Never Drove It: 751-Mile Monte Carlo

Chevy’s Monte Carlo has often been subject to long periods of inactivity due to collector hoarding, but this sub-1,000 mile example is perhaps one of the lowest mileage cars for sale at the moment. Spotted by Barn Finds reader Randy N., this well-preserved Monte Carlo is listed here on craigslist with an equally-healthy price, as the seller is looking for a cool $33K for his barely-used Monte. Are these ever worth this kind of money? 

To me, the Monte Carlo is sort of like that “limited edition” comic book you snared from the drug store when you were a kid: you never read it, wrapped in a plastic sleeve, and kept it in temperature-controlled conditions for 30 years. Then, when you went onto eBay to see if you could cash in, it became painfully obvious that every other 13-year old kept that same comic book in just as pristine condition as you, and buyers had their choice of hundreds of rare examples of the same book.

This Monte Carlo perhaps does ratchet up the desirability factor slightly, if for no other reason than being one of the lowest mileage cars in existence. That plus the somewhat uncommon silver paint (weren’t 99% of them painted black?) and untouched interior combine to make this Monte considerably drool-worthy, but that still doesn’t answer the question as to whether it’s worth forking over the cash for a museum piece priced at the top of the market.

Here’s the gamble: you’re paying top dollar for a car that there’s no guarantee will appreciate any further. And given the value lies in the odometer reading, you can’t necessarily drive the thing any further than it’s already gone. This Monte Carlo is destined to be a piece of garage art for a long time to come, and whether it’s worth any more than $30K is a huge question mark. Would you take a chance on it? Or simply buy an affordable driver to hustle around?

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  1. John E

    I hate these guys. Why would you park something like this. In the old days it was an interesting story when you found a low mileage treasure. Now it’s just some non- car person trying to cash in an “investment”. Waste of years of fun and enjoyment.

  2. Justin

    That’s a nice $5000 car.

    • Steven Reeves

      I wouldn’t give this person their asking price either but I will only give the price of the car for what it cost in the late 1980’s an that is only for the condition that’s it regardless of the miles that Monte Carlo SS has no better performance than my 1987 SS

  3. john m

    2016 Barrett-Jackson sold a 2003 jeff Gordon monte ss with 400 miles for 28000
    plus buyers premium which is about what it would have sold for in 2003

    • Pa Tina

      Was Jeff Gordon sitting in it at the time?

      • anthony musto

        Yes and went home with the buyer for the weekend

      • john m

        no but the car was beautiful

  4. RoselandPete

    I thought it would be a first year MC at that price.

  5. William

    New economy buckets cost that much,wouldn’t you rather beat on this for 5 yrs.and than sell it for 10,000 (the bucket will be worth 500)

    • Superdessucke

      $33,000 buys you a lot more than a new economy bucket. 33k would probably get you a new Golf R or a Honda Civic Type R, two cars that would be blasting past 60 as this thing was wheezing through 30.

      • MikeNice

        Usually, just USUALLY, the people that would buy a G-Body Monte Carlo SS are not going to buy Golf R’s and Type R’s. I wouldn’t…EVER. And I mean, you’d have to actually pay me to drive either one of those cars. They are fine cars, so I’ve heard, but ….no thanks.

  6. sparkster

    I have a friend that has a 2012 Yellow Charger Super Bee SRT. 1100 miles on it. He sits in his garage everyday next to it and drinks a cold beer. Usually a bud. Won’t let anyone drive it. His son takes it out once a year to get it smog-ed when the California registration comes due. Nobody can figure out WHY he doesn’t drive it. He did say that he had a 1969 Super Bee back in his youth. Too back he still doesn’t have that in the garage.

    • Mountainwoodie

      I think he’s sneaking Jack Daniels

  7. sparkster

    Perhaps this silver Monte Carlo needs to find Jeff Gordon for an autograph

  8. Jerrod

    He paid $18,560 in 1988 for the vehicle, if you figure inflation for the car as new he has lost $5,528, paid for storage for the last 29 years and never enjoyed driving it.

