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Needs Saving! 1962 Chevrolet Impala SS

Chevrolet introduced the Impala Super Sport as strictly a performance car in 1961. They sold just 453 copies. The next year, they changed gears and focused the SS on style, and made them available with any powerplant Chevy offered. That resulted in 99,311 deliveries over the next 12 months. And so it began, and the Impala SS would remain in the Bow-Tie portfolio through the rest of the decade. This rough ’62 SS has spent the last years of its life exposed to the elements, so it will need everything if you wanted to restore it. Located in Mount Vernon, Illinois, this Super Sport is available here on craigslist for $3,200. We appreciate barn finders like Gunter Kramer for these cool tips!

Beginning in 1962, the Super Sport differed from the regular Impala in trim only. Besides Super Sport badging, the cars came with front bucket seats and special wheel covers. While you could order an Impala SS with a six-cylinder engine, few did. Most opted for a V8 motor, beginning with the basic 283 small-block and up to the 409 (“she’s so fine”). Whether the seller’s car is matching numbers we don’t know. But it has the remnants of a 283 paired with a 2-speed Powerglide automatic transmission.

Two sets of photos are offered by the seller. A few where the car was left to languish in the woods and more where it currently resides on a trailer. So, these would be before and after pics of an automobile that yearns for the good old days. The fender tag identifies the paint scheme as code 973, which equates to white over red. But no signs of a white roof remain so perhaps the car was repainted entirely in red at some point.

We don’t know why this auto was left to rot, but the most common reason was a fatal mechanical issue somewhere. The odometer reads 44,000 miles, but the car’s condition suggests it may have tuned over back when. We’re told the floor and trunk pans will need replacing, but there is a lot of other sheet metal and undercarriage damage (holes can be seen in several areas). If you were to buy this car for parts, we’re not sure of much being left that has any worth (Plan B). So that leaves a lengthy and costly restoration as Plan A.


  1. 8banger 8banger Member

    Needs focusing!

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  2. Cadmanls Member

    Should have left it in the woods. Tin worm is everywhere. Total restoration is an understatement. Some usable parts but not much more.

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    • Robert

      Scrap metal at best. Barn Find should be embarrassed for some of the garbage they put on this page, apparently their getting desperate for vehicles to post.

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      • Bareman

        Totally disagree. I think barn finds does the community an important service by showing the spectrum of what’s available. Constantly focusing on the high end of the market drives up prices ( which everyone here complains about- see Hemmings and bring a trailer for proof)

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      • John S Dressler

        Agree with Bareman. It’s important to see both the top and the bottom of what’s available and someone restoring a 62 in better condition may need a parts car. There are however, some cars that are just past the point of no return. Trying to restore cars like that will cost you way more than the car would ever be worth in even the most pristine of circumstances. Cars like that are for someone with deep pockets who is absolutely in love with the car.

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  3. Big C

    Are those Kraco 4×10’s in there? Suh-weet!

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    • Glen

      Holy crap! I haven’t heard “Kraco” since 1986. When I convinced my dad to let me replace the factory package tray 6 x 9’s in his ‘78 Grand Marquis with Kracos. I’ll never forget my buddies being loud looking through the back window and watching the cones bounce all over the place. Total garbage, but I didn’t know any better at 16 and I was “cool” 🤣😂

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  4. Yblocker

    Well finally!! We found some JUNK with a reasonable price tag!! I’m hooking up my trailer as I write this. Lol.

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  5. PaulG

    Plan C: strip any usable parts and I’m afraid scrap the rest. Don’t forget to update your tetanus shot first…

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    • ImpalaSS

      Certainly wouldn’t take long to strip any ‘usable parts’.

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  6. Bamapoppy

    Mom & Dad had cream-colored ‘62 Impala with the 327, AT, and AC. Dad kept it spotless. My brother and I, of course, always rode in the back except the one time I somehow shifted it into reverse while Mom was in a store. We rolled back into 4 lanes of traffic and scared her —-less!

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    • Bamapoppy

      Not reverse. Neutral. Old age is catching up with me! LoL

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  7. Back of Impala

    On for a penny .. in for a stack of Benjamin’s

    It could be brought back but much sweat equity and a must frame off resto. This means the cradle around the body to turn all directions..,

    Don’t hate me but I suggest a substitute frame slice in front that’s putting a modern front end from
    A late GM snd getting the measurements along with online swaps from late model (2000s) Cadillac to Impala front frame cut transplants.
    I would rather not do the obvious Mustang II front end….

