Never Go Back: 1972 Mercury Marquis Brougham

When you love big cars and you mean it, this is the kind you buy. Big, black and beautiful. If you don’t love big cars, this one might convert you. It’s a 1972 Mercury Marquis Brougham, with just forty-six thousand miles logged on the odometer. As true Barn Finds aficionados, we’re always skeptical of the frequent claims made to ultra-low mileage on so many of the vehicles we see offered for sale, and this is rightfully so. But when I checked out the pictures on this one, I became an instant believer.

It looks fabulous. The imposing, mammoth proportions, the hard gloss black shine and meticulous trimwork, but the I found the bright red interior on this one to be absolutely eye-popping. Of course, over the years we’ve featured plenty of red-on-black and vice-versa cars here on Barn Finds, but for me, this one has a little more ‘wow factor’ because the red interior was so unexpected here. The Marquis generally being more of a mature car owner’s preference, we’re all used to seeing lots of stodgy green and gold ones, with the occasional black on black specimen that really stands out. It’s not hard to imagine this one had to have been purchased by someone who really liked cars.

The beauty is more than skin deep though, and a closer look inside reveals interesting details. Most noticeable of course is the exquisite condition, and the textured brocade cloth panels and vinyl interior.

Also some nice power options, such as seats, windows, brakes and probably more. I miss these strap door-pull handles found in vintage luxury cars.

A look at the instrument panel reveals a dash pad in good condition, A/C controls, and this car was certainly made a few years before the AM/FM stereo became part of the expected standard equipment.

Breaker one-nine, good buddy, is that a vintage CB radio still installed there under the dash? The 1970s called and want to know how this car has survived so well into the twenty-first century in such remarkable all-original condition. Low miles, good storage and great maintenance. That’s a big ten-four.

Just for the heck of it, I thought I’d include this random shot of the landing deck of an aircraft carrier. Nope, that’s just the hood. I owned a car like this once, and one of the things I enjoyed about it was looking out over the shape of this hood and fenders. Driving it slowly through the neighborhood was kind of like piloting a river barge through a small creek. I liked it. The sheer massiveness and bulk of it says to other motorists and pedestrians: “get out of the way and I’m not going to ask twice.” Authoritatively.

While we’re at it, let’s have a look under that aforementioned massive slab of sheetmetal. Your standard run-of-the-mill 429 with four barrel carb. Before anyone says “malaise”, I’ll have some on my hoagie sandwich if it hasn’t been sitting out for too long. Low horsepower? I don’t care. A six-hour hour trip across a couple of states in a boat like this is actually relaxing. I’ll get out of the car and feel like I’ve been sitting on the couch for half a day. Four or five passengers might also agree.

Love it or hate it, I don’t think too many could complain about the originality or condition, and the stated mileage is totally believable when seeing it. A few hours detailing would make it even better.

Lots of people will quickly dismiss this as an old man’s car. It is. But it’s also an exuberant celebration of everything today’s cars aren’t. This is no throw-away plastic Kia or Smart car, this is the antithesis. The real deal. As substantial as they were, should we have let so many of them go?

This 1972 Mercury is located in Jefferson City, Missouri, and can be found here on craigslist. Let us know what you think of it.

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  1. Fred W.

    I am always a mileage skeptic, but have no problem believing the claim on this one. Just look at the paint on the air cleaner- obviously original or NOS. And that upholstery can’t be replaced. Talk about a pleasurable way to drive cross country.

  2. Steve R

    It brings back memories of the original Hawaii 5-0.

    For what it is it seems reasonably priced.

    Steve R

    • Moparman Member

      I don’t think McGarrett would have gone for the red interior, though! :-) Still, I LIKE IT!!

      • Steve R

        He should have.

        Steve R

      • Greg A.

        The car in the new 5-0 is a 74 I believe and the original 5-0 was a 72 with a 429 C.I. in it I had my first car was a gold/Boo with a 429, carb backfired and it burned to the ground, what a bummer!

  3. jaymes

    gorgeous color combo!

  4. Rock On

    Owner was probably a big Hawaii 5-0 fan and imagined the CB radio as a police 🚨 radio!!!

