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No Negotiating: 1968 Chevrolet Camaro

The Art of The Deal assumes that there is some kind of art involved in deal-making. So, when there’s no dealing, I guess there’s no use for art. And that sounds like the case with this ’68 Chevrolet Camaro, it is what it is and the seller is firm with his price – he’s actually threatening to raise it if you try to employ a little deal-making art. Must be something special here, right? Let’s find out. This Camaro is located in Peoria, Arizona and is available, here on craigslist for a non negotiating price of $18,000. Thanks to Rex M. for this definitive tip!

First-generation Camaros, all 235K of them, are popular. Some, like Z28s and SS equipped models, are always in high demand and generate hefty prices. Most ’68 Camaros, however, aren’t anything outsized, they’re just nice cars popular for their styling, size, and potential. And that’s this example all over, it’s a V8 equipped sports coupe model, one of very, very many.

The seller states at the outset, “Not 100 percent original car but pretty close“. Considering that the engine isn’t original at all, and noting an engine’s existental significance, the swap belies the claim. The body of this original California car is straight and appears to be lacking in any substantial corrosion, though some is noted in places, particularly the package tray – leaky rear window perhaps?  The image of the underside is limited in scope but reveals no issues. While there is no sign of crash damage, this Camaro does have its share of contusions and dents. The finish is a repaint of some sort and it really doesn’t present very well. The Cragar S/S wheels are typical for this era Camaro though the offset of the rear two seems extremely deep and the chrome finish on the front passenger one is flaking away. Strictly a subjective call, but they don’t work too well with white-stripe tires – and the tires are new.

Under the hood is a 350 CI V8 of unknown provenance. The fender call-out reads “327” so the engine is a swap. The motor appears to be a mish-mash of parts with a new MSD distributor and coil. It is backed up by a four-speed manual transmission connected to a limited-slip differential. The seller claims, ” I put a lot of time and money to get her running strong. Very nice car.

With the exception of the very nicely reupholsered, black vinyl bucket seats, the interior isn’t much to write home about. There is no carpet, the passenger door armrest looks like something, or someone, has been gnawling on it and the center console has met mayhem with a hole-saw. It is always interesting to see how many cracks a ’68 Chevy steering wheel can develop before it falls completely apart. Thankfully, they were a one year only item.

So, there you have, no dealing going on here. The seller proclaims, “I’m selling to help pay for new house. This is not a fire sale so price is Firm. Don’t try to negotiate or trade or talk the care down or price goes higher”. I’m going to let it rest right here and suggest that all of you have your say. Comments please?


  1. Avatar photo yvonne@lisco.com Member

    spray can engine compartment, quality hoses, heater core blocked off…. looks like it was assembled in the parking lot of a local swap meet. hard pass….

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    • Avatar photo Steve Bush Member

      Agree with Yvonne, it’s nothing special and needs lots of cash and work to be nice. The paint, stance and wheels/tires look like crap and the seller is an a-hole for his “firm” $18k price and crappy attitude.

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      • Avatar photo Arthell64

        I thought the camaro looked pretty good until I read the sellers comment about raising the price. Seller just needs to crush it that will show everyone he meant business. Most buyers will never respond to an ad like this I know I wouldn’t.

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      • Avatar photo DayDreamBeliever

        I’d be tempted to make a really low-ball offer, just for the entertainment in seeing what reaction it elicits!

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  2. Avatar photo Tooyoung4heyday Member

    Anyone ever see the video of the guy who cut up his second gen with a sawzall because he grew tired of tire kickers and low ball offers?….

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    • Avatar photo bull

      Just goes to show you can’t fix STUPID!

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    • Avatar photo Dave

      Yeah, he really won THAT battle…

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  3. Avatar photo Bill

    At best it’s a 5000 dollar car it’s no where near worth 18k so the clown just doesn’t want to sell it but his wife says otherwise 😂😂

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  4. Avatar photo alphasud Member

    To offer a counterpoint to the discussion Craigslist brings out the best in humanity. I’m being facetious here by saying that. I have listed cars on Craigslist over the years and it is real frustrating. People calling to either ask how low you will go or just throwing out a lowball number without even looking at the car first.
    I recently bought a car from a Craigslist listing where the seller was so mad when I called him I had to talk him off the ledge so to speak. He was so tired of the BS he had to vent. After hearing him out I had a good vibe about the guy and figured I would take the chance by sending him PayPal to hold the car for me. This was during the height of the first COVID wave. When I got to the guys house which was 5 hours away I found out he was a Engineer who worked for Boeing. Doesn’t always work out but it did in this case.

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    • Avatar photo bull

      All I can say is in my dealings with buyer’s/seller’s on Facebook Marketplace I NOW have a great new appreciation for all the buyer’s/seller’s on Craigslist!

      Facebook Marketplace is HORRIBLE!

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  5. Avatar photo Rob

    The price simply doesn’t align with other like offerings out there. It’s not a matter of being rude, but rather the age-old laws of supply and demand. With no other choices, the price is the price. When other choices exist, the classic laws of economics generally prevail and maximum selling price is that which at least one other person is willing to pay. The seller may set the price, but the market dictates what will cinch the deal.

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  6. Avatar photo jerry z

    LOL! This is funny! I hope someone lowballs him just to see the price be “adjusted” upward. To me this is fool’s gold since anyone actually buying this car for that price will be ripped off.

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  7. Avatar photo JoeNYWF64

    Impressive looking trunk floor!
    I like the custom shifter plate & heater control block off plates.

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  8. Avatar photo Harrison

    Simple economics. Seller can demand any price he wants but the market will determine what he gets. Car is not worth 18k.

