Very Needy 1974 Alfa Romeo Montreal Coupe

I think it’s sad to see such inspired machinery end up in such a sorry state, but at least it hasn’t fallen victim to the crusher!  Designed by Marcello Gandini and built from 1970 to 1977, only 3925 were ever created. This 2+2 is listed here on eBay with a sales price of $24,500, but offers are invited. According to Hagerty, excellent examples can fetch close to six figures.

With only 22,134 km on the clock and last registered in 1987, it’s hard to say what happened to this beauty, but my best guess is a front end collision left her parked for the last 30 years.  She’s a California car so, hopefully, rust is not a major issue.

By the looks of the interior she’s missing a gear shift lever, but is otherwise pretty complete. The seller admits she’s missing her windshield and all her wheels, which I’d guess you’re not going to find at your local auto parts store. I can’t help wonder what other items have been scavenged over the years.

Always a work of art, these Alfas sported Spica fuel injected 2593 cc V-8s offering 227 hp through a manual ZF 5 speed. This one looks surprisingly clean. Is there an intake manifold cover missing? If this one has good bones and the engine at least turns over,  it seems to me it might turn out to be a worthwhile project. Buyer beware?

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  1. redwagon

    bring wheelbarrows full of cash. For an idea of how cool these can look check out …..

  2. Dolphin Member

    This poor Montreal is really a parts car, altho it might end up being bought by someone who thinks they have a shot at turning it into a whole car again for less than the difference between the $25K Ebay price and the average auction sale price of $77K (according to the current SCM Guide).

    I hate to be pessimistic, but that might not be possible—-and I like Alfas and am an Alfa owner.

    The special parts for these rare V8 Alfas, the bodywork & paint that’s badly needed, the mechanical work, and even figuring out what’s missing and where the missing parts go, are all really best left to someone who knows these rare Alfas well and has at least some spare parts stashed away. It’s not a project for the average Alfa fan.

  3. Mountainwoodie

    These guys are the premier Porsche dismantlers and parts source in El Lay. Great reputation.

  4. Steve R

    If you want to experience sticker shock look at the prices of the other items they have for sale. These are different cars than I would ever buy, but it still I have a hard time wrapping my head around how expensive parts are.

    Steve R

  5. Mike

    How come Beverly Hills Car Club hasn’t snatched this one up? It’s right up their alley.

    • Skloon

      Not enough rust for them

      Like 1
    • Gary

      See my comment!

  6. Howard A Member

    Hi Geoffrey, welcome aboard! Just so we start off on the right foot, apparently I’m the self appointed guru of mileage complaints and this hulk no more has 24,000 K’s than I feel like a young man again. ( did that make sense?) While this car does nothing for me, I’m sure Alfa enthusiasts are crying, Mama Mia,,, What a magnificent car, reduced to this. If it was anything British, I know I’d be crying. Parts for some lucky collector.

    • cyclemikey

      It’s not really possible to speculate on the true mileage after a car’s been sitting out in the weather for 30 years. But it doesn’t matter in this case. It needs a full restoration, and while somewhat rare, these weren’t good enough cars to justify the effort and expense. Not at that price, anyway, and maybe not at any price.

  7. Mike F.

    I’ve always liked Montreal’s and have been curious of what the driving experience would be like. If this is a $24k Montreal, it seems unlikely I’ll ever find out…

  8. healeydays

    Donor car at best

  9. Moparman Member

    “She’s a California car so, hopefully, rust is not a major issue.” Um, look at the edge of the hood, and the spare tire well. Lack of a windshield also probably means interior exposure to moisture. Rust is like an iceberg, what you can see is only a fraction of what exists! LOL! :-)

    • Moparman Member

      I’ll just leave this here…. :-)

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      • Mike

        Thank you, I wondered what they originally looked like!

  10. Gary

    Yea….Was smoking crack when he thought up the price! BHCC just sold a Montreal that was in need of restoration, but 10 times the car as that for the same money!

  11. Martin Horrocks

    All the front trim is expensive. Some of it hard to source. The wheels are easy, glass is available.

    The engine is not as complex as folk would have you believe and I think the gearbox is shared with other small production Italians.

    But the Montreal is another failure by Alfa to build a big car. Mine was very good, 2 owner, low miles, rust free original in metallic green. Looked fabulous. Drove badly. These are flawed vehicles, way inferior to a GTV. Leave this alone so a rich dreamer can take the hit.

    • Klharper

      Unfortunately I have to completely agree with you. Interesting design great engine, but really not a good driving car.
      This one is a parts car.

  12. Chris Dalambakis

    No way? Is rust a problem? It’s an Alfa Romeo! Yes! Rust will be a problem! Check out the interior picture and zoom in on it! See it now? Yes, that’s a gaping hole thru to the ground. No windshield means 30 years of rain have poured into this car’s interior and rusted their way out. The interior is totally shot. The electrics on the dash have been outside for 3 decades.
    Basket case.
    Mechanical Parts car at best.

  13. Martin Horrocks

    @Chris Dalambakis

    You are right in this case, serious rust.

    In defense, the Montreal was (comparatively) well rust-treated at the Bertone plant where it was built, so is probably the best built of the early 70s Alfas.

    Best to buy a southern European car, even so

  14. scottymac

    A note to those restoring foreign cars. I recently saw an ad from Summit Racing that showed they were carrying Pilkington Glass, a British company whose name had become familiar to me after perusing Brit magazines. Rather than trying to explain to a Summit employee what a 1961 BMW 700 Coupe is, I found a number for Pilkington’s stateside office (800 848 1351) and called them direct. I was totally surprised when told they could supply a new windshield for my car for $310 and $50 delivery to a local office in Indiana, but was warned delivery might take 2-3 months. No problem, body work won’t be finished before then, anyway. Hope this helps someone. Still looking for 700 parts, if you know an unusual source!

  15. John

    “Mama Mia,,, What a magnificent car, reduced to this. If it was anything British …”

    Well, it was a magnificent car. Unfortunately, Alfa parts use the US Pentagon Pricing system — add three zeros and round up. Anyone who buys this hulk doesn’t have enough money to finish it. Anyone with enough money will pass right by without looking up. But it is sad.

  16. James

    Sell the engine and trans to recover some of your money and go LS6 and a 6 speed with modern suspension.

    • That Guy

      It seems sacrilegious on a car like this, but I tend to agree with you. A restoration makes no sense here. A Montreal hot rod/track-day car, though – that would be pretty darn cool.

  17. alfaguy

    Being close to completing a mechanical restoration on one of these, I couldn’t imagine trying to bring this one back from the grave.

    Most mechanical parts are available through various sources in Europe, but no one place has everything. This means multiple orders from different sources abroad.

    Trim, body parts, and interior parts are virtually impossible to find with a few exceptions and are very expensive. Actually, all parts are quite expensive by Alfa standards.

    There are some parts that are shared with other Alfa’s but not too many.

    There are several inherent design flaws and common issues with these cars, but those are minor relative to everything else that this car will need. Don’t even know how much on this would be useable as a parts car?

  18. sv

    Did you see the cars in the backround.. sweet… love to take a strole there

  19. Phil Hehir

    I have a spare windscreen and front cut from a t-boned Montreal I could be tempted to part with if anyone is keen to take on this project.

    Mine looked worse when I got it with owls nesting in the upholstery, rats living in the air-box, seized engine and a poor workmanship on the body repairs. So this one isn’t too bad for a enthusiast to take on.

    I like the idea of some making another classic racer.

  20. montigirl521

    bah, give me 2 weeks a bit primer and paint
    and you will get back one like mine … :) :) :)

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