    • Rick pyle

      I agree with this guy what a waste of years he could have enjoyed it I have an 85 I bought brand new with 66,000 on the clock still feels new every time I get er out

    • Superdessucke

      You are only accounting for inflation, and assuming he’s going to get $33k. I believe that’s optimistic given the sheer number of low mileage Monte SS and Buick GNs out there, as nice as this car is.

      Since he obviously considered this to be an investment, you have to look at it in context of other investments he could have made. If he would have invested that money in a mutual fund which averaged even 7% per year, which would be a disappointing performance, he would have $132k in the bank now, and not subjecting himself to our comments ;-)

      It’s cool cars like this exist but this is a reason why you should just drive and enjoy your vehicles. There’s no reason to completely sock something like this away and never drive it thinking there’s going to be a big payday at the end.

  9. rmward194 Member

    Not worth anywhere near $33k. Good luck.

  10. Coventrycat

    In the dark it’ll look like a Grand National.

    • angliagt

      Yeah,& mt Dodge Dakota looks like a Ferrari –
      IF it’s dark enough,& you’re far enough away.

  11. Superdessucke

    This is a nice looking combo but I wouldn’t call it rare. Silver wasn’t the most common color but it was not rare. True, most of those had orange stripes but gray stripes became available starting in 1987 and I remember seeing a lot like this back in the day. There were combos which were more uncommon (like brown and gold for example).

    I agree with the observation that too many of these were socked away. That is especially true with the Aerocoupe. Pretty much every lucky purchaser thought that a special glass hatchback on an otherwise ordinary 185 horsepower NASCAR inspired Monte would put their 3 kids through college and support them in retirement until age 95. If you find one of those with more than 5,000 miles on it, you’ve found a unicorn!

    Unfortunately, the same basic thing happened with the Buick GN. If I’m gonna drop $33k on a 1980s GM A-Body, you bet it’s going to have a turbo V-6 with some stones. This car would get taken to school by a modern day minivan. And I’m talking a through embarrassing beat down, not a mere 1-2 car length loss.

    • El Jefe


    • JD

      Hmmm. I have an 87 Aerocoupe t-top with 77k in my garage. Been in the family since new. I drive it occasionally, don’t know if I could let it go. I like my unicorn. 🦄

  12. Kevin

    I like these, but I am looking for an aero couple carlo

  13. gene

    I would buy this in a second if I had the money.
    These were hot cars when I was a teenager.
    To relive my past again,,that’s priceless .

  14. Keith

    I agree, this car is in no way worth 33k, maybe 7 to 10k at the most. When it comes down to it, it’s a low quality eighties GM product that’s hasn’t been driven in years. The cheap eighties interior will not last if it’s driven and this car will be no different than any other GM eighties car on the road. Why buy a car if you’re not going to drive it, especially a low quality GM product of the eighties????

    • PB23

      To an actual collector this thing is worth 25k+ easy, 30k isn’t far fetched. Some MCSS examples have already gotten this in this low mileage form. As for low quality, make all the jokes you want, but do you really think they’re any worse than the 70’s or 90’s? I’d even argue the 00’s GM products aren’t any better based on my experience.

      5-10k will get you a pretty nice one, but not anywhere near this. Just a dose of reality.

  15. Steve65

    Anybody else think it looks like it was shipped with spacers in the springs which were never removed? It’s like it’s sitting on blocks with the suspension at full droop.

    The air gap in the wheel wells is crazy, and I usually don’t even notice stuff like that. Did users back in the day routinely lower them? Springs wore out after a few thousand miles and sagged down to a normal ride height? They all looked like that and I’ve suppressed the memory?

  16. Chris

    You can get a nice GN for that money and it would be a lot more fun and look cooler. Right out of college I was buying an 87 GN and the sales guy tried to get me to buy an 85 MC SS. It was nothing in comparison.

