos to the designer.

  21. Tom m

    I worked at a Ford dealership during this era. Ford used the F-150 taillights turned sideways for the Maverick and then the Pinto. The wheels are definitely from a mid 80s Grand Marquis. No way would they have fit a Maverick without modification. The 302 optional V8 at the time was far superior to the 6 in both performance and handling. About the same MPG. I never saw one with this interior.

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  22. Gary

    I had a 72 6cyl, a 71 V8 and a Grabber. I like them all, very reliable and they scooted along good but not as good as my 68 Charger R/T. Ran them until they started nickel and diming me and sold them off one by one. I wish I had the V8 back, it was kind of a sleeper. In regards to the interior, my buddy did some paint touch up on a brown metallic 75? LTD Country Squire wagon with the woodgrain and aluminum wheels. He said to look inside it. It had buckets, console, power everything and a four speed! Strange car that I wanted badly but not for sale.The owner told him he ordered it that way. To pull a trailer? The only other full size wagon I’ve seen with a factory four speed was a 71-72 Plymouth with a 440 and it had a Pistol Grip shifter. Apparently it was from out in the Rockies (Colorado?) and it was common to order wagons with four speeds to gear down on the long down grades to help save your brakes. All Dodge/Plymouth wagons with four speeds had a Pistol Grip shifter, according to the owner. Definitely cool rides.

  23. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    My dad go into these mixed in with the Mustangs – he finally bought a new one about 1976.

    Looking past the battery at the inner fender…..I don’t think this one has seen a sheltered life……

  24. chrlsful

    Granada 1st fox (may B 1st use of “Ghia” ina ford too). Maverick not so much. Friend put the 4.9 in one (MadMike’sMav) and makes 9s I believe.

    I like this one as the ‘parchment’ color seats & 250 I have in my 1st gen bronk. Saw briank’s mercedes remark’n reminded me of the Granade-a too…

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