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New Old Stock! 1968 Bradley GT2

The words “new old stock” are perhaps some of the most intriguing terms a car enthusiast can here. Typically, it involves brand-new parts that were otherwise obsolete and later found in a dealership’s back storeroom, or some hoarder’s barn after he bought a crate of unknown parts at an auction. Sometimes, it can also be used to refer to a kit car that was never assembled, as in the case of this sharp 1968 Bradley GT. The seller notes the body was never assembled or otherwise installed atop a rolling chassis. The Fuchs wheels shown here are optional, adding another $1K to the seller’s asking price of $2,350 OBO. Find it here on craigslist in Washington State.

Perhaps not everyone gets as excited as I do at the prospect of finding “NOS” items, but it is pretty amazing to have the chance to build your own Bradley GT effectively in as-new condition. The seller notes the previous owner got the body largely assembled and then let it sit in their garage. The Bradley is perhaps one of the more recognized VW-based kit cars of the 1960s and 70s, and while it’s a matter of personal preference if you want one of these versus a Kelmark, the Bradley seems to be more widely available as a parts rig should you need for spares. The seller notes the rolling pan has no title.

There are parts missing, despite this being an unfinished “new” example. The seats aren’t available and the glass for the roof panes in the gullwing doors aren’t coming with it either; the seller speculates those may need to be custom-cut unless you can find someone with spares. The interior is unfinished, but it’s hard to tell from the seller’s description if you’ll get what’s needed to complete it. The seller does say it appears most parts are there to complete the kit, but it’s not disclosed if that includes every trim piece, knob, cluster, or vent controls. The pictures do show spare parts, like the full-length console for over the transmission tunnel.

The interior holds more clues as to the un-messed with nature of the Bradley, from minty rear door panels with a speaker that’s likely never been cranked up to brand new wiring and harnesses under the dash, just waiting for a connection. The pictures show a fair amount of original documentation comes with the Bradley, but the engine and transmission configuration will be up to the next owner, as nothing is presently installed in the engine bay. The photos showing it on the sharp Fuchs wheels was a smart move on the seller’s part, as it shows you a Bradley GT can become quite a looker with the right bits attached.


  1. angliagt angliagt

    The look of these just doesn’t work –
    not a “fluid” design.
    This is usually what people think of,
    when they hear the words “kit car”.

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  2. 370zpp 370zpp Member

    Not even a tribute. More like a parody.

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  3. Ike Onick

    It melted.

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  4. CliffS Member

    I can remember sending away for the brochure, and fantasizing about building my own sports car, but that never happened. Definitely not a ’68, the original Bradley GT wasn’t introduced until 1970, from Wikipedia :Development of the GT II cost approximately US$1,000,000.[2] The GT II was finally released in November 1976. The car was later offered in one Special edition; the Solid Gold Series 14000 G Limited Edition. The GT II would also become the basis for Bradley’s electric GTE.

    A total of 500 GT II cars are believed to have been built.[5] Today this Bradley model suffers from a scarcity of GT II-specific parts such as window glass, upholstery and fiberglass body components.

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  5. Racer-x

    This looks like such a fun project at an amazingly low price to enter. Pan and suspension included! Not a fan of the rims, so I would leave that check box empty on the options list. Maybe re-consider that front mount oil cooler and delete that stupid radio. Heck, its already painted.

    These kinda of advertisements drive me to finish up my current project in order to make space for the next one, whatever that may be.

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  6. Classic Steel

    I know of a junker bradley five miles from my house that has the windows. This looks a fun project to build and put a SCAT engine inside.

    I remember in 1972 a girlfriends older brother turned 15and got his daylight DL and had one-his dad built him to drive.

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  7. Mark

    Always thought the proportions of the design were flawed. From the side, the top half of the car seems to equal the height of the lower half…..more of a sedan look because of the droop in the middle. Would look better IMO with a few inches taken off the top and the windshield laid back. To each his own. Still a rare piece. GLWTS.

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  8. C5 Corvette

    Love the rolling chassis it’s bolted too!

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  9. Little_Cars

    Jeez, does the VW chassis come with? Could they have not let it stay out in the rain while the car was for sale? Take rattle can black or POR 15 to those rusty floorpans…looks like water once pooled there.

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