  17. Howard A Member

    Once again, no question on the mileage with this one. I’d still have to think, a 30 year old car that sat, is going to have problems. Again, I ask, has anyone actually bought an ultra low miles car and had problems? I’d have to think brakes, rubber hoses, seals, fuel system, and such would deteriorate with age. $30g’s, nice try, got to start somewhere, I guess. Still, possible mechanical gremlins aside, I doubt you’ll find a nicer one.

  18. Vegas Vic

    yes, 33k way too high
    However, a 24 year old with freshly minted MBA in 1987 spots on, begins the daydream….. now she owns the firm, offers 26k and BOOM a fine, fun ride, great retro styling, solid Sunday cruiser albeit a mite slow zero to sixty!

  19. Big Mike

    I wonder how long after you start driving it that the various seal and gaskets start to leak?

    • Mark


  20. irocrob

    The 1980s cars are coming on strong in my opinion. Not a $30,000 car but I would say 20,000 all day long if perfect.Poor investment as interest rates were half decent back then.


    Me thinks he will be holding on to this one for a while until he takes the beer goggles off.

    • Pa Tina

      If he is lucky the buyer will be sporting the beer goggles.

  22. Curt

    Im a ford man for a long time ,but i have to admit i love these cars and the body style but i think $15,000 is the top of the mark but if he gets what hes asking good for him.

  23. PaulG

    Gee, it’s hard to believe that there are two “similar” cars like this…
    My brother has an identical one w/ 2700 miles on it.
    He’d be pleased with 16.5

  24. richard hernandez

    Even if it was an aero-monte.still not worth 30,000

  25. BillB

    The wear and tear on the paper floor mat shows more than 781 miles!

  26. Mike

    I would buy a 62-63 T-bird Roadster for about that price in driver condition and have a hell of a lot more fun. To me this is just another vanilla low mileage mass produced car. no long term value. right now its worth $16,000 to $22,000 on a good day

  27. A.C.Z.

    At $330.00 it would be a great parts car for my 85 El Camino.

  28. KopaChopprè

    It’s rare…. I’m looking for: an SS t-tops (87-88) with under 10 miles on it, sticker in the window…A REAL Unicorn…. That’s when the fun starts, 40k for the engine…. Pro Touring

  29. Fran

    I guess he should have bought the 93 fox cobra in plastic that did 93k on fleebay. Cl peeps ar so cheap, trying to skip the fleebay fees. When will people in the usa get their brains back?

  30. scott

    If you have nothing good to say ……

  31. Rolf Poncho 455

    Volt meter is out of order or alternator is not working see cluster?

    • JohnD

      Rolf…I know it looks like it’s running b/c the tach sits @ 1200 or so, but that’s an 80s GM-ism when the ignition is off. Saw plenty of these in the 80s, and my gramps had a Cutlass optioned w/ the same gauge package.

  32. MikeNice

    For $33k …Schwartz Chasis, Wilwood big brake kit, UMI performance coilover suspension, BluePrint/Chevy Performance/etc… LSx crate engine with over 500+ hp, and an 4l80e built from one of the counties best. You might be able to throw in new tires and wheels (depending on the price of the wheels), some interior upgrades, etc…

    There’s no way in the world I’d spend 33k on a stock G-Body..I wouldn’t care if how many miles it has.

  33. rob j Member

    Considering this would be a lot more fun to drive around in than a new car that goes for 30K, I think if I was in the market for a new car in that price range, if you could get this for 28-30, I would buy it and drive it just like I bought a new car. Keep it decent looking and with 25-30K miles on it, it would still depreciate less than the new whatever you bought for 30k.

  34. Timothy VanDyke

    Yeah.everyone who thought it would a record breaking sale .on a low mileage mcss.It would have been if chevrolet would have put in a kick ass 350 cuin with all the hi po its styling.Its a square body like the c10.s.30gs.alot.of money to keep in the garage.

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