Super Bowl Commercial: 1961 Ford Thunderbird


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How about a 1961 Ford Thunderbird convertible that runs and drives and seemingly has no rust for less than $2,000? Yeah, too good to be true, and I’m sure the no reserve auction here on eBay will go higher than that before it’s completed. Heck, the seller even has almost 300 feedback ratings with 100% being positive. Oh well, I can dream, right? The car is even pretty close to me (ok, a long day’s drive) in Kissimmee, Florida–but that’s an excuse to visit theme parks with the family, right? I can hear Barn Finds readers’ brains churning from here! I’ll come along to film our Super Bowl commercial–“I found this car on Barn Finds and now I’m going to Disney World!”


Yes, I’ve written up the 1961-63 Thunderbirds before, because I really like them and they seem to offer a lot of car for the money now. This one would look really neat next to my Triumph Spitfire Mk. II convertible in the same colors! It’s showing 34,085 miles and I’m pretty sure that’s the second time around for this neat old car. But it does look like it’s been loved for the 55 years it’s been around!


Watching the top go up and down on one of these is a really neat sight. Here’s a video of a 1961 top being put down if you’re curious. The seller says this one is a bit slow because of a leaky hose; that’s not a bad repair. Just take the old hose to a construction equipment dealer and have a new one made. My uncle used to do that when a hose went on his 1960 convertible, which has a very similar mechanism.


The interior looks pretty darn good as well! No, not perfect–but perfect for me as a driver-level car that I can leave in a parking lot without cringing too much. This one doesn’t have the swing-away steering wheel of the later Birds, but it’s pretty cool nonetheless. And if the price stays anywhere close to where it is now, it will be one heck of a bargain.


As the seller says, the car is “good”. I’d actually call it very good. The 390 isn’t a 428, and it’s not a Cobra Jet or anything like that, but for my purposes of cruising it would be just fine! The only thing I’d end up doing would be to add air conditioning for those days when you want to be completely decadent and run the a/c while driving with the top down. Yes, I’ve done that! It helps at stop lights! I can’t give you a single reason why you shouldn’t be bidding on this car–so go do it and tell us when you win how the vacation goes!

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Roselandpete

    Love those rocket birds.

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  2. Luke Fitzgerald

    Those engine colours right?

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    • DrinkinGasoline

      They are correct.

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  3. piper62j

    $9,300 as of now.. Nice car.. It will sell for a decent price.. Great condition..

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    • Mike Williams

      I didn’t see the buy it now, but it’s gone anyway.

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    • Randall

      I have a 63 conv restore started on very solid car interior all done in white. many many extra parts from 61. 62. 63. 12,500 takes all. Florida. Delievery available. 386 409 1381

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  4. Fred W.

    Good looking ride. Personally I would have a PPI done prior to auction end, especially with a convertible, as you don’t know what lies under the carpets or paint. I do inspections myself and am about to leave to do one on a ’57 Chevy here in middle TN. I’ll spend about 3 hours and will go as far as to check the whole body with a refrigerator magnet.

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  5. ben

    nice bird as u guys know I now have 3 1 58 conv 158 2dr I bought on here and a 64 but as was said when they look that nice and being a light color when u start getting around 8 gs and up I want a good inspection any of u guys want any thing here in fl with in a couple of hors of me id be happy to check it out for u have a great 4th ben in fl

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  6. ben

    it ended with 0 bids sounds like a scam to me ben something fishy the fl waters

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  7. Kent Pearson

    Maybe there’s hope for me yet. Or, better yet, maybe I’ll find a white with red int. or red with white. Oh, and gobs of engine.

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  8. W9BAG

    Ford had it licked with the mechanism on these convertibles. Were there 2 separate switches for the process (s) ? One for the trunk, and one for the top ?

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    • paul

      nope, one switch to actuate everything. Of course that switch activated a sequence of other switches and hydraulics.

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