No Reserve: Restored 1973 Dodge Challenger

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Like many folks, when it comes to the first-generation Dodge Challenger, given the choice I’d probably rather own a 1970 or ’71 model in most circumstances.  But as I keep staring at this 1973 example, I’m finding very little at all that’s making me not want to see this one parked in my driveway.  And some more good news is there’s no reserve, so the high bidder will be the E-Body’s next owner.  If you want to get in on the game, the Challenger can be found here on eBay, and it’s located in Mesa, Arizona if you’d like to go check it out first.

The seller tells us he’s owned the Challenger for about a year and a half, but prior to his acquisition, it underwent a complete restoration back in 2014.  We don’t get any before pictures or any information on what exactly has been done to the body, but it appears to be straight and free of rust from every angle we can see, and that Dark Green finish is said to have been professionally applied and is free from imperfections.  I’m really digging this color on an E-Body, with that black vinyl top complimenting the paint nicely.  Purists would probably prefer factory wheels, but those Cragar S/S mags and Radial T/As look right at home on this car if you ask me.

The green theme continues inside, with the interior presenting about as nice as the exterior.  From what I can tell, things look mostly stock inside, although there has been a Bluetooth unit installed in the factory radio opening.  There’s a console with the slap-stick shifter, plus the Challenger is also equipped with A/C, but right now it’s not functioning.  We get to see one photo each of the trunk and underside, both of which are looking reasonably solid.

Powering the car is a 318, but it’s been fully rebuilt to stock specs plus a pair of headers have been added.  Everything under the hood is tidy and appearing to be in good order, with an aftermarket aluminum radiator helping to keep things cool in the engine compartment.  Yeah, maybe a ’73 with a 318 isn’t the most coveted first-generation Challenger, but the car just looks so good and seems like it’s begging to be driven.  I’d be quite proud to own this one, how about you?

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  1. angliagt angliagtMember

    I usually don’t like the looks of this year Challanger,
    but the color,and wheels work on this one.

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    • Chasbro

      You are 100% right. That combo just works. I wasn’t a fan of the “frownie” challengers either, I have a 70 and a 71, but this one stands out. Would love to own it if I could.

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    • PRA4SNW

      I agree, nice color combination.
      My ’73 Barracuda was this same exact color, but the vinyl top was also green.
      The color was not a stock color for ’73, it had been repainted to this darker green color – looked good.

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  2. bobhess bobhessMember

    Any way you look at it this is a beautiful car.

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  3. Big Bear 🇺🇸

    Ok this Challenger is beautiful in this color green. It’s 110% better than junk yard Super Bee for $32,500!!! Ok it’s only a 318 in this Challenger but it’s very dependable It will take you anywhere you want to go. Once you fix the AC it going to be a joy in the summer. I was never too fond of these grills on Challengers but this color and the cragar Wheels makes it look really nice. I wouldn’t be surprised if it at $30,000 in 4 days. Good luck to the next owner. 🇺🇸🐻🇺🇸

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  4. MoparDoug

    WOW!. My first and only Challenger was a 1970 Western Sport Special. It was EF8 Green with a black wide-seam vinyl top and black interior, 318 with AC and the 904 Auto with a slap-stick. I bought it in 1990 for $2700 from a 70+ year old lady who had owned it for 17 years. She actually cried when I drove off with it (probably cuz her replacement car was a Pontiac 6000). I absolutely loved that car and owned it for 15 years but circumstances came up and she had to be sold. This ’73 brought up some good memories and I would love to own it. I would do two things to it…get rid of the headers and replace the radiator with a correct one.

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  5. KurtMember

    A real beauty, wonder why it hasn’t sold yet.

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  6. Jim in FL

    Opinions are great! Lots of love for early models but I love the sad faced challengers much more than 71-72 models. The rake on this one makes it great and the 318 is a fine engine that can move these along. Back when these E bodies were $500 cars and my brother and I had three of them, we really wanted to find a 71-72 convertible and put a 73 front and rear clip. Even then, though (early 80s) the convertibles had risen in value.

    Instead we built a monster 73 ‘Cuda with a 440 and 4 speed. Until we put early front springs on it the front sagged so bad you ran with high beams on all the time.

    It was so fun to just tinker with inexpensive simple 70s cars. I guess that’s what the younger kids in the tuner world are up to.

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  7. Melton Mooney

    No shame in showing up to C&C in this baby.

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  8. Oldschool Muscle

    I’d pull the 318 put it under wraps and drop in a 440 and just cruise….

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  9. Roland

    It is a shame that the current generation could not get the fuselage look to the lower body that these cars had. This one is gorgeous, I love the green. Of course, I am partial – I have a similar green on my 67 Charger, which I have owned for 39 years on this coming Monday.

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    • Big Bear 🇺🇸

      Roland.. Congratulations on the Charger. It nice to read that somebody kept there ride this long. My brother and I purchased a 70 Dodge Challenger R/T back in 78. And my brother still has it! It hard to sell when you work so hard in keeping it… Good luck.. MOPAR RULE!!😄

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    • Chasbro

      Congratulations Roland, I have you beat by just a little with my 66 charger I bought in the summer of 1980. Some don’t care for the style, but I was 10 years old in 66 and fell in love with the first generation right there and then.

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  10. SirRaoulDuke

    Mark me down as a big fan of those Cragars, they always look sharp on period iron.

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  11. Moparman MoparmanMember

    I’ve owned my ’74 Challenger since 1978, and it has 69k actual miles; in addition to my ’70 Charger, which I’ve owned for 18 years! This is a nice one and should make someone happy! GLWTA!! :-)

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  12. Dave

    I had a red one. Vinyl top 318 auto. Met my future wife when I owned it. Shortly after I sold it to a very young guy I saw it in front of a local gas station, totaled. I hope he was alright, it looked pretty bad.

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  13. MTBorst

    If it’s as beautiful as it looks, it’s a nice car ! 1973 ? If i went thru the trouble to rebuild the engine I would have put and older cam or a step up Crane cam in it. And brought that engine up to par with the none smogger. Or did a 30 over and a stroker. The headers do very little for this beast in stock mode.
    Nice car.

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  14. Demonsteve

    Rowland and Chasbro ya both had me beat, got my 71 Demon 340 4speed back in 1990, had it looking good, just recently let it go, totally broke my heart.

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  15. Scooby

    Hey Guys Enjoy all the talk about past Builds, what works and what Don’t .
    I’ve had a few myself, Ben around more.
    A 67 Nova SS with LT1 350ci that was smoothed, tickled, rebalanced put back together with a built TH350 reverse valve body, – yhea I know 4 speed- but as a Young one back then I had my Hands full getting a clean launch to pull down 10 second ETs consistently for Wins.
    LoL, some said I was “Baging” but to put down more it was lighting the tires first shift Wich is never a good thing with narrow tires at 100mph. Sold it to buy a 66 Ford Galaxie 427 Tri power, 4speed and drove it on the street while pulling medium 9s all day, low 9s if I really wanted it to. Thanks. Ps this day and age with the assortment of Drivers out there, the only place to Cruise a High Horse Classic is in a Heard or on old roads very alert.

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  16. Michael Berkemeier

    Extremely good-looking car. I would build a 440, put a twin-scoop hood on it, a Dana, a 4-speed with a Ram Rod Veritical-Gate Shifter, and a Blue-Line Super Tach. This would be the ultimate car to do what you wanted with and not feel guilty about it. I am a numbers-matching guy but, I have a weird (maybe not so weird) desire to own something like this that I can have fun with and not worry about. The color is perfect, too…needs fat, blackwall bias plys in the back and skinny ones up front, though.

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