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No Reserve: 1978 Ford F-250 4×4 Pickup

Some classics raise as many questions as they answer, and this 1978 Ford F250 4×4 Pickup is no exception. It presents exceptionally well, supporting the seller’s claim that it turns heads wherever it goes. It would take little money or effort to make it genuinely “pop,” but the engine claims don’t seem to match the visual evidence. The F250 is listed here on eBay in Spanaway, Washington. The high bid figure is modest at $3,050 in a No Reserve auction.

Ford’s F-Series has been a staple of the company’s range since 1948 and is more popular today than when the first examples rolled off the line. The Sixth Generation graced showroom floors from late 1972 until 1979, with healthy sales cementing the range’s ongoing place in motoring history. This 1978 4×4 presents superbly in Red. The paint holds an impressive shine, cloaking panels that show none of the dings or dents that typically suggest hard use or abuse. However, this Pickup’s ace up the sleeve could be its rust-free status. The exterior is clean, and the comprehensive selection of underside shots reveals nothing beyond mild surface corrosion. However, there are faults for the buyer to address. The worst is the severely cracked windshield. These can sometimes be repaired, but this Ford’s is well beyond that point. That shouldn’t present an obstacle because replacements are pretty cheap. The remaining glass, trim, and chrome are in good order. The enormous front bumper is a later addition that adds a touch of menace, and the sparkling wheels add further to the visual appeal.

Lifting the hood reveals a mystery with this F250. The seller describes the engine as a 460ci V8, and that motor was available in 1978. However, Ford only fitted it to two-wheel drive variants. I have seen these Pickups with that powerplant retro-fitted, but I don’t believe that is the case here. The VIN decodes that it rolled off the line with a 400ci V8, and the photos suggest that is what remains in that space. I am happy to be corrected, but I’ve scrutinized the images carefully before coming to that conclusion. The remaining mechanical components include a four-speed manual transmission, a dual-range transfer case, and power assistance for the steering and brakes. If the engine is a 400, it should produce around 169hp. That doesn’t sound spectacular by modern standards, but it blessed the F250 with excellent off-road and towing ability. One further mystery with this classic is the engine bay paint. It looks tired and patchy, with the cowl and firewall showing signs of a significant touch-up. This isn’t mentioned in the listing but could be a question worth raising with the seller. The overall news is positive, with the Pickup running and driving well. The transmission is smooth, and the seller claims the V8 has plenty of power.

The interior photos of this F250 frustrate me because they reveal how little is required to elevate the vehicle’s presentation. The seatcover is split and ripped, which is almost the only fault or flaw inside this classic. It doesn’t make a positive impression, making me wonder whether investing in a slipcover would have been worthwhile to improve the visual appeal for potential buyers. However, that is a decision for the winning bidder to make. That isn’t a significant investment, nor is the $385 for a new seatcover in the correct color and material to recapture a more “stock” appearance. Another item that needs to go onto the shopping list is a pair of kick panels to tie the overall “Red” theme together. The carpet looks surprisingly good for its age, the dash, pad, and plastic are free from physical and UV damage, and the wheel is crack-free. It isn’t loaded with luxury appointments, and it appears the factory radio may have made way for an aftermarket unit.

This 1978 Ford F250 4×4 Pickup is a great old vehicle, and the bidding history confirms that people like what they see. It is as solid as the day it was born, but its overall presentation ensures it would receive more admiring glances today than when it was new. It would be an accomplished tow vehicle or off-roader, and with summer fast approaching, are you tempted to make it yours?


  1. Avatar photo HoA Member

    Nope, I know what some may be thinking, but waaaaaaay too fancy for a fire chief. Besides, by the 80s, people began to lose that “where’s the fire, Chief” anxiety, and red became a very popular color for respray. Already has the “move it or I’ll move you” bumper, why no winch is unclear, but a nice truck.
    Now,,,can ANYONE tell me why a sharp truck like this, ready to go, except the low LR tire, 4×4, with an alleged 16 bids, still only $3grand? Doesn’t take a PHD. to see how silly all this is. Has interest diminished this much? If so, I hate to gloat, but perhaps a trend?

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    • Avatar photo Rw

      Something fishy, here in Kentucky people will pay a couple Grand for a clean bed to put on they’re resto project.

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    • Avatar photo Steve R

      A high number of small bids near the beginning of an auction doesn’t mean a thing. It’s people bidding pecking away in small increments either looking to find a reserve, which isnt the case, or they are looking for a bargain. On a desirable item, sooner or later one, maybe 2 people will drop a larger bid and the price will go up, that often happens near the end of an auction. What’s happening now, with over 3 days left, is meaningless. Look at the 74 Trans Am featured on this site yesterday, it went from just over $3,000 to over $12,000 in just a few hours.

      Steve R

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      • Avatar photo Steve R

        Sold for $13,100, with 53 bids.

