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Affordable Alternative: 2007 Beck 550 Spyder

Real Porsche 550 Spyders are worth millions of dollars. Beck Spyders are a great way to get into sports car ownership in perhaps one of the most iconic forms without breaking the bank. The company offers a few different ways to get into ownership, from buying one with some assembly required to an example that is near-turnkey, and the company has started to offer Subaru engines as a more modern powerplant with impressive out-of-the-box performance in the light-weight chassis. The seller has made some additional improvements to this example, and it’s listed here on craigslist in Lake Arrowhead, California, for $40,000.

The seller claims he has $47,000 into the Beck at this point, and it’s not hard to see how when you visit the website and start breaking down the options. They aren’t exactly giving these cars away, and adding additional features like gauges, wipers, and turn signals all help to increase the price. Beck will also ship it to you in various states of assembly, so the pricing is all over the place. Buying one that’s finished is almost always a smarter move, especially if you put a price on your own time. The interior is beautifully appointed, far better than you’d expect for a kit car.

The details are also done to a high level with Beck cars, a nice change of pace from the normal quality control issues associated with DIY kits. The stripe down the rear haunches, the factory-style badges, the engine grills – all of it looks incredibly well thought out, which it should be by now considering how long Beck has been at this. The performance is also nothing to sneeze at, with 0-60 runs in the five second range and a top speed of 130 miles per hour. The seller notes this example has been tuned up further with rebuilt Weber 44s, machined heads, new valves and valve springs, and a desirable Sebring exhaust.

For the money, I can think of few cars sexier than this to park in your garage. Not to mention the fact that it will make great noises and go like stink, all the while stopping people in their tracks when they see it rolling down the street. The Beck kits are certainly easy enough to find, but one this complete is a compelling alternative to buying one that’s less finished or starting from scratch with a partially built car. There are multiple other mechanical and performance improvements listed in the ad, and the seller notes he’s sick and tired of flaky buyers – so someone with cash in hand may be in a good position to take this one home with a reasonable offer.


  1. DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

    One thing is for sure: The sellers assertion “It is a blast to drive….” is accurate, perhaps even an understatement.

    Last I heard, the Beck cars were absolutely fantastic replicas, that stood up well to being actually driven. I’d love to have this car!

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    • Crazy Lou

      Yes, oh heck yes!!!!!!!

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    • PorscheKid

      Thank you VERY much for the kind words about my Spyder. I sold it 30 minutes before I saw your post. You are right A blast to drive was a gross UNDERSTATEMENT. The buyer drove up, saw it and almost immediately he was ready to buy it. Put ALOT of money and time into this Spyder. I assure you this The Spyder went to the kind of person you hope it does. His wife saw my 911 Weissach and wants to buy it NEXT year. The Spyder handled and really drove like a dream. Thanks again (The Spyder owner) for years.

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  2. Mitchell Gildea Member

    Tyler Hoover of Hoovie’s Garage on YouTube is getting ready to build one of these. I’ve always wanted to see the process it takes to build one

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  3. Turbo

    One of the few decent ‘kit cars’ manufacturers. I’ve seen one up close and was impressed.

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  4. Elanguy

    There seems to be a brisk market for these on Bring a Trailer. That might be the best place to market this if Craig’s doesn’t pan out for the seller.

    Odd combination of accessories, Nardi wheel which looks nice but is quite not authentic, and those nice authentic reproduction handbrake and pedal assembly details. But that is just what happens as you do one of these in stages.

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    • Turbo

      might just be a reflection of the owner’s taste

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      • Porsche Kid

        That’s right Turbo… Thanks

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    • Porsche Kid

      My Spyder already sold. No need for Bring a trailer. thanks for the suggestion though. The Nardi wheel was BADASS, and perfect for the Spyder. It didn’t need a $2600.00 reproduction “Banjo wheel” . Also it wasn’t done in stages. Personal taste and obsession with detail was what was behind that. As opposed to “an odd combination of accessories” It had exceptional detail that everyone noticed the second they came near it. Insane fun to drive . VERY speedy, and GORGEOUS. People go nuts when you are driving something like this. It is a very unique thrill ride for the senses. Happy Motoring!

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  5. Dickie F.

    I am always impressed with the effort and detail that goes into these. But after 2 year previous ownership of a similar car built by a local supplier, found that it is but a toy and not practical for transport.
    When I later purchased a Speedster, I found it much more practical, with doors, a heater and with the soft top, I used it as a second car through 3 winters.
    Always an economical, easy to service and reliable drivetrain.

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  6. chrlsful

    curious, how do they get “1955” on it if built in ’07?

  7. Solosolo KEN TILLY UK Member

    Not sure how accurate this is to an original 550 but if I were to own an original 550 and was asked “Is it original” I would say “No it’s a copy.” This way it might not get stolen but I would always know that it’s an original.

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    • Solosolo ken tilly UK Member

      Well Ray, I never bought a collectible vehicle because of it’s future value. I bought it out of my desire to own an original as possible car or motorcycle. As for any great roads in UK? I’m sure there must be, but if there are I have yet to find one in England! I believe Scotland has some beautiful roads, and I have been to Wales where they have some nice roads, but UK has over 40 Million vehicles in a country of only 96 Thousand square miles as of April 2020. You guys have 274 Million vehicles, seven times more than UK, in a country of 3.6 Million square miles. So as you can see, there isn’t much room here for the great highways like you guys have.

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  8. MotorCoop MotorCoop

    Asking serious lettuce since it has an $1800.00 VW engine.

    • JudoJohn

      That’s not a VW engine. Just because it is a flat four air-cooled, doesn’t mean it is the same as a VW. It’s not. It’s like saying a Rolls-Royce V-8 is the same as a Chevy because they are both water cooled and V-8.

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    • PorscheKid

      First is far from an $1800.00 VW engine. Real builds cost much bigger money than that. 1,000.00 heads , 1,000.00 Weber 44 carbs all dialed in …Thats just getting started. You are not even close to all the work that goes into a Spyder like this (mine). Also I GOT serious lettuce when I sold it. The buyers were way beyond happy. Its fun when you find serious buyers that know what Beck Spyders cost to build like this. It can actually make selling one of your babies FUN. A race car driver bought it. One who is meticulous with everything. That is who I wanted get it …A race driver with a vintage car and Von Dutch motorcycle collection. All worked out as perfect as possible. $1800.00 VW engine…..hilarious

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