Never Dealer Prepped? 193 Mile 1987 Chevrolet Silverado

1987 was the pinnacle for Square Body trucks for the Chevrolet and GMC line. This seller has posted 24 detailed pictures of this 1987 Chevy Silverado short wheelbase truck and, with a claimed 193 miles, there should be nothing to hide. The truck is already bid to $31,000 here on eBay with 5 days remaining on the auction. The truck is located in Orange, Virginia and still has the plastic covering on the seats and interior parts.

In 1987, two V8 engines were available. The 305 cubic inch V8 engine produced 170 horsepower and the 350 cubic inch V8 engine produced 210 horsepower. 1987 was the first year that fuel injection was standard for fuel induction on GM trucks. This truck is immaculate and equipped with the 350 cubic inch V8 engine and 4-speed automatic transmission. The 2WD truck also has air conditioning, bed rails, tilt, power brakes, power steering, power locks, and power windows.

Painted in 2 tone blue with a blue deluxe interior, the truck is titled in the seller’s name and has only 193 miles on the odometer. Of note, 1987 was one of the years that GM was embroiled in the side saddle fuel tank controversy. Mostly due to a fraudulent Dateline NBC show where incendiary devices were used to video the truck exploding during a side collision crash, it was later proven that GM trucks had the same fatality rate as Ford or Dodge trucks and their fuel tanks held up well during side crash collisions. Regardless, GM had to pay millions of dollars including $1,000 credit vouchers to past owners to get past this issue.

This is one beautiful truck and if it really is all original, it is likely the best example left. The only documentation the seller has to prove the mileage is what’s printed on the title, so they will definitely need to be able to provide additional documentation to back up the mileage and originality claims, but if they can do that there’s no telling how high the price will go. I used to own a 1985 GMC Square Body and fondly remember that truck today. It was one of the most dependable and smoothest trucks on the market at the time and these trucks are climbing in value as collectors recognize their good looks and desirability.


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  1. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    Hard to believe this Chevy pickup is bid up to $37,600 as I write this. The low mileage claim is incredible but is this another vehicle that will only be driven on and off a trailer? What’s the point in having it if you can’t or won’t drive it? It’s a beauty but to me, it’s nothing more than an oversized, very expensive paperweight.

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    • CanuckCarGuy

      Agreed, and for me the Squarebody jumped the shark years ago…still plenty of these around in great shape, such that super low mileage seems more a liability. Do you drive it, or does fear of depreciation and mechanical failure keep it parked?

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    • Todd

      I’d drive the wheels off of it.

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    • Little_Cars

      I just paid $40k+ for a Silverado Trail Boss. Got a short bed but long cab. Much rather have this 1987 but what’s the point after you start driving it and working it like it is supposed to?

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  2. Andrew Jeffery

    I am never sure what you should do with something like this. Should you buy it and drive it or put it back in a cocoon again and try and keep it as an example of originality for others to use as a reference.

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  3. William Shields

    Compare the price to a new similarly equipped Silverado.
    Then it is more of a bargain. I’d buy it, drive it everyday and enjoy it a lot more than some new overly complicated, over teched wonder.

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    • Darren

      Exactly! I’ve always loved these trucks and always will.

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    • grant

      But there’s no comparison. This is a squarebody; IE a generic, stamped out pickup. Even “loaded” for it’s time it has no features at all compared to a modern truck. You are comparing apples and pears.

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  4. AnalogMan

    What do you do with a car like this? Drive it like a “regular” car, or keep it as a garage queen in bubble wrap? It’s very cool to find a 33 year old car that’s still ‘new’. But it isn’t special enough to be a “collector” car, and 40 large (or whatever it ends up selling for) seems like a steep price to pay for a neat old driver. Every mile put on this will drop the value significantly, so the new owner will have to be someone who loves 1987 Silverados more than anything else in the world (or is a Silicon Valley VC or tech bro with more money than they know what to do with).

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  5. Joe Haska

    I totally agree with the previous comments, I guess it is going to depend on the mind set of the buyer. I would buy it if I could, however I would not only drive it but I would even modify it. Nothing major but a few tweaks here and there, I know you all hate me for saying that. I would have one of the best C-10’s on the planet, with the least amount invested. Would that destroy its value, don’t know “depends on the Buyer”. I am finishing a 53 F-100 right now and I will have the cost of this truck, when its done, and I am not sure which one I would rather have.

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  6. matthew B steele

    Its nice..not worth $38,000 to guessing this site is for wealthy people now! I should go.

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    • Steve R

      Does that mean you think only inexpensive cars should be featured? If so, what’s the cutoff?

      I’m all for variety, even if it’s a vehicle I have no interest in someone else will.

