No Reserve: 1967 Chevrolet Camaro Project

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Tackling a project build involves a leap of faith, and it is almost inevitable that the restoration budget will blow out before the owner puts down their tools. Finding an affordable candidate is often the greatest challenge, but this 1967 Camaro might tick that box. It is a sad and sorry sight. However, with the seller listing it with No Reserve, it might not be an expensive starting point. The Camaro is listed here on eBay in Miami, Florida. Bidding sits at $4,550 following a strong response, and there is still time remaining for interested parties to assess its relative worth as a project vehicle.

The seller is realistic in assessing this classic, admitting it has extensive rust. It would have originally commanded attention as a first-year Camaro finished in Nantucket Blue, but those days are long behind it. The exterior sheetmetal wears the usual assortment of problems, although I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling that I’ve seen worse. Plenty of cutting and welding will be involved in this build, with the rust extending into the typical underside surfaces. The cowl looks surprisingly sound, and the area around the windshield shows no evidence of significant problems. The shopping list will be long because most of the exterior trim is either missing or only fit for the bin.

You have to admire the consistency of this Camaro because its interior is as sad as its exterior. The Cowl Tag confirms the first owner selected standard Blue vinyl trim, with no headrests on the front seats. Its partially dismantled state makes it impossible to determine what is salvageable, but it undoubtedly requires a retrim. Critical components like the seats and dash structure are intact, providing a sound foundation for the new owner. They have choices to make, and making wholesale changes to trim color and material is possible if they don’t follow the faithful path with their build.

The seller states this Camaro rolled off the line with a V8 under the hood, although not which motor it was. Chevrolet offered three versions of the 283ci and 327ci powerplants in the base model Camaro, giving the driver between 195hp and 275hp at their disposal. The listing specifies an automatic transmission, but only the two-speed Powerglide was available in 1967. However, we can throw any assumptions out the window, with the seller admitting the car isn’t numbers-matching. They don’t indicate the capacity of the existing V8, so potential buyers are flying blind. It appears it may have been many years since this classic moved under its own power, so factoring a complete mechanical refresh into the project budget would be wise.

The classic world is full of brave individuals willing to rise to a challenge. That appears to be the case with this 1967 Camaro because seven people have submitted forty-one bids. There is time for that figure to climb, and I believe it probably will. Restoring it to its former glory undoubtedly requires deep commitment and a healthy wallet, but are you willing to take it on?

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  1. 8banger 8bangerMember

    The fuel filter zip-tied to the upper radiator hose and the looped heater hose was love at first sight for me. Let me get my wallet out…

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    • Melton Mooney

      That’s good stuff alright, but the yellowed paper towel stuffed down the spreadbore/holley adapter is what got me going.

      Honestly though, this could just about have been my car in ’75…except for the automatic.

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  2. Mark

    I want the ralley center caps on the front seat, spares for my Chevelle!!

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  3. erik johnston

    I don’t know what i,m missing, but this doesn’t look that Bad. I don’t see gaping holes, appears straight. Being Florida, Rust is probly worse i.e. floors etc. Interior is shot. Can i drive it home? lol. Where will the price end up? This would be a good one to street rod up since it’s not a ss or something.

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  4. Todd

    I just want the one Pontiac Rallye I wheel on the passenger side rear

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  5. Dan H

    Sometimes when I see an abused old car like this I think, “Looking at how beat up it is, it’s a little hard to imagine this was once a nice looking un-damaged item. My kids probably think the same looking at me, lol.

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  6. Steve R

    The 283 was never available in a Camaro, in 67/68 a 327 was the base V8.

    Steve R

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  7. ken

    now about that can of turtle wax!

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  8. Michelle P

    Unfortunately, being as it is not a Z28, SS, or even RS, even fully restored, it’s not worth much more than $40-50k. It would cost much more than that to get it to that point. Might make a good rat rod, though

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  9. James

    You need to get your facts straight before you put incorrect information in people’s minds. The Camaro never had a 283 in any year. As for as horse power and transmissions if you had deep pockets you could get just about whatever you wanted in 1967. 1968 was close to the same but different coding . Packages were available. Turbo 350 and 400 were optional as were other options.

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  10. stillrunners stillrunnersMember

    Great….theygot to pull two rusty lower east coast out of a soon to be flipped house….

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