Nicest Fiero Ever? Customized 1988 GT

A hearty thanks to reader Pat L. for submitting this find that had me checking my bank balance–short, I’m afraid! This gorgeous mildly customized 1988 Pontiac Fiero GT shows how beautiful this mid-engined GM sports car could get. It’s located in South Beloit, Illinois, and is listed for sale here on craigslist for an asking price of $10,800.

The 1988 Fiero is the model year prized by enthusiasts because GM finally ditched the original Chevette-derived front suspension and let Lotus, which GM owned at the time, diddle with the suspension design to improve the handling of the car. Couple that with some of the swoopiest curves to ever come out of Detroit, a 2.8 liter V-6, and a five-speed manual transmission and you had quite a potent combination for the time.

This car’s body has been slightly modified with functional side scoops and a hood vent. While not everyone may like the changes, I find them attractive and unique. The House of Colors Brandywine paint looks deep enough to swim in and while I might change the wheel centers to silver, I can deal with the gold on this car just fine.

I went to look at a survivor 1988 GT about a year ago and was disappointed in how the plastic components had visibly weathered. This car’s pieces look fantastic in comparison! If you like 1980’s “modular” style interiors as I do, you’re in luck! Regardless of taste, it’s hard to fault the condition of the car. The seller states that it has been garaged for the last 22 years and came from Arizona, so I’m hoping that the steel chassis beneath the plastic panels looks similarly clean and intact.

The V-6 always looked nice with the red components, but this one has also been “chipped” for greater performance. It was rated at 135 horsepower/160 ft-lbs of torque stock, so even a mild increase would be welcome. A valve job was performed less than 1,000 miles ago as well. I’d love to see this beauty in my garage–how has been your experience if you’ve ever owned a Fiero? Will your recollections even make me more disappointed that I won’t be traveling to Illinois to pick this car up?


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  1. nycbjr Member

    I want it!!!

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  2. Bakyrdhero Bakyrdhero Member

    It’s certainly the nicest Fiero I’ve come across. The fresh body of the 88 could have used a freshened interior, though I did like these pod type interiors. The Camaro Berlinetta and mid eighties Buick Skylark come to mind.

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  3. Moparman Member

    What a beauty! I’ve never had the chance to try one on for size, but everytime I see one, it just looks as though it would be a tight fit for 6’4″ me, LOL!! GL:WTS!! :-)

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    • Brad460 Member

      Actually had several fieros and they are quite roomy inside even for tall drivers. There was so much potential there it’s truly sad GM abandoned the project. I love the 80s pod style modular interiors although on fieros I prefer the notch back styling

      Imagine what a mid 90s fiero with a SC 3800 would’ve been.

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      • SloQlap

        Do you think a 6’6″ person would fit inside of one? I’ve always wanted and wondered about that.

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  4. Frank M

    We had 2. The first was a 84 4- cyl auto and the second was a 86 GT v6 auto. They were both driver quality, and we used them as daily drivers for my wife. Hated to sell the GT and would love to have another.

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  5. Ben

    The Cadillac 4.9L non Northstar bolts right up to the transmission and gives you 200 HP. A few mods and you are sitting pretty at 240-250 HP with the same amount of weight as the original engine, with a nice V8 burble.

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  6. bobhess bobhess Member

    That’s a lot of car for 10.8K and probably well worth it.

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  7. Brett Barnett

    Holy crap!!! 106,000 miles has held up great and looks like it is a real babied car. I’d like to have it but all those miles scare me a little bit!

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  8. charlie Member

    106,000 miles are no longer scary. Almost all of my post 1960 cars went 200,000 without major problems, rust killed them. And out West where it is dry many cars and trucks, and not just Toyotas, go over 300,000 miles. Even back east a friend’s Audi went 385,000, another friend’s Honda almost made 400,000. Now my ’67 Pontiac did suffer metal fatique at about 150,000 with a failed cross member, but it was not rust, and the 400 engine and transmission were just fine when rust finally won at about 185,000, the cross member having been replaced with another formed sheet metal part.

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  9. John A Corey Member

    I love my 88 Fiero Formula. Third Fiero in my fleet, and the only one still here. Similar to this car, it’s chipped and fitted with throaty pipes. I lack only the power windows of this GT. On the other hand, I do have a period aftermarket glovebox – I’ll never understand why GM left that off. Mine can’t compare to the brandywine paint, fer sher! BTW, for those wanting a perfect stock Fiero, and equipped with lots of cash to get it, see
    <3,000 miles – the factory burgundy metallic and T-tops!

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  10. Marko

    Here we go with the 1988 suspension by Lotus story.

    Lotus did not do the suspension for the Fiero. GM did however get the Lotus engineers to do designs for the Isuzu division.

    GM did take some cues from Lotus, just like the rumors that Pontiac engineers bought a Dino 246GT to disassemble and photograph, so they could figure out how to get the clutch and throttle pedal to work in a mid engined car, while developing the Fiero.

    Nice tastefully modded ’88 Fiero. Clean examples are starting to bring great money on the auction sites.

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  11. Howie Mueler

    Yes very nice, posted 9 days ago.

  12. Ronald Kantorak

    I had an 88 and 1/2 Fiero GT with automatic transmission. It was, and still is the best handling car I ever owned. And I have since owned a 1993 Corvette and currently own a 2014 Corvette.

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  13. Alida Baird

    Had a 84 4 cylinder 5 spd and 86 automatic ( back injury 😪). Loved them both. Never had any problems with either one until the 86 got t-boned by a pickup.

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  14. Abi

    Just goes to show how a car with over 100K can appear to be a lot less. Had this car a 5 digit odometer I’d bet $$$ he’d say the miles was original.

  15. Bruce

    Per the description, what’s a dew wipe?

  16. John A Corey Member

    Bruce, that’s the fuzzy weatherstrip that runs along the bottom of the doors’ windows (wipes away the dew condensation when the window is lowered). Their greater function is keeping leaves and junk from getting down into the door and promoting rust at the bottom of the inner steel. They were made of some kind of finite-life 80’s plastic that ALWAYS embrittled and cracked when exposed to sunlight. Replacing them is a standard, not fun, process for most all old Fieros.

    • Bruce

      Thanks for the reply. I can relate as my Subaru SVX needs them replaced in a big way. Impossible to find sadly.
      I’ve always liked these cars, this one appears well presented. Is parts availability an issue for these?
      Thanks again.

  17. John A Corey Member

    Bruce, generally parts are readily available. There is a strong enthusiast community and several specialist vendors, even to making some repro parts for those not still extant in the general market. There are a few irreplaceables though: the brake equalizer valve (1988 only) comes to mind. T-top seals is another. Still, no problem keeping them on the road, as many of us can surely say.

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