No Longer Silver: Greenwood Corvette 25th Anniversary

Corvettes that sport a Greenwood body kit are somewhat rare, but they still seem to trade hands fairly often despite relatively low production numbers. The rub is always how much of a hand the Greenwood brothers had in each specific creation, as every owner/seller seems inclined to speculating that their car is one the brothers actually laid hands on. Whether this example here on eBay was built by Greenwood or is just a privateer’s creation is anyone’s guess, but one thing is for sure: it doesn’t look anything like the 25th Anniversary model it once was. 

The 25th Anniversary models left the factory with special charcoal / silver paint and some understated graphics. This example clearly no longer wears those colors, and the factory wheels have been swapped out as well. The Greenwood kit consists of the rear aero kit, custom front end with exposed headlights, and what appear to be flared fenders front and rear. The kit itself is well integrated, and the Greenwood conversions were always seemingly well done if not a bit wild.

The interior appears quite clean, despite being a lighter (and easily tainted) interior color. The color-matched steering wheel stands out as an unusual feature, but works well with the overall customized nature of the ‘Vette. The seller speculates that this could be one of the 32 street-prepped C3s that Greenwood built, but to throw out that association without any paperwork to back it up seems careless to me. Regardless, a few bids have already been thrown up but the reserve remains unmet.

Under the hood, plenty of chrome accessorizing has occurred but the appearance is at least clean, if not a bit overdone. The car is reported to have 65,000 miles but needs to be “broken in” after many years in storage. There are a few too many questions at the moment both in regards to provenance and mechanical condition, but if the reserve is reasonable, this could be a fun project for the next owner – especially if the Greenwood connection can be proven.

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  1. stumptowngeo

    Although there are some nice one’s out there, this one just dont do it for me. I think it’s pretty much a waste of a good anniversary edition. Just my thoughts.
    I would rather have what appears to be a peachy looking Edsel in the background of the first picture. It’s definitely looking pretty sweet sitting back there.

    • BronzeGiant

      I’d take the Edsel as well, I am NOT a Corvette fan.

  2. gbvette62

    To start with, that car is not a 78 Silver Anniversary edition Corvette. The paint code on the trim tag pictured in the ad (59L), indicates the car was originally painted Light Beige. If it was a true 78 Silver Anniversary, the trim tag would show the paint code(s) as 13/07.

    All 78 Corvettes had 25th Anniversary badging, but only the two-tone silver over charcoal cars, were the true B2Z Silver Anniversary edition ones. Not that the Silver Anniversary’s are all that unique or rare, as over 15,000 of the 40,000 78’s built (this doesn’t include the 6,502 Pace Cars), came with the Silver Anniversary package.

    I don’t believe that car is a true Greenwood either. To start with, that car has a
    1980 front bumper, which couldn’t have been installed on a Greenwood Corvette built in 78. Additionally, the Greenwood cars came with a serial number plate on the console, and an additional Greenwood plate on the door jam. I think only 3 actual 78 Greenwood’s were built, and all were Turbo GT’s.

    Eckler’s Corvette made the panels for Greenwood, and also sold them direct to anyone who wanted them.

    Being a road racing fan, I do like the look of the “wide body” Greenwood style Corvettes.

    • Alan (Michigan)

      Easy to spot remaining original color, bottom left of the trim tag photo.

      A beige car with a beige interior. Yuk. I’d have done something else with it too?
      The super-white seats are recently reupholstered, obviously. No way that brightness would remain after so many years, unless hermetically sealed in an envelope on Funk and Wagnalls porch!

      Like 1
    • Pa Tina

      I remain under the impression all 1978 Corvettes are “Silver Anniversary” cars. 1978 was the silver anniversary of the Corvette, ergo, a 1978 is a Silver Anniversary Corvette as stated on the badge on the front of the car. As you mention, within the population there were the two well-known Special Editions.

  3. Alan Brase

    Me, too on the Edsel. Way too gaudy, but I like the coral/ charcoal combo. Wait! Corvette? Oh, red one. One bit of gold bricking ruins it for me.

  4. sir mike

    Like the Edsel….looks original.

  5. 86 Vette Convertible

    I have to admit there are those that like the Greenwood kits but I’m not one of them. Personal choice. I do like the paint color though on this one.

  6. Terry

    I have owned 4 Corvette’s. except for the wheels they have all been pretty much stock. That’s the way I enjoy them. Present one is 1998 Black on Black with Full Chrome factory wheels.

    • BMW4RunninTundra

      Terry, I notice the “Emergency Services” (?) tag on the Buick. If that’s yours, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICES TO THE PEOPLE OF YOUR town/county/city!!! Some of the most underpaid, barely appreciated, Professionals out there!!!
      Oh, as for the Vette, a bit much, but for the $7000 it sold for, easily fixable!!!

      • Terry

        Thank you for the compliments. The plate is actually Veterans of Foreign Wars……I served in Viet Nam 1967-1968.

  7. BMW4RunninTundra

    Well, then, my mistake and an even BIGGER THANK YOU for serving a “Thankless Country” (at the time) and I pray all is well for you and yours!!!

    No reply needed!

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