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No, It’s Not The Lincoln Futura!


Is a half-finished 1973 Lincoln based homage to a 1966 TV program car that was made from a 1955 Lincoln concept car that’s located in a garage considered a barn find? Probably not, but I thought you folks might be interested in this unusual discovery anyway! Perhaps you were intrigued by the Bat Cycle we featured recently but wanted a fourth wheel? In any case, if you would like to see this Chiroptera mobile closer or consider purchasing it, the project is being sold here on eBay. Bidding is currently just below $17,000 but has not yet met the reserve.


Okay, I’ll go ahead and say it–the Batmobile is one of the most iconic cars ever. Many poor attempts have been made to clone it, and some good ones as well. If you are creating something like this, to me it’s all in the details. From what I can tell, this project has been built from a kit that has a lot of the body details, but for it to look correct you’ll need to source a lot of minor components, especially for the interior. All those crime fighting gizmos will take a while to find! Take a look at the prices here if you are curious.


The whitewalls and Lincoln wheel covers are…well…not quite right. It actually should have Rader five spoke aluminum wheels. However, I’m guessing those beautifully formed windshields and rear windows are just right. Cutting the door openings will take a while, especially if you want to get it perfectly right!


Here are some of the interior pieces that have to be finished and installed. While it’s great that these components come with the car, don’t minimize the amount of work this will take. There’s a good reason finished replicas can go for $125,000 – $250,000! While the seller feels the car can be finished for another $30,000, I don’t agree with that figure if you are paying someone to do the work–I think it will be more. But the question is are you willing to pay it to be the “Caped Crusader?” What do you think?




  1. Howard A Member

    Meh, I think Batman stuff has been beaten to death. While travelling through the UP of Michigan a while back, I came across an enterprising “yooper” that bastardized a really nice ’59 Pontiac convertible, that they made into a poor rendition of a Batmobile( a ’59 Poncho does kind of look like one) and ruined a nice ’59 Pontiac convertible in the process. I’m more interested in the vehicle behind the Batmobile. It appears to be an “Owasso Litestar”. Apparently, they had 450 Honda engines, but you could get the 1100, with speeds up to 140 mph. Professor Frink would love it.

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  2. Joe Haska

    The real one sold at B/J a few years ago for a stupid amount (my opinion ,of price and buyer). I suppose that would be what is motivating the interest in this car. I don’t get it!

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  3. RickG

    The provenance is what brings the real high bids. Few clones bring a return on the investment required to build and market them.

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  4. TJ

    i looked into building one of those cars a few years back. very expensive to build and takes a great deal of talent to do it right. the writer is right, the cost to complete this car would be much more than 30K, so bring a deep pocketbook. also, back then, there were a handful of builders making these cars. the quality of the cars/parts varied widely – some cars were excellent and some were junk. i recognize the builder of this car. he is out of New York, and i found the quality of his cars/parts to be the absolute worst. buyer beware.

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    • Jim

      The NY company Batrodz is the Largest producer of these body kits in the world. Have to be doing something right. Just saying.

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  5. Alan (Michigan)

    A significant investment to make for a car that has what kind of future?

    Cruising one weekend a year up Woodward Avenue? (cancel that, if it rains)

    Campy, but appeal is limited. Pass

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  6. pappy2d

    Agree that the appeal of the Batmobile is on the wane. Those of us that remember the original have probably seen plenty of them.
    Much like the T buckets. The fad came, and passed.

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  7. Robert Gallagher

    I would like to see someone restore it to the original concept design that Lincoln had intended.
    If you have seen the original car you would know that it looked much better when Lincoln had it.

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  8. Jay Reynolds


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  9. Gallagher Engineering

    The original car was absolutely stunning, especially for 1955.
    And I am still forlorn as to why Lincoln would sell such a masterpiece … sad, very sad.

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  10. angliagt

    Holy Bat Week Batman!
    First the cycle tribute,now the car tribute –
    what else is there.

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  11. Tim Rusling

    You either get the ’66 Batmobile or you never will. There are some nice replicas out there. . .I’ve always wanted the Anti-Crime Roadster from Unique Movie Cars and Props [Batmobile is legally-protected as a name].

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  12. Jb

    30,000 grand to finish it is right on. It’s not hard to build take some time and enjoy yourself.

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  13. Ck

    Atomic batteries to power .Turbines to speed.If I owned this car I’d drive it every day even in the rain.How ?You may be asking your self would you do that CK.Why with the Penguins Umbrella.Thats how.

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  14. Chuck hills

    Always loved this iconic car THE BATMOBILE as a kid and in my adult years. Was glad to see the original sale so high a fallowing of respect by many If I had the funds I would own one

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  15. misterlou Member

    I never knew about the ’55 Lincoln Futura concept. Thanks BF. It shows a shockingly blatant lift from Barris. Surprised GM didn’t sue him like the studios sue some of the folks making Batmobile replicas. I’m hair more cynical today. :(

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  16. Tim Rusling

    The late schlockmeister Barris loved to take the credit for everything he bought or ripped off. [Think of the work of the late Dean Jeffries]’
    Bill Cushenberry was the one who did the restyling work from the Futura.
    As to the naysayers, does it bother you that other people have differing dreams than you?
    Let them just have some fun and let the dollars fall where they may. Not everything has to make sense as to resale value.

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