    If the engine numbers match and block not ruined then bored and forged pistons with classic three deuces and 2.5 to 3” exhaust pipes to back tied to newer cooling fan system.

    Hope it gets back on the road again…

    I always listen to lyric’s and remember plus laugh at what’s hitting the air waves. Ride the train is about the same over boarding as with song “little red corvette” as he refers his lady as an experienced Jockey love machine.

    Impala references to “ come on ride the train”?

    “Right about now it’s about that time for me to holler
    Girl, I wanna waller in the back of my Impala
    Woo, don’t need no tickets for this thing
    Just jump on in, let me hit them switches on the train
    And it ain’t no thing, it’s all the same“

    In fairness most early Impalas are land yachts for comfortable room.

    Good luck on sale..

    If i had the room i am sure taking my time on weekends in a year it would road worthy with welding and farming out engine to performance shop i trust plus , new wiring, disc brakes , fuel etc.
    Another year interior, headliner, paint perfection.

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    • Yblocker


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  8. Terrry

    Needs saving? No, needs a junkyard

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  9. tony Member

    Hard to believe that I have owned my 1962 impala for 38 years. it never looked like that though…

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    • ImpalaSS

      Yours is absolutely beautiful Tony!

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  10. Joe McKenzie

    I bought a new ’62 similar to this one, except, mine had a 327 engine and 3 speed transmission. It, too, was red with a white top. The remains of my car are still sitting in a man’s back yard — who has said for years he ‘is going to restore it’.

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  11. Troy

    So $3200 bucks gets you a vin tag and some other trim pieces that might be harder to find the rest is either scrap or try to get your money back on other auction sites that let you sell parts I don’t need or want a Hulk like this sitting around waiting to sell a part so I’m out

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  12. tony shacklett

    Thats one of them “Not For Sale” Im going to fix it one day.””

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  13. DA

    This isn’t an Impala SS any more, it is a Chevrolet Shame.

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  14. ImpalaSS

    I really love the old Impalas but if this one was given to me delivered for free, I’d still have to say no.

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    • John S Dressler

      As a former owner of a 63, a 65 and a 67 SS I’d definitely take it if it was given to me. But that would be the only way. Even doing all the work yourself you’d be upside down in it after the restoration.

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  15. Paul R.

    Car looks straight, door gaps consistent , no cracks apparent in the dash , glass looks good, car looks complete.
    Give it a good overall wash to see what’s there before writing it off.
    $3200. Not, maybe $900.at most.
    I bought my brothers ‘62 Impala convertible for $50. Back in 70’s.
    Wish I still had it , even just to spite him.

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  16. Lathebiosas

    Parts car, and not many at that….

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  17. jim

    You see more vehicles coming out of the underbrush lately and getting flipped to the nearest sucker good moneymaker

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  18. Shuttle Guy Shuttle Guy Member

    Sad to see.

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  19. Lars

    I too an still have my 62 Impala since 1976 purchased for $150. (No eng / trans ) It is now a SS clone . Haven’t researched this to much but understand (back in the day ) you could order per (build sheet ) a list of available options. Question ? can anyone tell me .Could you order the 62 SS trim package with a bench seat instead of buckets an auto shift on the colum ?

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    • Junkyard dog


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    • Yblocker

      Well if you did, you wouldn’t have an SS. That’s mainly what the SS package consisted of, bucket seats, consol, and a floor shifter.

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      • Chuck Dickinson

        Floor shift in 62 was four-speed only. 3-spd and PG were column shifted. No floor shift auto until 63.

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    • John S Dressler

      No bench seat but a column shifted 2 speed Power Glide was available.

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  20. DON

    The seller is advertising it as a parts car , he isnt trying to pull the wool over someone’s eyes. Its really rough, and while it was a beautiful car at one time, its not worth restoring . I’m sure there are enough pieces to buy it as a parts car ; the console is probably worth a bit ) , but I dont think a 283 powerglide rust bucket like this is worth the asking price …but who knows ?

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  21. Denny Tuttle

    Mom had a white 62 and little wrecked when I was in the Marines, and I bought a 60 Chev convertible before I got out and blew the 283 on the way home from N.C.,asked mom what to do with the 62 ,said she didn’t want it so I .pulled engine and trans. out and put it in my 60.327 perked it right up.283 only had 34000 miles ,but the old guy I got it from never went over 45 mph,so ridge on the block took out the rings.

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