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No Reserve 1969 Chevrolet Nova SS Project

The third generation (1968-72) of the Chevy Nova is one of the most often SS-cloned cars of its period. But since the VIN doesn’t help decode these autos, a build sheet or other documentation is needed to validate. This 1969 Nova appears to have been built as a Super Sport with all the requisite visual cues, but its engine and transmission are long gone. Located in Cubero, New Mexico, this rolling project will need a lot of work but the body seems to be solid. It’s offered here on eBay where the bidding holds at $10,100 with no reserve to clutter things up.

In 1969, the L48 350 cubic inch V8 was the entry point for a Nova SS (but the 396 was still on the table). That engine produced 300 hp with a 4-barrel carburetor. Resources indicate that 10,350 of these Super Sports 350s were built in 1969, compared to the Plymouth Barracuda and the Dodge Dart (Swinger or GTS) with the 340 V8 which came in at 26,300 copies combined. This automobile had a TH-350 automatic transmission when new, but the engine compartment now has a lot of empty space. The 12-bolt rear end is still present.

This was a well-equipped Nova when new, with power steering, power brakes (discs or drums?), and factory air conditioning. We don’t know if any of the latter’s hardware is still present. The car’s blue paint is quite faded, and it appears to have had a vinyl top at some point. The sheet metal looks surprisingly good, which suggests is spent a lot of time out in the New Mexico desert. The interior is surprisingly complete, but the dash pad is a total mess (likely for exposure to the Sun). If you have a spare L48 laying around, work to restore this old Chevy can begin.


  1. Avatar photo Tom

    What’s up with the “Batman” pictures?

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  2. Avatar photo Robert West

    This is a very solid and rust free Nova. As with most Chevrolet vehicles, the Nova was prone to lower quarter panel and rocker panel cancer. The interior is pretty rough but a good bit of it is still there. I’m very surprised that there is no reserve! Unless the seller knows something that he isn’t letting on to.

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    • Avatar photo Lance

      No motor or tranny. You’re paying for a roller only.

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  3. Avatar photo Dr Ron

    Nice rat roller.
    It’s a Chevy Nova Super Sport Rat beater. With no drivetrain.
    It’s probably gonna go for $1,000,000.00.

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  4. Avatar photo JMB#7

    Looks like a solid body. The door gaps and panel alignment look better than what most left the factory with. With that said, I would hardly call it a roller. Roll it onto the trailer yes, but that suspension and sub frame need to be pulled and put back together with fresh components. This generation of Nova is notorious for doing the crab walk.

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    • Avatar photo bone

      The 1975 – 1979s were even worse !

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    • Avatar photo Jimmy

      The 68-74’s were rarely prone to this. The 75-79’s after they had substantial mileage on them, particularly in states where salt was used on the roads were prone to it. It was a very easy fix, the center bolt that holds the bracket around the rear springs breaks, causing the axle to shift backwards. I’ve owned a 68 SS since 1977 and never had this issue. My Dad owned a 75 that did this well after it had 100000 miles on it. He fixed it and drove it for three more years.

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      • Avatar photo JMB#7

        I never had any problem with my ‘72. But do remember seeing the problem on both generations. What you point out is correct. But I have also seen the front sub frame being cockeyed. What I found odd was it happened on base versions (not performance models). Maybe it had more to do with Ohio rust.

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  5. Avatar photo V12MECH

    Crabs aside, ’68+ Nova sheet metal is now $10k ?! I know of 3 decent V-8 drivers for $30k. that are good to go. Is the last bidder doing their homework?

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  6. Avatar photo Sam

    LS it and call it a day

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  7. Avatar photo Sam

    LS and a 5 Speed RESTOMOD

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