Nicest One Left? 2001 Hummer H1

The term “Military Grade” gets thrown around a lot and most of the time it doesn’t really mean anything special. Well, the Hummer H1 is truly military grade. Just like the CJ (Civilian Jeeps) after World War II, the H1 was based off the military HMMWV vehicle and intended for the civilian market. This H1 from 2001 can be found for sale here on eBay with a current bid of just short of $40,000. Located in Orlando, Florida, this particular H1 is a really nice truck and is a pretty far departure from its military cousins. Have a look at this beauty!

One of the things that makes the HMMWV and the H1 so capable off road is the fact that the drive train is tucked high up into the body with no center differentials to get caught on obstacles. If there’s one draw back to these trucks it is the interior. When you sit in the driver’s seat, your passengers seem like they are a mile away.  Overall, this interior looks really nice for being twenty years old and has enough custom touches to look more modern.

There were a few different engine options offered in the H1 and this is one of the diesels. The ad doesn’t have much information regarding the drive train, but these power plants were certainly stout. While most are rated at less than 200 horsepower, the torque numbers are insane. You can see the on-board air compressor in this photo which supplies an air supply to all four tires. This allows the driver to inflate or deflate the tires on demand without leaving the cabin.

Overall, this is a really nice H1. What are your thoughts on these big trucks? Are you a fan or would you rather have something less noticeable like a Jeep or Bronco?

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  1. Chester

    What a boondoggle. Such a scam aimed at the American taxpayer. I remember almost new military Jeeps that were crushed under order because they were “unsafe”. GM made out like bandits on these. Studies later showed that you could take a standard 4X4 domestic pick up off a dealer lot and upgrade to similar or better off road performance for just a few thousand dollars. Would have been an 80% cost savings. Then, when I think of the money that GM took away from upgrading Saturns to lavish on these, I just cringe. Now both are gone, but Saturn might have still been with us if the funds for updates would have gone there instead. GM, Ford, and Chrysler are still making these huge stupid mistakes. Grabbing short term profits from huge trucks and neglecting small bread and butter cars that are what most people need and can afford.

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    • Gary James Lehman

      GM closed down Oldsmobile because of all the money they spent on Saturn. Saturn destroyed itself. It was to be a one price line of cars and vowed not to be all things to all people. Soon there were rebates and SUV’s and they were in a market that they couldn’t compete in.
      So much for Hummer hurting Saturn.

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      • Chester

        I disagree. Saturn got few updates when the other small cars from other brands, did. All the while, GM kept building fancy dealerships. Remember those crazy (yet beautiful) Hummer dealerships, most of them greatly supported by GM itself. Hummer was aimed at the well heeled buyer, and those that pretended to be. A huge wasteful machine, that did little well except make the statement that you could afford it. Despite what some people in this country might say, there are only so many rich people in this country. The novelty wore off and soon GM was taken to the financial cleaners. Not too long after that, GM begged for and got billions from us to save its hide. How long before they come calling again for a hand out? I say, let them twist in the wind.

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      • Douglas Malinowski

        You are wrong about Saturn,GM just cut off funds for new products.We had the best engines G M ever built and a customer following unlike anything ever seen.We were hurting both Chev and Pontiac small car sales.GM never wanted us to suceed.I was there for 23 yrs

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  2. AZVanman

    The H2 and H3 were just Suburbans and Blazers with square bodies, but the H1 was and still is a genuine beast. And I doubt this is the nicest one left, as with the Toyota FJ (and the H2-H3) I have never seen one of these off road while 4-wheeling in 3 different states. Probably quite a few still sitting in private collections.

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    • Cold Bob

      I actually saw an H1 on Slaughterhouse Gulch in Colorado. Guy made it 3/4 of the way around the loop and had to turn around and go back. He couldn’t fit through the trees. I waved and went around him and the trees in my Cherokee.

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  3. Gary James Lehman

    Couldn’t disagree more. Why blame GM for building a vehicle that people were begging to buy? Those dealerships were not paid for by GM.
    As far as your comment regarding GM “begging” for money:
    1) It all got paid back well before the due date.
    2) How many American jobs were saved by keeping GM running?
    3) Do you want all of the people who work for GM to “twist in the wind”, too.

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    • geomechs geomechs Member

      Hi Gary. I agree with everything you said. I worked for a GM dealership during the 70s and 80s and for the most part, the ‘General’ was excellent with the way it treated its dealers. I remember in the early 80s when we started to get pushed around a bit. The Average Fuel Economy bill brought pressure down on ALL dealers. The combined average fuel economy of the vehicles you sold had to average out to some leftist Nazi mandate that got its basis on what hit the bullseye in a dartboard; the imports couldn’t even achieve it. We started to get massive delays in truck orders and then had guns pressed to our heads that we HAD to sell so many pissant cars before the General would allot us our order of trucks. Well, tell that one to our customers, 98% of whom were farmers. We had compact cars that we could no more sell to farmers than you could sell sand to the Arabs. But the General finally admitted that guns were being held to THEIR heads, and as they say $h!t runs downhill. Some major threats to some politicians (and some lost elections) finally cured the political cases of Cranial-Rectal Inversion and we were able to get things back to normal. But you couldn’t blame the General; it tried very hard to build what we could sell. Bottom line: you sell customers WHATEVER the devil they want to buy. And if it’s a full-fledged HMMWV, line ’em up on the lot and let the buying public decide…

