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No Reserve HJ47: 1984 Toyota Land Cruiser Truck

When it comes to rugged and iconic trucks, Toyota’s Land Cruiser is a favorite around the world. Globally, the model was available in various body styles, such as this 1984 Land Cruiser Truck that is available here on eBay with no reserve.

This HJ47 Land Cruiser is available in Henderson, Nevada with a clean title from Utah, but the truck was originally sold in Nigeria. The seller claims this example was family owned since it was purchased new in 1984, and beginning in the 1990s, it was stored in a barn.

Due to being kept indoors, the truck appears to be in very solid shape. There aren’t any areas of serious concern, and the seller claims that all of the vehicle’s sheet metal is completely original.

The interior on this Yota is very utilitarian, but it also seems well preserved. No rips or tears are present in the seats, and the truck also has an air conditioning system.

There’s a 4.0-liter inline 6-cylinder diesel engine under the hood, which pairs to a 4-speed manual transmission to drive all four wheels. The engine made 107 horsepower and 177 lb.-ft. of torque from the factory, and it has 74,621 miles on its 5-digit odometer. While the powerplant does turn over with the key, it does not start, and the seller has decided not to solve these issues prior to the truck’s sale. Of course, though, “before the prior owner parked it, it was running great.”

Even though both the interior and exterior of this Land Cruiser look great in photos, the seller claims that both areas could use some TLC.

At the time of this article being written, bidding for this unique Land Cruiser is at $9,000, though the seller notes that it is worth over $30,000 when restored. Do you think this no-frills truck makes a worthwhile restoration project, or would you get this example running and driving as it currently sits?


  1. Nevada1/2rack Nevadahalfrack Member

    Get it running and drive the snot out of It! Excellent off-road ride w the diesel motor.

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  2. NotSure

    I’m not in the market for 4-wheel drive… Oh wait! I AM in the market! I need this truck to get me around on my 5,000 square foot ranch in Houston. Love this one especially with the Diesel engine!

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  3. Sal

    Vehicles like this present an interesting dilemma to me. Perfect winter vehicle for snowy upstate NY winters… but that would be literally giving this truck a death sentence. It deserves better then that.

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  4. Bluetec320 Bluetec 320 Member

    Why are sellers so LAZY and CHEAP anymore? Take a few weekends and get the dang truck running, cut and buff with Meguiar’s and make the vehicle more desirable and sellable. That is the problem with the world today, everyone wants to take the easy way out, but charge a premium price. Sheesh!!

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    • Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

      The body of this vehicle looks great, but what about the wheels. Lol. Diesel engines are usually easy to get started. It would probably be great for driving through flood waters during hurricane season here in Houston. I was highly blessed during Harvey in that my street did not flood, my son and his family did not fair so well, there house had three feet of water inside. It took over a year before they were able to move back home.
      God bless America

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  5. Wayne

    I can’t believe that the bidding is so low! I would think that it should be at least $15,000 in a not running condition. I agree with the in running shape of a $30,000 value. These were never imported here, but we’re to Canada and have a huge following world wide. If not ($$$$$) buried in several projects now, I would be in the midst of the bidding. It would look good next to my FJ40 when done. I predict a $15,000 selling price.

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  6. Trent

    Use a can of WD40 to start. That’s the ether for diesels. Ether burns up glow plugs. So WD works great. Probably pump just lost prime. Get some red line diesel additive, it will help it. 76,000mi. It just got broken in. This thang has 200,000 to go.

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  7. Lyman

    Will you all just stop telling him how to wax it, or get it started, or how much it should really go for, the current owner may just close the add, go back and wax it, start it and jack the price up, lol just kidding, if this was a crew cab pickup man I’d sell my left kidney to get it

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    • Sam61

      Not much road salt in Nigeria although animal urine could cause some rust.

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  8. Steve

    This may have been previously owned by that Nigerian prince I keep getting emails from.

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  9. Chevy Guy

    love the look of this body style!

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