No Reserve: 1960 Willys-Overland Jeep Pickup Truck

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I’m seeing more of the Wrangler-based Gladiator pickups on the roads these days. But this is where it all started 74 years ago. Willys-Overland introduced their new Jeep pickup truck in 1947 and it would go on to have an 18-year production run until 1965. Because of their ruggedness, farmers were a primary customer, so it’s no big surprise that this 1960 model was found on a farm in Kansas. It’s still in Kansas, Great Bend to be exact, and is for sale with No Reserve here on eBay. As of this writing, 35 bids had been submitted with the highest bid standing at $4051.00.

You gotta love the patina of that probably original green and white paint and the surface rust on those flat fenders, bumpers and mirrors. It’s got a great look and has Midwest farm written all over it. The seller shares that it had been used primarily to haul small items and run errands but was parked 15 years ago with 47,379 miles on the odometer when the brakes quit working. Unfortunately, when it was parked, the bed was full of yard debris that wasn’t emptied out so there’s some rust in the bottom of the bed.

The seller also shares that the cab floor had carpet that retained moisture and caused some rust and that “there are no big holes in the floors, but some thin spots.” The green bench seat is probably original, and it appears to be missing the passenger door panel. Since it was parked for at least 15 years because of brake issues, the pickup isn’t currently roadworthy. The seller has put in new points, condenser, rotor, cap, plugs and wires. It’ll also need a new fuel tank but the seller claims he used a plastic jug, an electric fuel pump, a new battery, and after a few cranks, the 226-cubic inch, 6-cylinder  “Super Hurricane” engine fired right up.

Other confessions from the seller include “it doesn’t seem to smoke bad and has decent power. It shifts through all gears as it should – and the 4-Wheel Drive, High and Low works – although the linkage is a little stiff. Plus, it’ll need brake work, new belts, hoses, carb adjustment/repair, lights, fluids, and also has a noisy generator.”

Although over 200,000 Jeep trucks in various body styles were produced from 1947-65, production numbers indicate that not many pickups like this ever left the factory. So, these are kind of rare. And, given the unpampered life these workhorses led on farms, I’m guessing not many are out there today in this kind of original condition. I’d like to see it brought back to life and be roadworthy and safe again, but I would keep it looking as is, imperfections and all. How about you?

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  1. Marcus

    What are the two trucks in the background ? One looks like an international .

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    • RKS

      The one facing the camera is a 48 Dodge. The other looks like a 54/55 Dodge.

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      • RNR

        The two tone Dodge truck is a ’60, featuring the soon to be Studebaker’s Sweptside bed

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      • RNR

        The two tone Dodge truck is a ’60, with the soon to be Stedebaker’s Sweptside bed.

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  2. wuzjeepnowsaab

    Wow another cool old Willys pickup. This one is a more streetable than the other one with its bigger engine but those Hurricane 6’s liked to spit oil out the front cover.

    Cool factor is off the chart with a Willys though. Way more looks and waves than the same vintage of Big 3 trucks

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  3. john leap

    The gold and white truck is a “58-’60 sweptline, big rear window cab.

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  4. Frank

    Bullet proof truck impossible to find a decent bed for one. Decent plow truck!

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  5. chrlsful

    I donno the dodge power wagon (WC, & early W) are pretty iconic
    For these tho (light duty) I’d like their wagon.

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  6. MOPAR Joe

    The new Gladiator trucks may look like a Wrangler from the front, but underneath I believe they look nothing like the Wrangler. I believe they are their own truck platform

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  7. Eric B

    “I’d like to see it brought back to life and be roadworthy and safe again, but I would keep it looking as is, imperfections and all.”

    Great big yes to that. THIS is nice patina.

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  8. Dan B.

    Nice original (or near-original Willys). Hope the new owner makes it over to Great folks over there. Lots of technical info too.

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