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      • Gary James Lehman


    • Rangerwalker24

      Technically, GM did pay back the bailout but the US took a huge loss from it: about $11.2 BILLION. GM got $50 Billion in bailout funds but when they went bankrupt a good portion was put in stock before the stock tanked. So the company still made out like bandits but 1.5 million jobs were saved. (

  4. Gary James Lehman

    Chester—by the way, GM NEVER turned a profit on your so called “bread and butter” Saturns. The only thing then and now that it a bread and butter vehicle for GM (and others) are trucks and SUV’s.

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    • Curt Lemay

      Think I will comment on this. The automakers are indeed making buck right now, but what if gasoline doubles in price again? The American public is silly, just like the companies that make those trucks, they do not think long term, way too short sighted. Don’t get me wrong, I have a truck that I love, but it is old and I bought it used for little. I would never pay half of a home mortgage for any vehicle. Forgive me for sounding like a commie, but if I ran this country, I would put a huge tax on these to discourage the sales over what this country (and world )really needs, small, clean, fuel efficient cars.

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      • Gary James Lehman

        Hey Curt,
        I don’t disagree that we need t start paying supreme attention to our global warming and the environment. But it seems to me that we also need to allow folks to spend their money as they see fit.
        We are currently allowing folks with electric vehicles drive on roads and highways supported by GAS tax… does that make sense?

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      • geomechs geomechs Member

        You mention gas tax. It seems that you cannot have a good thing for very long before someone decides to tax it. Forty-plus years ago there was a major rush to convert your vehicle to run on propane; even a program to get upward of 50% refund as part of the “Clean Air” program. Propane service stations started popping up everywhere. Well, within a couple of years some commie decided that the propane users were getting too much of a good thing so they started to tax the propane. It wasn’t long before the advantage of running propane was gone. Add to that the new rules that you couldn’t park a propane vehicle in a parkade and it wasn’t recommended to park it in your enclosed garage at home and a propane-fueled car or truck became about as common as the winning Powerball ticket. I keep telling people that IF EVs keep gaining in popularity, it will only be a matter of time before electricity gets a highway tax. Now watch your power bill climb up way past your mortgage…

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    • Curt Lemay

      Gary, We are allowed to buy all sorts of things that are now good for the general public. (not to get too political here). Is that a good thing in the long run? I also am worried about the health of our planet, but even more worried about the health of the US automakers. If they come calling again for a hand out, will we give it to them (with borrowed money, mind you) and will they be able to pay it back this time? I wish the American public would grow up and start paying attention. Why go into debt for a 75K pickup that will be rusted before you are done paying for it when all you need is a new 25K Honda. (That is going to be more reliable and get twice the MPG, BYW) Car companies are giving the public what they want, but they want it because the car companies tell them what they want. Is that hiking on the moral high ground? Speaking of Mother Earth, has anyone here seen the BBC TV documentary about how she really improved her health from a year of lock down? I am not saying we can sustain that, and who wants too, but it just goes to show that cars make a huge difference, good and bad on the world, depending how much they are used. We need to have much more efficient vehicles then your average F150 to keep the air clean. If you run a farm and haul manure, sure get what you need, but a soccer Mom in suburbia doesn’t need an H1 Hummer to go and get her hair and nails done. I am about to bite the dust, but I would like to go to my grave at least feeling hopeful that the world won’t be lost over stupidity.

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  5. John L.

    Lipstick on a pig on this one. Engine compartment, and undercarriage look pretty beat up. At 7,150 lbs. curb weight, 6.5 with 195 hp., and 430 lb. ft. of torque, these things can barely get out of their own way.

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  6. Angel_Cadillac_Diva Angel Cadillac Diva Member

    Oh Lord! I would be so dangerous driving that thing. No one would ever cut me off again.

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  7. Chris

    A wealthy friend had a yellow petrol powered one if these. I think it did about 4 miles per gallon which even for him was eye watering.

  8. Paul S

    Hummers (EV) are coming back (electric) with all wheel steering really nice looking vehicle. Can’t wait to see one in person.

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  9. Gary James Lehman

    You are entitled to your opinion, but I have to ask you to explain why GM wouldn’t want one of it’s own divisions to succeed. If you are saying that Saturn cannabalized Chevy and Pontiac, GM would have shifted resources to accommodate that. GM made plenty of mistakes, but they weren’t so stupid to cut off their nose to spite their face.
    I managed the largest Oldsmobile dealership in the country (Jim Lupient Olds Minneapolis MN). Amongst many other franchises, Jim also had 5 Saturn stores in his empire. Because of the size of Jim’s stores, I was able to sit in on a lot of GM discussions concerning their channeling and franchise decisions. You can see it your way, but if you had been there to hear GM shut down Oldsmobile and basically apologize as to why it happened…….Saturn.

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