  5. Pete

    The new Hawaii 5-O has cameos of this Model in it Mercury in it

  6. Nova Scotian

    Hey Marty, you made me laugh with the aircraft carrier reference! But it was actually the hood! 😂. Excellent write up. Love the car! (Like to see it parked beside a modern small car.) Don’t think this would fit in my garage though, but I’d love to try. We let so many of these go,…I think there is enough metal in one headlight louvre to make a small Kia! Really! All that metal is likly still being recycled into thousands of little Rio’s!😀
    Good write up!

  7. brightman oldcity

    Father of a friend of mine bought one (dark green) just to make the trip from Niagara area, Canada, down to Florida. It made the trip nicely, so I heard. Of course, he still didn’t want to go on vacation with his folks. Teenagers!

  8. Will

    Hmm awesome car. Very close by. In fact, I will be in Jeff City around 130 today. I love it. Now all I have to do is convince the wife that this deserves her parking space. Not an easy thing to do.hmm maybe I could convince her that this would do a better job as her daily driver than her Expedition. It would definately pull the camper.

  9. ShaunD

    Fabulous old barge. Cars certainly aren’t made like this anymore. I love it!

  10. Fred W.

    I think this car is going to increase in value. It’s a close relative of the Lincoln, and think how it and Cadillac have been great investments over their nearly 100 year history. People will always love big cars.

  11. KO

    Nice post, Marty. I love your passion.


    My buddy had a hideous green on green one he bought to tow his 26′ boat. We always kidded him that he bought a boat to tow his boat.

  13. Jim S

    Looks like this beast has the optional soup can brake master cover. Nice option!

  14. Iggy O.

    Gorgeous! This article and love for big cars really resonated with me! I’m a young guy (24), so people are shocked when they see me rolling around in my 1965 Buick Wildcat. There is absolutely an authoritative feel when your driving a giant steel boat among many little Toyota Prius’ and Honda Civics! As for this car, it is an absolute specimen and you’re right, it would truly be a pleasure driving this thing cross-country!

  15. ccrvtt

    “…kind of like piloting a river barge through a small creek…” right ON, brother! You had me at ‘hello’ and sealed the deal with the brocade upholstery. This is TOO MUCH! Fabulous find. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Randy

    Right full rudder, all ahead flank.

    I love it. God help me, I do love it so.

  17. DrinkinGasoline

    Not something I would drive on a regular basis given it’s fuel requirements but….when I did, my-oh-my-oh my ! Nothing like the feeling that you are sitting on your sofa driving your living room around ! Where’s the remote for the TV ??
    Great road vehicles.
    I can hear the fog horn as I type…. :)

  18. Adrian C

    Beautiful car! I’m an imperial guy first but this is equally bad ass!

    • Jason kelly

      Notice how an Imperial just can’t be beaten in any measure.

  19. Danton J. A. Cardoso

    Uh, what is the soup/juice can on the left inner wheel well in the engine bay? Also, it looks like that AM/FM stereo is stock.

    • Alfie

      Vacuum canister.

    • Sam

      If it were mine I would put a “V8” tomato juice label on the vaccum canister as a gag.

      Real beauty!

  20. boxdin

    Very nice way to pull your vintage airstream.

  21. Dave Pierson

    I also love these full size cars from the 60/70’s era! This Merc appears excellent. The vinyl roof photo on Craigslist does look rust bubbles. Hard not to get moisture under the vinyl, for so long!

  22. RichS

    This ad is a Quinn-Martin production.

  23. John S

    I am asking this because I don’t know if things have changed. I have owned two of these, of similar vintage. There was an issue with the bushing in the steering column and you couldn’t get them any more. Has that been fixed? (meaning, is it now legal to get the bushings again?)

    • DrinkinGasoline

      John S…are you asking about the “rag joint” in the steering column shaft between the column shaft (at the firewall) and the steering gear box ? If so, then yes it is available as it was also used in the F-Series trucks. I’ve replaced a few of them, being the cause of steering play/wander when it was thought to be steering gear failure or linkage issues.

    • Mike

      its called a rag joint. most all of them are available

  24. ACZ

    Does it have a Yugo in the trunk instead of a spare tire?

