Nice Reader Find: 1966 Triumph TR4A

Barn Finds reader Matt R. was kind enough to submit this 1966 Triumph TR4A find to us and described it as “nice”. I have to admit my bias on this car, as the first Triumph I ever owned (at 14-1/2) was a 1966 TR4A! Nonetheless, I’d have to agree with Matt, especially if you are willing to put a little work or money into the project. It’s located in Florence, Alabama and is listed for sale here on craigslist with an asking price of $6,500.

Despite the front of the car being in primer, it appears to be remarkably straight. One of the idiosyncrasies of the TR4A is that the crank hole is still in place in the body (yes, Triumphs up to the TR4 could be crank-started, although it was more useful for valve adjustment) but not in the radiator. The center of the globe emblem on the hood (bonnet) is also missing, but I found a new one here on eBay for only $40. I have loved the Michelotti-penned lines of this car, including the offset power bulge since I first saw my own car prior to purchasing it.

The seller tells us that the car has minimal rust, with good rocker panels and floors. As they point out in the ad, that is unusual for this era of Triumph. The door shut line on the right hand side worries me a little but that could just mean hinge or latch adjustment. One of the areas these cars tend to rust is in the seams of the panels right behind/beside the rear of the top, and this car looks at least superficially good in the pictures. Of course, it will need paint, but at least white is an inexpensive color to purchase!

Again, I’m truly surprised at how good the interior looks. We’re told these are the original seats and they are at least in the original pattern. The dash could be re-veneered or re-finished by a diligent home restorer, or you can purchase a new one here on eBay in your choice of wood. I’d love to see under those carpets just to make sure the seller’s idea of solid floors and mine match up.

One item of note here is that someone has added an adapter for modern spin-off oil filters; this is a good thing from a maintenance standpoint. The twin SU carbs are easily rebuilt, and as long as the wet-liner 2138 cc engine hasn’t suffered any major damage (the seller states the car yard drives, so it can’t be all that bad) I don’t think it would take a whole lot to put this Triumph back on the road. While the disc wheels aren’t as sexy as the optional wires, they are more practical and will take tires without tubes. Trivia for the day; since TR2s through 4As take the same tire size as VW Beetles, most vintage Triumph folks aren’t worried about not being able to buy tires. Now I didn’t say good tires, but at least they can be purchased. The seller also mentions brakes that work but require several pumps. Both rebuild kits and new master and wheel cylinders are easy to come by, and the calipers rarely need rebuilding. C’mon, folks, let’s get another Triumph back on the road! Drive Your Triumph Day is coming up February 10th!

Have something similar for sale? List it here on Barn Finds!

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  1. 1970gt6 Member

    MGA and a TR7 under the sheds?

    • jamie Jamie Palmer Staff

      Yup. Early MGA without the recessed grille and 75-77 TR7 judging by the wheels.

  2. Marc

    I own a 63 and I’ve had a LOT of exotics. These are super fun and easy to work on, have racing provenance. Not that I’m looking for attention but my TR4 gets more attention than any Ferrari, Porsche or Alfa I’ve owned. I even had 3 e-types over the years that received the same amount of attention. Go figure. Any rust free example is worth buying.

  3. Blueprint

    I’m in the process of getting a ‘75 TR6. It’s on new Redlines, but they were new 10 years ago! Indeed, new tires exist but my hopes of finding sticky major brand summer radials have vanished. All- season only in 205/70R15.

    Amazing how much the TR6 shares with its ancestor!

  4. Mark

    I had a TR6 for a number of years but lately I have come to the conclusion the TR4 was the better looking one. One day.

  5. Armstrongpsyd Douglas Armstrong Member

    My (BRG) 58 TR3 rides on a new set of Michelin’s that I ordered easily on line. I do love the lines of the TR4 and roll up windows seem like a good idea. Either way overdrive helps significantly on the Hwy. I might spring for a new set of wire wheels (and adapters) and go with an ivory while ;)

  6. Chuck

    Alas, I already have too many projects! (Two TR6s among them.)

  7. Al

    Terrific cars. Very easy to maintain if tin worms aren’t present. Great drivers with large boots (trunk) for weekend travels. Wish I had my ‘62 back. Should have never let it go. Cardboard trans tunnel a strange feature. Someone must offer a better replacement by now.

    • jamie Jamie Palmer Staff

      You can either get fiberglass or molded ABS plastic now. Neither is as quiet as the original cardboard unless you add sound deadening, though.

  8. John Oliveri

    I’d say that’s not primer, but a grey replacement nose, either from it being hit, or rust, the triumph letters are all present on the hood, if it was primer they would have been removed, or primed over if it was a butcher who did the body work

  9. Del

    Accident Vic ? New front clip.

    Wonder about frame


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