      Steve R

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    • Josh Mortensen Staff

      Vehicles like this aren’t for everyone, but clearly there are more than a few people that want it. We feature lots of these square bodies and many of them are more realistically priced. The site has never catered to any one demographic, well maybe to the gearhead demographic. There’s a saying in our home state of Wyoming, “don’t like the weather, wait 10 minutes and it will be something different”. The same goes for the site, just because you don’t like a find or can’t afford one, doesn’t mean you should complain about it or leave. Wait an hour and there will be something new posted!

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  7. Stangalang

    As is everything else..its worth what someone will pay

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    • MJL

      and someone is ready to pay $45,300 and the reserve has not been met.

  8. Bob C.

    Yay to the 350 and thbbbt to the 305.

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  9. Bob S

    When you think of the cost of restoring a high mileage car or truck, this is a bargain. The buyer has the choice of wrapping it in plastic and storing it, or driving the wheels off it at a bargain price compared to the equivalent truck of today. (Look mom, no computers)
    If I was looking for a new truck, I would be very tempted to buy this one and enjoy it.

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    • grant

      The “equivalent” truck today would be a base model stripper, and it wouldn’t be 45k.

  10. David G

    Nice to see a brand new one again this many years later. Bid at 40K now, reserve not met. Will be interesting to see what it sells for.

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  11. John

    My question for the low mileage finds is always how and why. How did it get locked away and why. Waste of a truck IMHO. For 40k I can buy a low mileage high tech reliable truck that will depreciate in value normally. I can use it everyday with zero guilt. Every trip to Lowe’s in this thing is money thrown out the window. I mean it’s cool and all. Just not for me

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  12. Frank Riggs

    This is telling me all Dodges and Fords don’t even make it through storage ? LOL LOL LOL…………just having fun.

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    • grant

      It’s telling me that people want to drive their Dodges and Fords. 😉

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  13. TonyF

    Is it me, or does the evaporator housing look cracked. It looks like you can see the evap core . Also the line coming off the drier going into the core, the housing also looks broken. Maybe just my old eyes .

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    • Moparman Member

      Also, the headliner appears to be saging.

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      • Little_Cars

        Did you mean to write “saging” — that someone may have cast out of demons using a burning smudge of sage? It appears to be SAGGING a little over the driver, passenger, and the channel used for the cab dome light. Not a deal breaker, but if replaced, will deduct points for originality.

    • Gary S.

      I blew up the pic..its some of the black sealant that dripped down on the A/C box. Just one of those optimal delusion things….lol.

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  14. Camaro Joe

    Tony and Moparman, just because you let it sit there doing nothing doesn’t mean that it didn’t deteriorate. Rubber, plastic, aluminum, and cloth will all deteriorate with age. The headliners in that vintage GM vehicle were usually junk in 10 years at most, so this one is doing well if it’s original.

    I’m slowly replacing the original interior in the 32,000 mile 62 Impala that Dad brought home in 1972. It’s up to 75,000 miles now, but was always a collector car. The thread in the seats gave up a few years ago, now the thread in the sun visors is ragged. The headliner is starting to yellow from age, so it’s going to need a new one next year.

    I have an 84 Chevy, similar truck but a 4X4 that my Dad and Uncle owned since new. It shows 450 miles, but that’s 100,450 miles. They drove it every winter in the rust belt from 1984 to 2006 when I inherited it. But it was always oiled (undercoated) so the frame and cab weren’t bad. After my body man patched a few soft spots in the cab and replaced every other piece of sheet metal on the truck, it looks great. I had $7500 invested in the restoration about 12 years ago, and I can drive it, even haul some cargo with a bed mat and some care. Trucks like this are now over $10K, but I’d much rather have something I can drive carefully than a zero mile truck that I can’t drive.

    BTW – these things ride like a TRUCK! If you live in the south or west, they don’t ride too bad because there aren’t any rust belt potholes. If you live where I do, between Buffalo and Cleveland, you will want to wait until August when most of the previous winter’s potholes are patched before you drive it. Otherwise make and appointment with your dentist, you will have loose fillings. Of course mine’s a 4X4, they’re worse than a C-10.

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    • David Ulrey

      Only one thing I’ll slightly disagree with on. Don’t underestimate poor quality paving jobs in places in the West (like I am) and areas with Monsoon rains. Areas of our roads are pretty crappy too. There’s a stretch of road on I 40 between Ashfork AZ and Flagstaff that is downright dangerous to drive the posted speed limit. I’m not talking about a stretch that’s only a mile or two long either. When it comes to roads, the West definitely isn’t always the best either.