  25. MDW66

    I have the “big car” fetish and would love this even though I’m not a Ford/ Mercury guy. I don’t think I would drive it quite as hard as McGarret. Some one has got to say it- Bookem Danno!

  26. Larry K

    I had a 71, same colour but brown interior. That 429 had plenty of get up and go for what it was. Great dependable ride.

  27. JimmyJ

    There’s a black 2 door where I live (Vancouver BC) awesome! Doors are huge!

  28. Fran

    Book em, dano! My parents had a Ltd landau that was similar, very nice!

  29. Rod444

    I wanna own it.
    I wanna polish it.
    I wanna sit in it and reminisce about the 70’s.
    I wanna have somebody else pay for the gas.

    • Fred W Frank

      They were great freeway cars in the era of cheap gas but it makes one cringe at the others mentioning multi state trips w them TODAY(?)..omg were talking 15-17 mpg!!!

  30. Steve

    It does in fact have a factory AM FM radio. There is a slide to select between the two. The AM acal is printed on tol of the FM scale
    On the face.

    My folks were mostly into GM cars, all four doors. I remember a 68 Impala, 73 caprice, 77 Buick Electra 225, 81 Buick Park Avenue, 83 Olds 88 and an 85 Sedan Deville. All good cars except the caddy. Then he got into suburbans. 1982, 1987, 1996 and 2002. Then honda odysseys. 2004 and 2010.

    Closest thing to this was my brothers black 77 LTD 2 dr. He bought it with a burnt up rear axle for $200 in the mid 80’s. Seal had gone out. We Swapped in another for $100 from a local yard. My cousin had one almost identical that was baby blue. They both had landau tops and cool hidden headlights.

    My point is alot of friends parents had cars like these growing up. I try to explain to my six year old daughter what its like driving your couch. Do you realize you cant even see the edge of the hood in modern cars? That took me a while to get used to. i drive a 16 malibu and the a pillar is huge, due to the air bags.

  31. KevinR

    Mom had a ’72 Monterey wagon, green-gold exterior with dark green interior. For the youngsters out there, the Monterey was the down line version of the Marquis. Same size and basic shape, but not nearly as luxurious. It didn’t fit in our garage; the tailgate was always hanging out.

    I have no problem believing the mileage claim on this beauty; I just wish I could convince my wife we need it!

  32. Rustytech Member

    Park it in the garage, right next to the Riviera, and I’d be in car heaven!

  33. Scat Pack

    Beautiful ride but not sure about the bubbles in the vinyl top. Could be a rust issue lying in wait.

  34. michaedo

    Got one of these for a wedding present from the in-laws. But it was the much sportier coupe. Green on green. I seem to remember the 429 having a 2 barrel carb. Delivered a consistent 19.5 miles a gallon. For some reason the driver’s door wedged shut so had to get in on the passenger side and slllliiide across that huge vinyl covered bench seat.

  35. Royal

    Now that would make an awesome airport cruiser. Crappy mileage, but nice.

  36. C Carl

    I’d take this Merc over the boat tail Buick.

  37. Ck

    Big ,Bad and Beautiful just the way I like em.There is nothing like being behind the wheel of a land yacht like this.My uncle always had a big car, either a Caddy or a Lincoln .Thats probably why I love these old boats,as a matter of fact I just picked up a 70 Deuce an a Quotaa drop top for my wife.She absolutely loves it.

  38. Ck

    Big ,Bad and Beautiful just the way I like em.There is nothing like being behind the wheel of a land yacht like this.My uncle always had a big car, either a Caddy or a Lincoln .Thats probably why I love these old boats,as a matter of fact I just picked up a 70 Deuce an a Quotaa drop top for my wife.She absolutely loves it.This old Merc is a beauty and the write up was awsome .

  39. Brad

    Growing up, dad owned a ’72 Mercury Meteor 2-door. Very similar to the Montery in the U.S. Far less trim and chrome than featured here, but the same basic car. Ours had the 351. No question in my mind the car featured here is a true survivor. Our old Meteor was extremely reliable, too. Too bad the rust devil claimed it.

  40. XMA0891

    Attention Frank Cannon, your car’s been parked on Barn Finds…
    Fantastic ark! Love all of these last-of-their-kind four door hard-tops!

  41. Brian B.

    It’s a Beaut Clark!

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