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  9. Avatar photo Hold the vinegar

    Maybe “Firm” isnt in his vocabulary and maybe you wouldnt hire the guy to sell cars for you. That out of the way, the car is interesting and has potential. Fairly solid. Desirable year. Color, clutch, and cragars. Needs help, but with some price and sales tactics adjustments, someone can end up with a cool project. Maybe not your cup of tea as it sits, but you can make it what you want. We all know that its worth what one will pay for it. My advice to this guy is to soften the language and list it on Ebay. I dont think he’ll get 18k, (personally, Id value this car in the 10-12k range…please guys, be easy, Im not pretending to be an appraiser). Maybe he’ll let the result dictate the value and adjust accordingly. Best of luck to him and the buyer.

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  10. Avatar photo 70kingswood

    IF it’ a L30/ M-20 car from the factory AND came with a 12 bolt rear it is maybe worth half of asking. If it was a 210/327 and 3 speed car even less!

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    • Avatar photo Dan H

      My first car was a L30/ M-20 car. It’s been a long time, but I think picture #20 in craigslist would show a brake proportioning valve on the frame if it was a factory 327/275 car.

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  11. Avatar photo Robert May

    Makes the $55k survivor Corvette seem like a real bargain.

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  12. Avatar photo Sam Sausage

    Times have changed. The desirability of this car is very low. I would hate to see what this seller considers to be in bad shape. This car would not be worth anywhere close to what it would cost to put it in good condition. His easy to fix this and that is crazy. Most of these parts will need replacement to make the car solid. Lots of Camaros out there in much better shape for not a lot more money. There was a time when a car like this might have brought close to this money, but the demand for Camaros in general has dropped except for exceptional, special versions.

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    • Avatar photo JoeNYWF64

      I know of a real junky rusty one but driveable & has never been out of service!(guess what motor & trans). & the owner says somebody always wants to buy it – even asked him in the middle of a
      blizzard while he was shovelling! lol
      He was thinkin of getting personalized lic plates, NOT4SALE

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  13. Avatar photo James Vogel

    The color is Corvette Bronze, a factory color in 1968.. The car is nearly identical to my first car. I’ve always wanted another one, but agree that this one is way over priced, and I’d never even consider answering an ad written like that.

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    • Avatar photo jerry z

      My first car was a Corvette Bronze ’68 Camaro 6 cyl/3spd conv’t. According to my research, 5% of 6 cyl Camaro’s were painted this color.

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  14. Avatar photo bull

    When the seller starts of the that firm no negotiating I’m going to raise the price BS on CL just FLAG EM!

    They deserve what they git!

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  15. Avatar photo Comet

    Equipped with the rarely seen 4X4 option.

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  16. Avatar photo David C.

    This guy has sold cars before and has gotten sick of the low ballers, flippers, tire kickers, time-wasters, and people that want you to finance, etc. It just pisses off the flippers that can’t steal it and put the money in THEIR pocket. Good for him, and I hope he sticks to his guns.

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    • Avatar photo bull

      And don’t forgit IDIOT SELLER’S who misrepresent what they are selling all while living a dreamland of overpriced junk!

      It works both ways!

      All of us here are tired of the IDIOT SELLERS!

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    • Avatar photo Dave

      I used to buy a lot of vintage CB and ham radios and when I run into a seller who doesn’t want to negotiate I have two choices:

      Shut up and pay the price.
      Walk away.

      There’s a guy selling a Siltronix 1011D on fleabay that he found in a house that he just bought. He doesn’t know if it works, but has it priced at about 10 times what every other 1011D is selling for. People like that will get offended if you offer the market price so just walk away.

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  17. Avatar photo GDTOKC

    That suckers been pieced together with bobby-pins and scotch tape. Wishful thinking Mr. Non-negotiable!

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  18. Avatar photo b-rad jeepster

    nobody sees the rust by the speakers and the wheel wells. I don’t think this car spent any time in cali.

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  19. Avatar photo Dan H

    Brake and clutch pedal don’t look correct. Looks more like what GM used in the late 70s Camaro and Firebird. This may be a piece together to sell deal.

    Good news is, if you thought the listing on craigslist for $18K was crazy, it’s now on eBay for $19K.

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    • Avatar photo Mr.BZ

      Thx for the update Dan H, I guess someone lowballed him!

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  20. Avatar photo Blindmarc

    A legend in his own mind!🤣🤣🤣What a joke!

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  21. Avatar photo Charles Sawka

    If it looks like a turd, it’s a turd. Quietly walk away and wish him luck.

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  22. Avatar photo Steve

    He is out of his mind!!!! Way over priced.

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  23. Avatar photo rustylink

    I will buy it and park it next to my $249K Nissan Laurel 2000

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  24. Avatar photo Todd Priest

    Years ago I had a nice 70 Pontiac LeMans that my girlfriend insisted that I sell for a house. I told her that I would and that I would list it at $12k and convinced her that we’d take a bath on it if we listed it any less and that we had to stay firm. The car wasn’t worth more than $6k but she didn’t know that. By the time it was over I had her turning down offers left and right that didn’t match the listing price and I was able to keep my car at her insistence. I wonder if this guy is doing the same thing.

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  25. Avatar photo Driveby

    He doesn’t want to sell this car. His wife wants a new house and he listed it just to shut her up.

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  26. Avatar photo Queequeg

    I find those tires to be personally offensive and am considering some sort of legal action.

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  27. Avatar photo Gary

    I have to wonder if this seller is a member. The description is 100% origional.

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