  15. Randy

    Bought my Chevy new in 82 and still use it at my farm. GM did pay me $1000 for the saddle tanks. Gave me a choice of having them lined with a rubber bladder or the cash. Took the cash. Paid new about $11,000 from a dealer in Mississippi. Three speed , 4 wheel drive , long bed. Restored it about 10 years ago , but still use it when needed. About 95.000 miles now
    Would not buy this one listed as I would not be the one to rough it up , like what happens here in Mississippi. Should go into a museum for all us truck lovers to see a perfect original square body.

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  16. Purple sky

    Maybe a museum piece for a rich guy who’s getting bored with all his “toys”? Hemi ‘Cuda’s Elenor’s Superbirds and etc.

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  17. Will Irby

    193 miles, and probably already a rust bucket. Just kidding–but barely. I had a ’77 3/4 ton Suburban that was attached to my ski boat trailer for a few years. I put the 350 from the Suburban in the ’77 3/4 ton Scottsdale that replaced it in ’89, and that one remained attached to the boat trailer for another 10 years, when it was replaced with a ’93 Bronco that pulled the boat for 15 years. Both Chevys had perforated quarter panels, among other things. The Bronco was still perfect when I traded it in on a 2010 Tundra in 2015.

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  18. JC

    It’s up to $45300 and the reserve is not met… sorry but that is ridiculous.

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  19. MB

    Not rare or extremely valuable, but a better buy than a new truck with all that useless stuff on it. Would be a great daily driver for someone who needs a reliable vehicle with out all the government tracking and nanny devices.

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  20. Bob McK Member

    I have bought several very low mileage vehicles with the intentions of just driving them. But once I get them and start driving them the odometer starts to rise and I freak out every time. Then I put them away and sell them because I just can’t drive them.

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  21. Michael V. Abate

    Did it come with the dual exhaust pipes?

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  22. Fred Alexander

    Summer Driver to Show and Shines – – – Enjoy it, heated storage for winter and it’ll outlive me – – – – at 70+

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  23. w9bag

    I would drive it, gently. Take extensive still pictures, as well as videos during the refurbishment process. All belts, hoses, brakes, and the removal of the dealer prep plastic. I bet that they would get a real kick out if it; maybe for free ! It would be exceptional to have the original dealership do the work. Convert the A/C to 134A, if the R12 has died. Of course, replace all of the liquid components. Have a top quality undercoating expert undercoat the truck. Then just drive it, and enjoy. Of course, the headliner & visors are going to get saggy. ALL American cars suffered from that in that time frame. I really like this truck. For me, perfectly optioned and color combo.

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  24. KB at Roadsend

    Quite the lively debate over values
    How is it established what any vehicle is worth ? What someone is willing to pay for it !!!
    I have wondered for years what sets the pace …and come up with a few conclusions
    1 What did the cool kids have in school whilst you were driving a 3 colored truck that the door fell off of if not held right when opening ……..But now that you are a doctor or lawyer you can finally be one of the cool kids …priceless.
    2 You had your first romantic experience in someones daddy’s brand new pick up that was to stay in the barn while he was gone out of town Now you can afford to ride around thinking how simple life was ,when all ya had to worry about was fogging up windows so no one could see in …PRICELESS
    But the low millage makes me think of an old story about a Texas cattle man that was up to New England watching a farmers cattle cross the road as he stood there the Texan said so your place in on both sides of the road real nice place you have here …Down home I can get in my truck and drive half the day and not get all the way across my place .The New Englander sez yep had a machine like that myself once ya know ……

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    • w9bag

      The real question here is “to drive, or not to drive”? It will have only 128 miles on it once. The price seems crazy, but what do you want to drive ? A 2020, that you will see tons of, that cost nearly the same, with a heated steering wheel, remote start, lane departure feature, Bose sound system, heated seats and mirrors, back up camera with proximity alarm, wireless cell phone charging, GPS, etc? Or a wonderful example of classic American design of Chevrolet pickup trucks ? This one is such a treat. Personally, I would drive it. If you can afford 50 large for this classic, you probably have a 2020 in your garage as well. Love the 2 tone paint. Why don’t they make these anymore ? Just drive it gently, put about 3-5K miles a year on it, and enjoy your truck. Drive it in the rain. The wipers need excersize, too.

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      • Little_Cars

        Look at this! New Silverados are indeed being painted in that retro fashion. Follow the news on Facebook or YouTube. I’m not sure where I got this photo but I know of one burnt orange new Silverado done the same way. This one is re-badged Cheyenne Super 10. Everything old is new again!

  25. David Ulrey

    My main question is why? It’s a very nice truck but why would someone buy this and stash it away back then?

  26. Daved

    Reserve met @ $50k and day left…..

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