No Reserve! 1972 Lotus Elan 2+2 Coupe

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Before writing up this post, I scanned an article from Automobile magazine that cited how light the Elan was, even when saddled with a set of rear seats like this 2+2 model on eBay. Incredibly, it still tipped the scales at under 2,000 pounds, a feat that by today’s standards seems impossible to replicate. Of course, Lotus cars of this era remain one of the purest forms of motoring you can still buy with relative ease and find a healthy network of enthusiasts loaded with advice and spare parts. Find the Elan here on eBay with bidding over $10K and no reserve.

Traditionally, we tend to give 2+2s a pass because they’re not the preferred traditional coupe-style model, whether it is a Jaguar E-Type or a Datsun 260Z. Sometimes, the perceived penalty of weight and ungainly looks are the biggest reasons against having some extra room to bring along your friends or kiddos, but this seems silly, doesn’t it? The Elan retains its very attractive profile despite the longer wheelbase and given how light it still is, the added weight penalty hardly seems extreme.

This example appears to remain in good, driver condition, while still displaying enough signs of wear and tear that you won’t be afraid to use it. The wood trim on the dash still looks presentable, but the ugly modern head unit jutting out of it is an eyesore. The seats appear quite tidy, as do the door panels and carpets, although the latter looks like somewhat tired here. The dash appears to have a crack and the seller says this Elan’s biggest needs are the cosmetic kind, as it’s reported to still run and drive well.

If the mileage is genuine, it remains low at just over 50,000. The seller doesn’t detail the results of a compression test or other mechanical history to put bidders’ minds at ease, but the no-reserve auction is likely giving bidders some peace of mind. As the Lotus is said to originally come from California, rust is apparently not an issue but the paint is still cracking in places. Overall, this Elan 2+2 looks like heaps of fun while still delivering the classic qualities that make a Lotus a Lotus. The no reserve auction likely means someone is walking away with a desirable summer driver.

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  1. crop_dusting_4_life

    nice looking piece of brilliancy. i would like to own one. probably too expensive😥

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  2. ccrvtt

    Who doesn’t want a Lotus? The badge alone is worth the price of admission.

    This looks like a very solid car. However, the person who installed that radio should be horsewhipped.

    Nice find.

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    • Bob mcglamery

      Having had a few Lotii, be ready for bits falling off. Colin was a great weight saver, but not so great a quality assembler. Just FYI.

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      • xrotaryguy

        Like they say:


        Still love em though!

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  3. Francisco

    I wonder if the headlights are stuck in the upright position. Lucas – sheesh!

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    • Martin Horrocks

      They almost certainly are, but blame this one on Lotus….

      +2 is in some ways nicer than the original Elan. You gain a lot of wiggle room and lose little in the dynamics. They are much better value but were more expensive new. Sometimes it´s good to go against common wisdom.

      At 50000miles, the motor probably will need a rebuild and check the chassis for rust, CA car or not. Looks like a very nice and original start to a project if the price remains reasonable

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  4. Bob_S

    Francisco wrote
    Mar 11, 2019 at 9:57am
    I wonder if the headlights are stuck in the upright position. Lucas – sheesh!

    Why are you blaming Lucas????? They’re vacuum operated!

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    • schooner

      Unless it mimics an Opel GT, Lucas solenoids, something operates the vacuum actuation. I stand to be corrected.

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  5. Bradshaw from Primer

    mine 65 had a HRE in it with a megaphone exhaust …..a coffee can was welded onto the pipe to be called the muffler…..full Konis…full hard all around…never noticed the soft ride others talked about…..out ran everything…..kangaroo jump shifting ……never got used to that…..police chased me for miles wanted to see the engine when i pulled over for them (had not realized they were after me…!!!!)

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  6. VWBussed

    I’ve been to this dealer a few times to look at some Porsche 914’s he had. Prices were what some would say, insanely optimistic (no prices advertised). I bid on a few cars they had at no reserve only to find out that they in fact never sold, and were still on offer at the dealer. Too many red flags for me…..

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  7. scottymac

    Always thought these and the Davrian Mk5 had a bit of mini-Ferrari look to them, when the headlights were hidden. Selling this with lights rolled up doesn’t show its best side.

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  8. Steve

    I had a 69′ Elan Plus 2 and always liked the looks better than the two seat Elan. Whoever buys that will need to examine the frame as the originals are pretty thin metal and prone to rusting out. Modern made replacement chassis are available at reasonable cost though. It only took four guys to lift the entire fiberglass body off my chassis and onto saw horses when I replaced mine. Really fun car but I was paranoid to drive it. Too unsafe for my comfort level, especially in the age of distracted drivers in monster sized SUV’s.

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    • Francisco

      Never mind the SUV’s. It’s the teenage chicks texting their BFF’s while driving. This is why I don’t drive my Midget too much anymore.

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