No Reserve! 1969 Shelby Mustang GT350

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Hiding under that layer of dust is an American classic that is about as original as you are ever likely to find. This 1969 Shelby Mustang GT350 is an unrestored Californian survivor, and it remains as it was the day the selling dealer affixed the black plates to its front and rear. It has led a sheltered existence, which means that the odometer reading of 24,000 miles is claimed to be genuine. The time has come for this GT350 to find a new home, so the owner has listed it for sale here on eBay. It is located in Downey, California, and the bidding has reached $70,000 in a No Reserve auction.

The owner emphasizes the originality of this classic, right down to the beautiful Black Jade paint that the company applied in the factory. Nobody has ever performed any form of restoration work, and there is no evidence of any prior accident damage. The paint holds an impressive shine, and while it isn’t perfect, its condition is definitely acceptable if the car is considered a survivor. The panels are laser straight, and all of the distinctive Shelby fiberglass additions and taillights are in excellent order. When you learn that this is a garage-kept vehicle that has spent its life in sunny California, you probably won’t be surprised to learn that this classic is rust-free. The stripes look clean and crisp, with no signs of shrinkage or deterioration. The wheels are in excellent order, the same is true of the trim, and the tinted glass appears flawless. The crowning glory is that this gem still wears its original Californian Black Plates.

Lifting this Shelby’s hood reveals the beautiful 351ci “Windsor” V8 that produces 290hp. The rest of the package includes a three-speed automatic transmission, power steering, and power front disc brakes. This combination probably represents one of the best compromises within the Shelby range. The transmission and power steering helps this car be a relaxed machine to handle in heavy traffic, but the power and torque pumped out by that V8 means that it should still be capable of romping through the ¼ mile in around 15.5 seconds. Judging by some of the supplied photos, this Shelby may have spent some time in hibernation. The seller has revived it, and in the process, he installed a new fuel tank, new shocks, replaced some suspension parts, and bolted on a new set of tires. He doesn’t indicate whether he retained the removed mechanical components but includes the original tires in the sale. With this classic’s history and a genuine 24,000 miles on the clock, it is no surprise that it has managed to retain items like its factory exhaust. The revival process has been an overwhelming success. The seller includes this YouTube video of the engine tunning, and it sounds crisp and clean. There is also this additional video that allows you to see the car driving. I can’t spot any problems in either clip. The car comes with some desirable documentation, including its original Shelby Owner’s Manual.

It isn’t uncommon for classics of this age to have interiors that look tired. I wouldn’t class this one as perfect, but it is still an incredibly impressive time capsule. There is some slight wear on the steering column, and some of the information labels have deteriorated, but noting these faults as the most significant is a clear indication of how well the rest of it is preserved. The upholstered surfaces are spotless, the dash and pad are in as-new condition, and there is no evidence of wear or fading on the carpet. The only aftermarket addition that I can spot is the wrap on the wheel, and while I’m not a fan of these, I’m willing to admit that they are perfect for preserving the condition of anything that hides beneath. The Shelby rollbar and harnesses are intact, as are the beautiful timber handle on the shifter, the red floor mats, and the Shelby tach. Comfort and convenience features include air conditioning, an AM/FM stereo radio, and a tilt-away wheel.

We’ve seen a few examples of the 1969 Shelby GT350 appear on our desks here at Barn Finds, and they seem to broadly fall into a couple of distinct categories. Some are dog-eared examples begging to be restored, while some are beautifully restored vehicles that need nothing. Spotless survivors are the rarest of the breed, and that is the category that this car represents. This classic needs nothing. It is remarkably original, and while I believe that the term “time capsule” is an overused one in the classic world, there probably isn’t one that describes this GT350 more accurately. Listing a car of this caliber in a No Reserve auction is a leap of faith. The risk that it manages to slip through the net and sell for peanuts is ever-present, but that hasn’t been the case here. That raises the question of where it could reach by the time the hammer falls. While it isn’t a stunning restoration, it is something better. I can’t remember the last time I saw one of these that was original and so beautifully preserved. The bidding took a mere twenty-four hours to leap from its opening of $10,000 to its current figure of $70,000. There’s still plenty of time left on the listing, and I won’t be surprised if it heads into six-figure territory. Are you tempted to join the bidding war, or will you be like me and remain an interested spectator?

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  1. Terrry

    Nice car, but it makes you wonder why someone would park a classic like this and just forget about it for such a long period of time.

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  2. george mattar

    For 70 large, I can have a 67 Corvette driver and enjoy life.

    Like 9
    • Stephen

      I think you nailed it. $70K would get you a very nice 65-67, four speed, small block Corvette – does not need matching numbers.

      By 69 you are paying for the Shelby name – not car.

      Like 10
      • Adam

        Sure, if you want a Corvette, or Chevy, or fiberglass..

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  3. Frank

    Not at 70K after being parked for that many years. The vehicle is an automatic and the color is not a preferred choice.

    Like 3
    • Adam

      ‘Perfered’ ? according to you ??,
      for resale ?

      Actually the color is amazing, and original,
      and even better, not blue and not red, a rarer color and
      is perfered to me ..

      Some of you folks just come on here to criticize,
      likely because you cant afFord

      Like 2
  4. Steve

    under hood pic looks a little rough for a 24k pampered car

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  5. Dave Bailey

    …Funny. All these years I thought the Shelby GT 350’s had the 351 Cleveland? Pretty car.

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  6. Howie Mueler

    Ended early, means they sold it on the side? Was close to me.

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  7. JCL

    Looks to me like the lower right front fender bottom bellow the stripe has been painted and the left rear 1/4 has been painted, off color from the drivers door. Just saying it may be a shadow BUT !!!

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  8. Bob Mck

    Sold… I wonder what they got for it.

    Like 1
    • Steve Clinton

      Too much.

      Like 2
  9. John

    The ol’ chicken farmer would roll over in his grave if he saw a Shelby 350 on “Mastercraft Avenger GT” white lettered tires. A nearly six-figure car deserves better.

    Like 10
    • Adam

      Mastercrafts are a USA made tire, what would you suggest ?

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  10. its1969ok

    Shelby lost their way with the ’69’s.

    Like 7
    • ADM

      All Ford by then.

      Like 3
      • Adam

        Administrator, as you have been in other posts, and you flagged me for correcting you, your wrong.

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    • Adam

      Actually, 69 was Shelby’s last year with Ford..

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  11. Bruce Armstrong

    I bought a GT500 in LA in 1974 for $1000 I still have it . Iam Australian . Mine has never been painted and still has the Steering Wrap . Was it dealer put on ? It was converted to RHD

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  12. mike

    my question as the seller says all original and the 69 Shelby never came with a 351 Cleveland- only Windsor- so how is this an original motor ???

    The Cleveland didn’t come out for Ford cars until 70!!!!!!

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  13. Johnny

    $70,000, I can find something better to do with that amount of money.. Putting the cheapo tires–wonder what cheap shocks and other parts he put on it. Plus it needs painted. What people will pay for a name only. If they got took. Good for them. Plus its a small block with a automatic .

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  14. Johnny R

    I’ve always liked this body style. True its Shelby in name only however this was the basis for the Quarter Horse body style that Ford should have put into regular Mustang production in 1971 instead of the Sportsroof they delivered. Granted I also like the 71-73 body style however I think this may have proved more popular. Prices for 69-70 Shelby’s have been moving up in the last 2 years however I agree with the group that 70K for this particular example is a stretch. It’s likely that was a fishing number since a deal was struck after.

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