        Steve R

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    • Avatar photo Tremor Chuck

      Something has fallen on this truck and has dented the hood and the roof causing the windshield to be broken. Look close at the front pictures and the interior shot at the dashboard and windshield.

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  2. Avatar photo Raymond Smith

    This truck appears to have been originally white or at least the cab was white originally. Take a look at the inside of the “A” pillars and down by the kick panels. That also explains the sloppy mess on the firewall. There is more to this truck than what meets the eye and deserves a very thorough inspection before purchase.

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    • Avatar photo Shuttle Guy Member

      The last two hours will put this truck where it needs to be.
      I’ve place a bid at $4700 and will play close attention to a certain point.

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  3. Avatar photo Nevada1/2rack Member

    7 bolt valve cover=460 ci,

    8 bolt valve cover=351M/400

    Looks to be a 351M/400 under the hood.

    Nice looking truck until you open the hood and see what didn’t get new paint.

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    • Avatar photo KES

      And I believe the 460 had a wet intake, where 400 is dry

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  4. Avatar photo Troy

    I have never used Evil bay to buy a vehicle, I know it says no reserve but something tells me the seller isn’t going to let it go for the current $4300 bid assuming it stayed there. Personally if I had it I would heavily reinforce that front bumber get a dash cam and Teach break checkers a lesson. I like this truck

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    • Avatar photo Haze

      Teach BRAKE checkers a lesson?
      I often brake check people who tailgate me when I am doing the speed limit and above. No reason to tailgate someone. Dash Cam or not if you rear-end somebody it is your fault!!
      All your footage doesn’t mean a thing!
      I loved when I drove triaxle and my truck had a good Jake Brake,people would tailgate me and I would hit the Jake Brake, which doesn’t turn your brake lights on, people would usually get the point and stay off my tail.

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      • Avatar photo Troy

        Actually that’s not true if the video shows they cut you short and hit the brakes it’s their fault, I don’t tailgate anyone but I also am not intimidated by aggressive drivers

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  5. Avatar photo Homer

    Big front bumpers and winches look cool. My son put them on his Ford Raptor and it ruined the handling and made it front heavy.

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  6. Avatar photo Jimmy

    I had a 78 F-150 new with a 400 short bed, that 400 was no slug for the time. Going to work midnite shift I would take late 70s Camaros & Mustangs and beat them bad as they had all the mandated emission junk which trucks didn’t have. This one’s been repainted as the over spray in engine bay. If I bought it the first 2 things to go would be the winch bumper and the rear mud flaps then repair seat and detail engine bay and drive it.

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  7. Avatar photo Mister Green

    The windshield is broken and there’s a weird ‘tree limb’ dent on the roof right at the break, and an impact on the front hood. Seems to all go together. That would have to be fixed and with bodywork these days… that’s about a $6000 fix. Unless you don’t mind that the front roof is dented. It would bug me.

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    • Avatar photo Haze

      $6,000???? I think you are way out of the ballpark with your statement.
      I had the whole driver’s side of a 2016 Crew Cab Ram fixed for under $6,000.
      New bedside, New front fender, New door, New rocker panel, rear door repaired. And yes it was done by a professional body shop. I bought the truck with a salvage title and it had low miles.
      I would say this truck could be repaired for under $2,000 . Windshields are not expensive. And the roof and hood are an easy fix.

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  8. Avatar photo C5 Corvette

    Why would the seller post so many photo’s, but skimp a few $$$ to not repair the seat and detail the engine compartment? I own a low milage, excellent condition F-250 lng bed V-10, but still would detail the engine compartment and it is only dusty! Seller could easily double his bidded amount. Questions surround this truck.

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  9. Avatar photo H Siegek

    I hate to say it because I’m a Ford man but I believe this could be a case of lipstick on a pig. Which would be the reason for the low bid amount. The engine bay detracts from the price same as the roof dent and busted windshield. I would not touch this without a good look up close and personal so I would know what other problems are lurking. All that is just my honest opinion. GLWTA

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  10. Avatar photo Big C

    That front bumper would be a great equalizer, in the “head in the phone” society we live in.

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  11. Avatar photo chrlsful

    this is eye candy for me. Possibly my fav ‘looking’ vehicle (well – same all over but shortbed & 300 motor from mid 90s as it’s efi-ed. Has the low rev tq I seek off rd). “all the dents” yup, back bumper is twiqued too.

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  12. Avatar photo Gwhale I

    If someone walks away with this truck for somewhere around 6 or 7 grand, they got a heck of a nice deal. All this nit picking is a tactical play by some and a way to be heard by others. I live in a snow belt where salt and chloride is used. For its age this is a very nice truck, cosmetic deficiency’s included. I wish I had the money to outright buy it and relieve you all of your fear of being screwed over by this person that is offering a pretty sound vehicle to us all.

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  13. Avatar photo Gabriel Baker

    Love the truck but it’s not a 460 it’s a 400 and it’s not a high boy it’s a low boy like all 78-79 trucks.

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